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9th Age 1200 pts. Saurian list

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by BangLash, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. BangLash
    Jungle Swarm

    BangLash New Member

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    Hi guys! I need your help with a list for a small tournament I'm taking part in.

    Cuatl Lord - BSB
    2 x Saurian Veteran
    20 x Saurian Warriors (champion and banner, Serpent)
    20 x Saurian Worriors with spears (champion and banner; Serpent)
    10 x Temple Guards (champinon and banner)

    Does that make any sense?
  2. Lawot

    Lawot Active Member

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    Well, it makes sense from a thematic sort of perspective, but it's not what I would use, strategically speaking.

    You've got a bunch of small and medium Saurus units here, a couple of combat characters and a big wizard. The problem is that Saurians are not fast, which means they have a hard time controlling the battlefield, and they're good fighters, but not so good that you can count on them to hold the line (it's sad, but true). You also have all your characters simply "naked" - as in, no equipment, no magical items. You've got 50 points leftover to give them stuff, but that's not much.

    I never leave home without at least a couple of units of Skinks or Swarms to get in my enemy's way. They make the difference between facing your opponent's most powerful units one by one, or all at once. And Salamanders - they're decent at worst, and MVP's at best.

    Saurian Veterans on foot can add some much-needed punch to a Saurian Warriors unit, but they're also fantastic if you mount them on a raptor and either field them in a small unit of Raptor Riders, or just on their own. So I'd strongly consider dropping the second Veteran and using the points to kit out the other one.

    I just played a 1k army in a 2 v 1 team battle against Beast Herds. My ally and I, knowing that the BH player would be able to field much larger units than ours, decided to play an army with some small, powerful and fast units, rather than take him on in an infantry slugfest. We deployed with some infantry in our center, cavalry on the left flank, and skirmishers across the table. Keeping in mind that strategy, here's what I fielded:

    Tough-as-nails Saurian Warlord in a unit of 5 Raptor Riders
    16 Saurian Warriors with Full Command (Champ, SB and Mus)
    2 Snake Swarms
    10 Skink Hunters (with Javelins and Shields)
    2 Salamanders

    So that's what I thought a good use of 1,000 pts was...I hope this provides something useful for you!
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