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8th Ed. 2400 points to face Dark Elves

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by Gary_M, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Gary_M

    Gary_M Active Member

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    I will be playing my son (who also plays Beatsmen - See previous threads. Best not to ask about my parenting skills LOL) at 2400 (been playing some re-training games at 1600 points) and will be against his Dark Elves.

    For what ever reason, I've always had problems facing his DE's, with him winning far more than me!

    My initial list for this game is as follows, and any comments would be welcome:

    Slann, BSB, Std of Discipline, Becalming Cogitation, Focus of Mystery, Harmonic Convergence, Channeling Staff and Egg of Quango

    Scarvet, Cold one, Armour of Destiny, Great Weapon
    Scarvet, cold one, Steg Helm, Great Weapon
    Skink Priest, Level 1, Beasts, Dispel Scroll

    3 x 10 skink skirmishers
    33 Saurus Warriors, full command

    Chamo skinks
    30 TG, full command

    Ancient Steg, sharpened horns
    2 x Salamander, each with snack.

    Comes in at 2399.

    Looking at my units, my thoughts are as follows:
    Sallies I know are great against T3 DEs.
    The steg and scarvet with steg helm will give some impact hits before the pointy eared ones hit me first.
    The chamo skinks will scout and hopefully get some pew pew on him and generally be a damn nuisance (I've never used chamo skinks before to any great degree so will be a steep learning curve).
    Scroll caddie with benefit of Wyssans, although with our normal strength and toughness is this necessary?
    Would the Heavens signature spell be better (for a lower casting value)
    The slann. From memory this was pretty much my standard build. I like High Magic and the ability to swap for other spells. The Egg also gives him some damage ability before combat occurs for real. Channels 3 times on a 5.

    Where do I put my two cowboys as I don't have any cold one cav? I had thought the TG
    What could I drop to take some cold one cav?
    Would a Basti and its bound spell be good against DEs? Again, what could I drop?
    I don't have a magic std on the TG. I have taken Razor Std with them previously, but not sure this would be absolutely necessary against DEs. Base strength +1 for halberds should be sufficient I feel.
    I have maxed out the number of skinks I have, so skink cloud Core is out of the question.
  2. n810

    n810 First Spawning

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    You could run your cold ones on either side of your steg as flankers for whatever the steg gets in combat with.
    You probably don't need a magic standard, a regular one should do well enough.
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  3. Lawot

    Lawot Active Member

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    Wyssans is gold on Saurus, though it depends to some degree on what he brings. I don't have experience with it against Dark Elves, but consider that a boost from T4 to T5 will have an impact on any attacks that are Strength 3-6...which will be most of what the Dark Elves bring to bear. Also, on the offensive, the boost to S5 will have a really serious impact on units with high armor.

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