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AoS Battle vs stormcast and daemons

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by shole, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. shole

    shole Member

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    I had my first two battles in AoS this week vs storm cast and chaos slaneesh daemons. Both a lose. I used the same list both games.
    -Saurus scar vet on carnosaur
    -scar vet on cold one
    -skink starpriest
    -2 units knights
    -2 units guard
    -1 unit warriors.

    Vs daemons.
    The battle started with my turn where I moved a bit forward my units except warriors that waited at the objective. One unit of guard moved with the priest and one unit of knights. The scar vet on cold one moved with the other unit knights and guards. A slight move of my beast finished my turn. His move was the first surprise for me. His seekers moved 14" and could run and charge same turn. So we had cc first round. He used his keeper of secrets command ability so his unit of 5 moved 22" and charged my unit of knights and could attack again. He destroyed my unit losing only one model. Next round my beast charged his other seeker unit of 10. This was my mistake. A number of bad rolls caused my beast to die by turn 3 without killing more than 4 models. His two units of pink horrors killed some models of my other knights. The cold one couldn't do much more and even I destroyed his second pink horrors unit I lost too many models by the keeper of secrets. During turns 2-4 same pattern. Me losing models from the group of knights-guard-scar vet while my other guard wiped his cavalry of 5. I lost too many models and the last 4 of his seekers killed my warriors. The last guard unit with the priest could reach something and became useless for the rest of game. The conclusion was that I lost from the surprise of his seekers ability. Sure thing I forget some of my ability as scar vet re-attack or rending of one cancellation.

    Vs storcast
    He brought 3 units of 5 liberators. 1 unit of 6 angels. 1 unit of paladins. On lord relictor and one celestant on dracoth. He started with the angels moving close enough for me to charge. And moved the rest just a bit from their starting position. I had for this battle the scar vet as general with my 2 units of knights. The starpriest with the 2 units of guards. My first turn I had three charges with my knights and scar vet succesfull. But the game loser came to his rolls. I passed to the angel unit 9 wounds and he saved all of them. He only lost one model from the lances mortal wound. I lost too much time there and one of his unit of liberators charged me there with his dracoth to follow. My beast charged his dracoth while my two units of guard tried to reach his liberators at the other side. By turn 3 all our units was in close combat except my warriors and one unit of his liberators who stayed at the objectives. He continues to save almost ever wound I made so I continuously was losing models while he lost the 1/3. I think the game lost when my heavy hitter knights (with the scar vet command ability) passed only two mortals. As a conclusion I think I need a bit more rending to pass their armor.

    Next time I think I'll change my list adding a bastiladon vs daemons. For the stormcast I still searching for a better list.
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  2. Bowser

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