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AoS 2k Help

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Dreamer74, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Dreamer74
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    So, having looked threw these lists I noticed no one has mass EOTGs?
    Like I sort 3 and do quite alright so far (They hate how I summon all these extra units every turn)
    And I'm doing the Top 20 Masters Tourney in December and wondering what would you guys reckon I mainly rock Shadowstrike, but wondering what would be the best all rounder list that can work (And note Im not going to have a heavy razordon list as I only have 3 atm)
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  2. LizardWizard

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    Mass EotGs with Slannado and Cogs is a very viable list. It is slightly less viable after the EotGs and Kroak FAQs, but still very powerful.

    The meta for the States at the moment is table spam for board control. If you cant beat death you can't win. And you have to have a contingency plan for Idoneth. I am not sure what the main strategies in New Zealand are though.

    Shadowstrike is extremely potent. However, Death players will pretty much always be able to screen out your shadowstrike and you will likely have to keep your rippers back in order to force their army to move slowly and hug their rear objectives.

    Fangs of Sotek is a pretty solid table control and tempo army. Adding the -1 rend to your Warriors means they clean through Skeleton hordes. Sylvaneth can give it some trouble with Wildwoods table lockdown. And if the opponent is able to quickly chew though your Saurus Warriors you will be in trouble.

    Best of luck at the tournament. Keep us posted.

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