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Fiction 3000: The Complete Tale

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Wolfwerty33, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Wolfwerty33
    Cold One

    Wolfwerty33 Active Member

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    Freedom & Slavery: 3000 Part 1.

    The Kroxigors stood in a long line, waiting to work, as they had done since the first of their race was spawned, millennia ago.

    Now though, they toiled for chaos, tearing massive glyphs into the jungle. Hour by hour, silent except for the crash of foliage, they went about their task, forming glyphs of dark power and praise to Father Nurgle from the wreckage of the forest. Night fell, dawn rose, the sun once more waned in power and fell. No one noticed, bar a few servants of the great trickster, but the nights were slowly drawing longer, even as the calendar said spring should be breaking and the long cold nights of winter should be ending. Without the sacrifices, without Chotec’s power, the sun was dying.

    The Kroxigors kept working, until they collapsed. There was no rest allowed for them. Even if there had been, the water was tainted, the foliage fouled and the animals poisoned. The spawning pools of the first race had long since been corrupted to serve chaos, the Slann long ago put to the sword. The Lizardmen lived without guidance or aim, bar that of chaos.

    Centuries ago, the gods of light had, to a being, sacrificed their lives, bleeding out their energy to prevent the dark four or their minions entering and destroying the world. They had hoped to give the races of the land time to recover. Instead, they had merely forced pandemonium to wait a little longer to truly break free.

    The races had no chance. Humanity had long since been beaten down, mere meat-chattels to the dark gods. The elves had fallen, Naggaroth’s inhabitants reclaiming their ancient lands, perverting or killing all in their path. The dwarves had been overrun and slaughtered by the skaven, who had, in their turn, been forced to serve chaos directly, or be killed. Almost to a rat, they chose servitude, the remaining seers and inquisitors fleeing to the darkest tunnels, to wither and die.

    All that remained free were the handful of lizards, blessed by the gods, who were too canny and too powerful to fall the the corruption, or to the corruptions’ servants.

    In the Southlands, though Pestlins combed the swamps and jungles fern by fern, and chaos-twisted Dwarves had caved-in the caverns of Sotek, they were still yet to find Tenehauin, or his personal, Sotek-blessed, Saurii bodyguards.

    In Lustria itself, the searchers had been far more efficient. Though they had failed to find Oxycotl, his skin hiding him from sight, every other champion of note had been hunted down, brought to battle, and overwhelmed through sheer weight of numbers.

    Or so they thought.

    Every champion whose name had made men and beasts alike tremble had been killed. But what of those champions less known? The ones who, somehow, missed the end? The Saurii and blessed skinks who still fought for the Great Plan.

    They were order’s only hope of, if not prevailing, at least forcing a draw or an annoying delay.

    Somewhere in the jungles, a fresh spawning of Kroxigors toil, enslaved to chaos. In the hills and hinterlands above them, though, a lone wardrum sounds, calling the last free Lizardmen to another battle, to decide the final twists of the world’s fate.
    Just reposting. I'll add more to the tale (including a specific character) once it's been written...
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  2. Warden

    Warden Well-Known Member

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    I hope there are some saurus and skinks hidden out in the chaos wasteslands of these post-end-times-apocalyptic-landscape somewhere, whether its Oxylotl, Nakai, or some other lesser known characters out there, hunting zombies and chaos spawn, trying to stay hidden. Maybe even Walking Dead style, who knows.

    Loved this story, I hope you post more to expand on this universe!
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  3. Bowser

    Bowser Third Spawning

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    This is great, I am impressed with the ambition of an alternate end times. This is an epic start to the story and I am looking forward to more!
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