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8th Ed. 1500pts LM vs Empire

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by skink chief, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. skink chief

    skink chief Active Member

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    Hi all,

    My game was the full 2 turns because of reasons I won't mention but even then the outcome looked pretty obvious.

    Line up
    From my POV


    Left flank: 5 pistoliers / 10 Knights Pantherfull cmd
    Center: 10 archers / 20 swordsmen full cmd / 10 frontiersmen / 10 frontiersmen / 20 spearmen full cmd/ 10 handgunners.
    Right flank: nothing!
    1 canon was placed in a building in the middle of her boardedge and 2 mortars at it's sides left and right of that center building.

    Her generald was in the knight panter unit, and she had a lvl 1 firemage in the spearmen unit with fireball. Her BSB was in the swordsmen unit.


    Left flank: 4 Ripperdactyls
    Center: Salamander / 15 Skink cohort / Skrox unit of 3 Krox 24 skinks musician & banner / Salamander / 20 Saurus warriors full cmd
    Right flank: 10 skink skirmishers.

    6 Camo skink came up the enemy board edge since somehow she left the right flank open for them. ( I must say this person has only played vs lizardmen once and has probably played about 1 game of Warhammer 8 th edition ... ever... ( she did play 7th until 8th game))

    My general was a scar vet in the saurus block, I did not care for a BSB somehow..; Tetto'Eko was in the skink cohort bunker and my lvl 1 beast priest was right behind the cover of the saurus block.

    So this is 9th age rules and in deployment I basically go: " ah what the heck I want first turn so I'll deploy everything" ( I did this in my 4th deployment turn, she had 2 units left wich gave me a nice +2 to start).
    This did matter for 1 thing very hard, wich was her pistoliers were now in front of my ripperdactyls and yes they have vanguard, so I'm gonna be frenzy... (my first time using rippers! easy mistake to make, no biggie).

    As for Tetto's first appereance in my list, vanguard gives me a roll of 1.. jeej. I move the most centered sally up 12'' for the pew pew fire.

    LM Turn 1:

    I get first turn and yes my rippers love themselves some stand and shoots so they charge right in the pistoliers.

    I move everything up.

    Magic: I get comet of and place it right in front of the swordsmen unit and the 10 frontirsmen ( about 1-2 inches in front of them). Rest of magic does not really matter.

    Shooting: Forgot my chameleon skinks who were blending in the bushes like champs xD!
    Sallamander fries 3 swordsmen.

    Close Combat:

    Pistoliers stand and shoot do 3 wounds, she rolls pretty damn good in CC and kills all but 1 out of my 5 wounds left , I kill 4 pistoliers in return, with combat resulting in a push.

    Empire Turn 1:

    Her knights charge my last remaining Ripper who is locked in combat.
    Her center does not move at all ( she fears my CC more then the comet? , and put a little bit too much faith in her shooting phase :p).
    Right flank: Wizard moves to the right handgunners to start fireballs on my chamo skinks.

    Nothing happens. A lvl 1 with that 1 measely spell and max of 5 dice to throw at it vs my lvl 2 + aid from lvl 1.. she's not going to make anything happen. Comet stayed put.

    1 saurus gets killed from the handgunners, 3 skinks in the skrox unit go down to mortarfire.
    Other Mortar misfires and takes a wound, cannon missed with the scatter ( I love this new canon rule!)

    My ripper gets ripped, byebye 160 pts, I have failed you...
    Knights overrun into my bunker, I flee ( knowing full well this flee will most likely get the unit in general range, and it does). Knights can't catch me but end up dangerously to the side of my skrox unit. ***this was ofcourse a rookie mistake since an overrun takes my bunker by suprice and I wouldn't be able to flee, wich would have made an impact on the game. ***

    LM turn 2:

    Bunker rallies.
    I put my left salamander in front of the knights to redirect them. I pivot my skrox unit to look at their juicy flank if they should charge my salamander. ( the knights have no other option really)
    My center salamander moves up to shoot a little better. My Saurus move up a little ( I want to avoid my own comet but now I will be in easy charge range)
    My rightflank skirmishers get close enough to shoot some javs at her handgunners.
    I found my chameleon skinks and they push up to the right mortar.

    Comet fails to come even with reroll! damn you comet! As in my 1st turn I get really low powerdice and nothing new gets true.

    Salamander comes up short after throwing a 2'' result ( yes I could've gotten closer, but there is a comet right there I wanted to come down, with reroll).
    Right skirmishers pick of 3 hangunners / chamo's do a second wound to the mortar.. (misfire was it's first wound)

    Close combat:
    There is none.

    Empire Turn 2:
    Left: Knights charge my salamander, I hold.
    Center: She now does want to get out of the comet and charges everything, but the archers and handgunners. The swordsmen into the center salamander, I flee and get away, redirect charge failed and they move up 2 inches standing on the comet :D. both units frontiersmen fail the charge. The spreamen do get into my saurus block and ofcourse I hold.

    Fireball can't get cast, comet STILL does not come even with reroll! arrgh..

    left: bowmen do nothing.
    left mortar does literally nothing, scatters big time.
    center canon misfires, cant shoot next turn.
    right mortar kills 2 skinks from the skrox unit.
    right handgunners kill 3 of my skirmisher skink, I make make the panic check np.

    3 knights in base contact with my salamander, 6 stenght 5 attacks from the charge, 3 horse attacks, she does 1 wound xD! Salamander & handlers do nothing. I break 8'' knights run 7'' Eeeexcelent ( mr burns voice).
    Spearmen kill 1 saurus warrior. I kill 6 spearmen, her BSB is exactly 12'' away and she scores the 3 she needed to stick on the reroll!

    This is where we already had to stop :'(.

    I rolled for the comet just for funzies, and it came down at S7 hitting... 40 enemy models!!!!
    Her center would have been WRECKED.
    The spearmen were just outside comet range, but 14 vs 18 saurus and a scar vet, yeah they did not stand a chance...
    Her Left flank: the knights would have been flanked by a unit with 3 krox... If I don't catch the knights then maybe... uhh , pretty damn good chance those knight won't be able to do anything, because they would be so damn close to boardeadge and far away from any of my untis, and I would've just charged them with my skrox again to finish them off.
    Her back ( the warmachines), my camo's were working on destroying them...

    Yeah, I'm honestly like 95% sure this would have been a massacre win for the LM.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2015

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