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AoS Battle Day Report

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by ILKAIN, Jun 18, 2018.

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    hey guys my LGS had an "Last hurrah" for 1.0 this weekend with a Battle day tournament. 3 rounds. Lists were changeable in between rounds, but primary faction couldn't change. Lists were explained before the start of each match, but this was a sem competitive event and no official lists were exchanged, and my report on their lists will be a little vague on that part due to unfamiliarity with the other armies ( only been playing Aos a few months)

    Game 1 Seraphon vs SCE 1500 pts

    Deployment: 12' long ways either side of the board.
    Mission: capture and hold (1 point the turn you take one of three objectives (one dead center, each player places one within their deployment zone and more than 10" from the edge of the table) 3 points if you controlled it at the end of your last turn.

    My list:

    Kroak 450
    Balewind 100

    Eternal Starhost: 570
    5x guard
    5x guard
    5x guard
    eternity warden

    Bastilodon W solar ray 280
    Skink Priest with trappings 80

    1480 pts 3 heroes 1 behemoth 3 battleline

    His list:
    2 units 5 each retributors
    3 units 5 each liberators
    2 units 5 each Judicators? (archers not sure on name)
    hero that gives a single unit +1 save each turn on prayer
    hero that either heals d3 or deals d3 but not both on any given turn
    griffen dog?

    turn 1:
    set up and place markers, only 2" of room for either of us to place our respective objective markers due to 12' long ways deployment and 10" away from board edge rule so we both place towards on edge of the board, essentially we only used 50% of the board.

    I win the placement roll and drop eternal starhost in a half circle around kroak and priest. bastilodon is off to the side a little to be able to shoot the archers off his marker in the back. he has the rest of his army ready to bum rush the center and my formation.

    I elect to take first turn due to the proximity of the two armies, and his archers ability to pick off my heroes before I can get the buffs up and going. roll for Kroaks insight get 2 rerolls. successfully summon BWV pushing my line 3 inches closer to his, (note Kroak is literally on top of my objective marker). cast CD and get doubles range is 38" barely enough to hit everything (the dracoth is at 37"). pick off a few thigns from the smaller units, 3 wounds on the dracoth, 2 each on the other heroes. summon commets, roll a 9 get the d6 with the +1 from the BWV resulting in 5 targets 3 more wounds on the Dracoth (its at 1 to go) 2 more wounds on the healer and save buffer heroes, a d a spattering of wounds on the archers (which I was focusing on after the dracoth due to ranged attacks... silly me had never fought retributors and their "turn to ash" ability (hit roll=6 2 mortal wounds instead of damage... my poor guard) cast MB not on doubles so range is 36, cant take the last wound off the dracoth, I hit it into the griffon dog/hound and kill it. Priest gets off his prayer for the rerolls on everything (basti is at max range but still gets it)

    his turn one he heals the dracoth for 3, moves everything but the archers on his point forward gaining control of the central objective, running the liberators and retributors. he misjudges the range on the Dracoth and it its just outside of being able to shoot. I take a few hits from archers, but save them all.

    score 1-2 him

    Round two; he gets the double turn.

    he moves his melee closer, no run, charges will be about 7-9 inches. dracoth is in shooting range, and has been healed up to 5 wounds now. he shoots the Basti with the drac, and it ignores all but one wound. the archers drop one guard each from two different units. he charges in and gets one unit of libs on the basti, and one unit of rets on both the basti and my guard. in combat he hits a 2 6's on the basti from the retributors and I botch the rolls taking all 4 mortals but saving the rest of the damage. basti on 3W. the 4 man guard unit piles in and obliterate the retirbutors thanks to d3 damage and only missing one hit and making all the wounds. last retributor unit tears into my guard, leaving only the alpha alive. alpha strikes back taking 1 with him. Basti misses his tail attacks.

    I renew prayer, fail to get any kroak re rolls, and UNLOAD the most ultimate CD ever! smacked every target for three wounds the healer dies the save buffer dies the dracoth drops to 2 wounds, liberators and retibutors and judicators MELT under the MW spam. comet storm kills offal but 1 of the archers on his objective, and kills the dracoth(only two targets this time). MB kills off the last Retributor on my basti melts the face off the cloer of the two archer units (this one isn't on the objective) i elect to hold my guard in formation to retain the d3 damage, and do no moves. combat phase i pile in the unit of 4 next to the unit of 1 (guard) and finish off the retributor unit. he has two liberators left on Basti and they fail to inflict any damage. basti again fails to get in any melee damage.

    turn ends he has a single archer on the back objective 2 liberators left on the central objective and 3 liberators left just out of pile in range.

    score 4 - 8

    turn three:
    i get the double turn. my opponent concedes.

    MATCH 2 2,000points
    deployment is ends of the board 24" between us (basically split the board in thirds and the middle is empty.
    mission is secret cache (6 objectives we each place three, roll a d6 on for each marker on your turn on a 6 it becomes the Cache and the others are removed, who ever controls the cache at the and of turn 5 wins.

    Seraphon vs Daughters of Khaine/ SCE weird battalion that lets them pair up and run twice a turn AND charge after running if they are khaine.

    important to note is he is bringing 174 wounds i have 63 (plus whatever Kroak counts as) we initially drew a mission that compared slain wounds and you could win even if tabled. my opponent complained and stated he would concede now. in the nature of just playing the game i allowed a redraw of the mission.

    my list adds a shadowstrike and a astro bearer.

    got a picture of the battle before the start:

    he gets first turn. he runs a 30 man blob of liberators and a 3 man unit of witch aelves across the board with witches brew and some prayers to buff the FNP of the khaine the liberators fail their charge the khaine witch aelves get in in on an 11" charge! im using basically the same formation (semi circle of guard around the important stuff, chamelons and dactyls are off board at this time. Eternal starhost does some serious work... he puts in over 60 attacks, and i lost only a single guard. being fair, his rolls were literally atrocious, something like 30 1's and he has no rerolls. on the attack back all of the guard pile in and decimate the unit to 10 men left.

    on my turn i get 3 rerolls, use 1 to get the prayers, summon BWV CD the board for a lot, comet storm his witches cauldron and some SCE with angel wings ( i really need to learn these names lol) some medusa looking khaines and his sinlge unit of archers. MB hits the witch aelves in front of me dropping 2 more. starpreist summons starlight on the 29 man mass of liberators for the -1 to hit. i drop the bloat toad near the witch caudren with hag

    Move phase ripperdactyls swoop and chameleons pop out and say hello.
    shooting phase 1 chameleon unit drops the rest of the archers the second chameleon unit drops the last of the naga looking khaines, basti drops the rest of the 10 man in melee combat with my guard.

    combat phase the ripperdactyls enjoy a fresh meal of cauldron and hag, landing all 9 hits and all 9 extra attacks on the beaks. (thank you swooping rerolls) opponent looks at the board.. he has 29 liberators in one unit, and 10 daughters left from a unit that never did anything but move forward once and i don't know what they were. looks at me. looks at board. immediately should have taken stock in the Salt because the prices skyrocketed with the amount he unleashes in a tirade of how broken Balewind vortex is (he's not wrong but he knew i had it, andgot to watch the end of my previous match) we move to initiative and i win the double turn. my opponent concedes.

    Match 3
    Me vs death

    ill give you the short version:

    kill each other mission i get the central 24" he gets the 12" on either side of the short end of the board.

    2 k points. he has only vampire lord on zombie dragon that can shoot. everything else is melee, or caster based. he gets first turn moves closer, breath attacks the basti not realizing it ignores his rend for zero damage. fails 4 charges that are all 8" or more.

    my turn.

    usuall buffs kroak rerolls, etc. CD. comet storm and MB kill all his heroes except the dragon. i starlight dragon and prism it for 3. chameleons pop up on either side of dragon, rippers swoop in between the back side of my armies ( i am still using the basic semi circle formation) and his 20 man unit of black knights. basti and chameleons bring dragon to 1 w. rippers charge black nights, basti charges dragon. basti kills dragon using a reroll from kroak command ability. opponent scoops up his models and leaves the table.

    i may have lost a few friends but we won the day lol. ( i didn't really lose any friends the two salty guys were regulars at a different store that talked a lot of smack and then tried to come in and dominate our stores players. im the least experienced AoS player in my store and wrecked them so the trash talking from them was rather effectively silenced)

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  2. Aginor

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    Good job!
    Yeah Kroaknado is really cheesy and.. yes. I would even call it broken.
    But so are other lists. And it is going to change soon. So I guess the people were just sore losers.
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  3. Crowsfoot

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    Well done going 3-0

    All 3 would have known all about Kroak and a BWV and the damage he can do, well done for your first opponent for keeping it civilized.
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    Skink Chief

    ILKAIN Well-Known Member

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    for the record... yes those are imperial guard proxying for daughters of khaine lol.

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