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9th Age 1500pts aggresive list

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by Okaman, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Okaman
    Jungle Swarm

    Okaman New Member

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    Saurus warlord
    Alpha Carnosaur
    divine icon
    spear of stampede
    dusk stone

    Saurus veteran
    totem of mixoatl
    great weapon

    skink captian
    serpant bow
    poisoned jav

    29 saurus warriors F/C
    serpant totem
    war standard

    19 skink captain F/C
    poison jav
    poison attack

    snake alter
  2. The Hunted

    The Hunted Active Member

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    Hey Okaman, I have a few comments on your list :).

    I fear that it is not aggressive enough, your Thyroscutus is only M4, as are your Saurus Warriors. Your general wants to get into combat as quickly as possible, but then he is left stranded for a turn, while your Saurus/Thyroscutus march up.
    I would suggest the Icon of Relentless Company instead of the War Standard on your Saurus Warriors. It makes them just that much quicker. Might even want to switch Serpent totem for Jaguar, but I'll leave that up to you.

    What role do you see for your Skinks? They have poisoned attacks, but are very very fragile.

    I might consider dropping the Thyroscutus for some caimans in your Skink block, maybe a alpha Ramphodon for your skink captain or something that is simply quicker than M4...

    Your General and Saurus block with the BSB will do the heavy lifting, just figure out a way to help them.

    Good luck!

    The Hunted
  3. Okaman
    Jungle Swarm

    Okaman New Member

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    Yes i know my carno has to hold the line for a turn or two. But it has worked well just sticking along side the saurus then pinning an enemy down when needed. The snake alter is important because it give my saurus a 5+ poison. So they effectivly dont miss with reroll 1s reroll misses and a 5+ poison.
    The skinks are a delivery system for the serpant bow yeah they are fragile as hell but they do well harrasing and have enough movement to keep the enemy on their toes. They are the weak link in the list i have to admit.

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