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AoS AoS 2: First Impressions

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Nart, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Nart

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    I had a 2000 game with death yesterday. He didn't use any new death rules, because we didn't find any leaks for it. He also didn't use artefacts or new endless and realm spells. But I did. His list was

    VoZD with artefact for bonus movement once per game and command trait: on roll of 5+ activate second time in combat phase
    40 skeletons
    10 zombies
    5 Dire Wolves
    5 Hexwraiths
    3 Vargheists
    2 Morghasts with Halbers that charge on 3d6

    I brought:
    Slann, General: Vast Intellect, Incendescent Rectrices
    Astrolith Bearer
    Eternity Warden
    Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur, Crown of Betrayal (once per game pick unit in 3" and deal mortal wound for every model on 5+)
    Skink Starpriest
    Skink Priest with Cloak of Feathers
    20 Warriors
    3x5 Knights
    Geminids of Ul-Ghysh
    Balewind Vortex
    Chromatic Cogs
    Firelance Starhost

    Mission was Starstrike. Realm - Shyish, Realmscape - +1 for casts.

    I set-up first - Slann in center, support heroes near him, firelance on right side, bastiladon on the left, warriors screen all of this. He sets up Mannfred and Dragon opposite of bastiladon, 40 skeletons, Vargheists and necromancer in front of firelance - other stuff in center.

    I give first turn to him wanting to control endless spells (we made a mistake and moved it in the end of battleround instead of the beginning of next, but it hardly changed anything).

    Round 1

    He moves 26 with zombie dragon, Mannfred follows him. Other stuff moves a bit foward too. Zombie Dragon charges warriors, mannfred makes something like 11 inch charge too. He kills some warriors and then rolls 6 for second activation. As a result warriors are dead and Bastiladon loses 4 wounds.

    ZD and Mannfrend are way closer to Slann then I want to. Constellation is +1 for casting rolls, which gives me impressive +2 for casts. I fail to summon Chromatic Cogs, but successful with Geminids that fly over both monsters. I also cast Mystic Shield on bastiladon and but Summon Starlight gets denied. I teleport astrolith a bit further and plant it. ScarVet gives closest to dragon Knight squad bonus attacks on 6+ and starpriest gives them venon. Generate 3 summoning points with slann and astro.
    I move knights and scarvet closer to zombie dragon. Bastiladon shoots ZD, knights charge it and with all rerolls, mortal wounds and bites they kill it.

    Round 2

    Shard lands right where Hexwraiths stand, but I win initiative. I choose to take double turn and lose controle over Geminids. Slann casts Vortex and fails to dispel Geminids, Starpriest casts chromatic cogs. Now the fun begins! I choose +2 move and charge mod for geminids, Carno uses command ability on himself, I teleport astrolith closer to battle. Give -1 to-hit on Carno and Mystic Shield on bastiladon. Venom goes to carno too. I get another +2 SP (now 5 total). Another knights squad moves to charge vargheists. Bastiladon and Carnosaur destoy Mannfred, but knights on other flank fails to do significant damage to Vargheists and loses several models.

    He moves Morghasts in gap between carnosaur and astolith bearer, wratihs move to charge knights near Carno and Wolves take over shard. Skeletons and Necromancer keep moving. Wraiths charge, Skeletons fail and Morghasts made something like 15 inch charge and barely reach astolith bearer. He thinks that carno is too far and activates Hexwraiths first, they kill 2 knight and leaves one with 1 wound. But Carno is in 3 inches of Morghasts (he should've checked it before). It activates but deals only 11 out of 12 wounds (just one 6 from starvenom could save me). 3 attacks from single morghast is enough to kill asto. Knights deal another wound to Vargheists and die in return. One knight strips a wound from a Wraith. He moved gemini (incorrect!) and kills 2 more knights and deals 3 damage to carno. Also gets 2 points from shard.

    Round 3

    I killed both monsters but things still not that good - all the chaff are alive and 40 skeletons fist still moving towards my terretory. Fortunately, we roll draw for initiative, so this is my turn! 2nd shard lands near bastiladon, 3rd - in center of Death territory.

    Slann finally dispels Geminids (wasn't that easy after all) and gives Starlight to Canro. Other 2 spells are turned to 6 SP +1 free from Slann general, totalling in 12 - I can summon something serious now! Starpriest finishes Morghast with Arcane Bolt. Carno commands himself, venom goes to the last knights unit. Carno moves to deal with Hexwraiths. Single Alpha Knight falls back to secure my Shard. Bastiladon fires at Wolves and kills 2. Carnosaur and Bastiladon (mistake!) charge Hexwraiths and last Knights charge Vargheists - they must no reach Slann! I kill a Vargheist and deal a couple of wounds to another. Hexwraiths manage to pile-in to reach Bastiladon with all models. They deal another 2 wounds to it. In return Carno an d Basti leaves single hellwraith with 1 wound. Vargheists kill 2 knights.

    Zombies run to secure shard in their territory. Skeletons move to help Wargheists. From 36 attacks I lose exactly 6 wounds on knights! Futhermore, Bastiladon fails to kill hellwraith and Carno to far to pile-in. In return Hellwraith kills Bastiladon! (1 mortal wound from skythe and one failed 3+).

    In the end he leads 8-3.

    Round 4

    Draw for initiative again and this decides the game. I finish off Hellwraith with Arcane Bolt (still nice spell) from Slann and got 12 SP from other spells (25 total now). Carnosaur charges and kills dire wolves and takes over point. 11-8 now. Priest even strips a wound from Vargheists with his stave.

    Vargheists move to carno wanting to take point but fail 8" charge. Skeletons consolidate to defend his last shard.

    Round ends with 11-12 in his favor.

    Round 5

    Draw again, so my turn. I summon geminids again and hop over skeleton horde. Starpriest teleports to midfield shard. Slann cast some not really important spells. I even don't use all attempts. I summon bastiladon who kills Vargheists. Carno runs and charges skeletons. I activate Crown and kill 13. Carno eats another 11.

    He refuses to do anythig his turn.

    As a result - 21-17 - major victory for Seraphon!

    Some conclusions:
    - Realm artefacts are very good at least on paper. I tested crown of betrayal and it really can cripple a horde before any attacks. Most of the realm artifacts make ours obsolete - except Rectrices and Prysm;
    - сonsequently, taking at least one battalion for bonus artefacts is worth it;
    - command points is another good addition. I used ScarVet command ability every turn and it hepled a lot. Gift of Heavens would do me almost nothing as death has shooting only in form of dragon breath. Huge buff for Saurus Heroes;
    - Balewind and Cogs are a must for any large games for Seraphon. I could cast all I need and still summond a bastiladon in the end. This 80 points more than worth it;
    - Geminids are awesome thanks to their debuffs and 2d3 MW is always good;
    - +1 to casts more useful than they used to be because of new spells;
    - taking two starpriests may be better than one and priest. They can cast realm-specific and endless spells now. There are also new ways of defence due to new spells and artefacts, so priest with unreliable rites are not as important as they used to be.

    All in all, I liked new Seraphon. Can't wait to see, what changes will be in warscrolls.
  2. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Sounds good, thanks for the report!
  3. Asamu
    Chameleon Skink

    Asamu Active Member

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    Nothing in his list changed in points. The deathless minions trait for the death allegiance was changed to units wholly within 12" instead of just within 6", but otherwise there weren't any changes AFAIK.

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