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8th Ed. 1000 point Army list

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by skinkyone, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. skinkyone
    Cold One

    skinkyone Active Member

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    Looking to get back into 8th edition (partially due to the dissapointment of no new seraphon)

    I have took the plunge and started switching back to the old square bases and looking at advice on a starting 1k

    Scar Vet
    Biting Blade, Stegadon Helm, light armour, shield.

    Skink Priest
    Level 2 Lore of beasts, dispell scroll

    29 Saurus Warriors with spears, full command.

    10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes

    10 skink skirmishers with javlin and shield

    Stegadon with unstoppable stampede

    ++ Standard (Lizardmen - Army Book (2013-8) -V8.8.0.) [999pts] ++ +
  2. livewaaaaagh

    livewaaaaagh Member

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    Welcome back to 8th!

    Great 1000pt list, I think. At those levels, dealing with a Stegadon and 29 Suarus is not easy for anyone.

    I personally prefer heavens to Beasts for the skink but that might be personal preference (lower casting values too, I think).

    The biting blade might depend on who you are facing. If T3 army with LA , but if blade won’t do much. But otherwise, I like the list!
  3. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    No complaints. I think javelins and shields are slightly better than blowpipes against most opponents but I don't see a problem taking one of each. Blowpipe Skinks are better at taking down or at least softening up large single monsters.

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