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9th Age 2000pts Saurian Ancients vs Vermin Swarms

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Ersh, Mar 19, 2016.

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    Army lists:

    General: Saurian Warlord: Divine Icon, Halberd, Dusk Stone, Gliitering Scales, Raptor
    Skink High Priest: 3lvl, Dispell Scroll, Palanquin
    BSB: Saurian Veteran: Armour of Destiny, shield, Halberd, Carnosaur
    Skink Captain: Ramphadon, Light Lance, Shield, Light Armour

    32x Saurian Warriors: Spears, Serpent, Flaming Standard

    Skink Hunters blowpipes
    Skink Hunters blowpipes

    Stygiosaur: champion, Spit Poison
    Taurusaur: Ancient, Engine, Sharp Horns

    Vermin Swarm:
    have no list, but that was:
    assassin with 2x Str item and multiple wounds , BSB, general wizzie lvl 4 that used spells from vermin's book
    vermin guards, 2x slaves, 2x unit with grinder attacks, unit of vermin hulks- 6 or 9 of them, abomination. may be something else also.

    magic: transformation, signature, swarm. And ofc Stygio spells: signature, redwood

    1 - SA.Skink High Priest casted Swarm on catapult. Misscasted, lost 3 sauruses and suffered 1 wound. Made only 1 wound...
    1 - VS. Killed near half of my saurian unit with catapults. Moved forward. Charged and killed my skinks with abomination. Charged other skinks with slaves.

    2 - SA. Made some wounds with shooting poison attacks of Stygiosaur vs abomination, some buffs. Charged his ogres with my BSB on carno, and also flanked them with my saurus unit. BSB survived with 1 wound left, still ogres panicked and were caught. Moved skink captain on the line to charge catapults.
    2 - VS. Charged my Stygio with his abomination, I forgot that it can turn and charge in movement phase. Also chaged my skinks with his other slave unit. Stygio got a few wounds but survived.

    3 - SA. Moved my BSB behind the hill, so catapults can't shoot him. Charged slaves with Taurosaurus, and with skinks killed them. Only 1 skink left. Stygio managed to buff itself with +1S +1T and killed abomination. Only 1 wound left on him. Skink Captain charged catapult! And made only 1 wound on it, and got 1 wound...
    3 - VS. His clanrats with grinder chaged my Tauro, and made a few wounds on him. Also other same unit changed my saurus block and killed lots of sauruses. Skink priest casted transformation, moved forward and used breath attack. His unit ran away, I failed to pursue. Skink captain died to catapult. Looser....... Enemy assassin apeared in opponents main block with BSB. (just for note - his catapults made their point at least twice)

    4 - SA. I moved my BSB on carno to charge catapult on next turn, simply why not. Also that saved me later, cause I will need a flag. I charged his main block by my saurus block to the rear. Also I lost combat (stegi vs grinder by 1) and rolled 5-5-6. Good that I already had BSB in range. His assassin made a challenge and killed saurus champion in it (with maximum overkill ofc).
    4 - VS. Opponent got control of a grinder unit. Also killed my Skink High Priest and my saurus unit was down to ~7 sauruses. He missed with catapults. Also he reformed and faced my main saurus block.

    5 - SA. Charged his catapult with my BSB, casted redwood on his grinder unit but killed only 1. also won combat with my Taurusaurus and overrun to rear of his main block. Sauruses bacame down to 5, but taurusaur stomped tons of rats, and they fled! Carno killed catapult, but failed to overrun to other one. Still he became close to catapult, so it can't shoot. And chain reaction of running rats happened!
    5 - VS. Catapult tried to kill my last Skink Skirmisher, but missed. Rats fled one thou another, so it was a panic on the ship err.. field!

    6 - Killed last catapult with carnosaur, got all the running rats (some ran away from the board). Victory to the Saurians! No more rats in our jungle!

    Baby carno have no mount protection, so hero on is is VERY vulnerable.
    Saurus block did their job good, still may be it's better to put BSB in it with ward_vs_shooting_flag.
    Skink Captain not worth it's points at all.
    Skink High Priest is a nice guy, will try him more next time.
    Stygiosaur barely survived, but he did his job. Hail to blind monster!

    About Vermins:
    I was VERY lucky, and even with luck and buffs barely killed abomination. It's awesome beast.
    Grinder attacks can rip units apart. But they are even more dangerous to elves and other guys.
    Assassins are very dangerous. They can easy kill our heroes.
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