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8th Ed. Camaign with the lizzies!

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by skink chief, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. skink chief

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    Hello everyone,

    This will be the page where I inform you on the progress our brave lizzies make during a campaign I'll be playing.
    We have 10-12 players: 2 HE 2 Dwarfs 1 Chaos 1 Skaven 1 O&G 1 Ogre Kingdoms 2 Vampire Counts and my LM ( so far this is the presumed list).

    I will be posting here to give you guys the feel as if you are playing with me ;).

    Some info:

    The Great List of Buildings/Costs/Etc AND what to do when in Albion…
    1) Start Player :
    * 500 gold
    * 500pts Army
    * 1 Watch Tower
    * 1 village
    * 2 Scouts

    2) Cost :
    * Scout – 100 gold, construction time - immediate
    * Watch Tower – 150 gold, construction time – 1 week
    * Motte-and-Bailey – 300 gold, construction time – 3 weeks
    * Border Fortress, Mountain Pass Wall – 500 gold, construction time – 6 weeks
    * Road # allied or own towns/villages – 200 gold, construction time – 2 weeks
    * Ugrade Scout to Assassin/Spy – 200 gold
    * Research – 500 gold, construction time - depends

    3) Income :
    * Village + Watch Tower - 50 gold/week
    * Village + Motte-and-Bailey – 100 gold/week
    * Road – 75 gold/week
    * Mine – 100 gold/week
    * Town – 300 gold/week

    Rewards for capturing/defeating objectives:
    * Village : D6+2 x 100 gold
    * Town : 2D6+2 x 100 gold
    * Fortress, Motte, Watch Tower : D6 x 100 gold.
    * Tomb : 2D6 X 100 gold + 1 magical item of (1-3= 50 pts max, 4-5= 75 pts, 6 = 100 pts)
    * Stone Circle : 1D6 x 100 gold + 1 lvl 2 Druid with Elemental/Illusion Magic
    * Lairs/Nests etc : 1D6 x 100 gold or the beast(s) you have defeated.

    I'll leave it here for now as far as the information goes for the Campaign.

    Today was kind of a test match, to test your army if you wanted and to get some extra fluff before beginning the campaign.

    I got paired vs a Dwarf player.

    My list (500pts)
    Scar-Vet: Armour of Destany, shield.
    19 Saurus Warriors: spears + SB.
    11 Skink Skirmishers: Javs & shields
    10 Skink Skirmishers: Javs & shields

    Dwarf List (500pts)
    Dwarf Lord: Rune of 4++ Ward save
    15 Dwarf Warriors: Handweapon & shield
    10 Long Beards: Hand weapon & shield

    Objective: Capture the tomb: who ever has the most points standing inside the tomb ( center of the table), or has a unit that is closest to the tomb ( if none are standing in it), wins the objective.

    I got to choose where I started & I also got to go first:
    View attachment 18904

    As you can see, I just centered my warriors, with skirmisher skinkies on both sides.
    Dwarf placement is nothing special.

    Turn 1:

    View attachment 18905

    Skinks left side are in the forest, showed by my 2 loners there if you can see them.

    Turn 2:


    I move up my skinks on the left to give him a choice of charging them or basically, getting hit by javs for free next turn.
    Right side skinks move closer to the longbeards, hoping to shoot next turn ( I was pretty sure that I can march and fire yet, they told me I couldn't.. It was even written on my sheet, skirmishers: can march and shoot with -1 to hit. so yeah I shoulc have gotten shots in there but oh wel..)
    Saurus Warriors are in the forest, you can see one of them.

    Turn 3:


    Well this picture was taken on his turn actually.
    He went for the charge, I fled, he did not catch my skinks, but left a very juicy flank open for my saurus to hit... perfect :).
    On my turn:
    I charged his warriors, he held.
    My left skink rally under the Ld of the general who is in range.
    My right skinks move 6 and shoot.
    Shooting killed 2 Longbeards.
    In Close Combat, he made way for his Lord, attacked my Scar Vet, got 1 wound true, I save with 3+. I have a 3+AS 4++ wards against his Strength 4 non magic weapon, so don't really know what he was trying there :D.
    My Scar Vet goes for the dwarfs, does 2 hits; 1 PF, so 3 hits total,all wound and he Kills 2.
    He only got 2 guys left to fight the flank and he does nothing.
    My Warriors kill off another 2 dwarfs.
    Combatresult: 4 deaths, charge, 3 ranks ( both have banner), he loses by 8 and does not roll snake eyes.
    I catch them and he surrenders the fight.

    Not one lizardmen died!! wauwie :) that was painfull, but hey it was a prelude, now he knows not to give my saurus a flank :D.

    Should it have been Campaign already he would have lost a huge amount of points because for fun we rolled it off, and his rolls were craaaaap. ( roll D6 for every model that died, fled: 1-2 = death / 3 = captured / 4-5--6 he lives. For Characters there is a D100 that needs to be rolled, he rolled 75 wich was a death (25% of the rolls are death to give you some insight on that aswell).

    So that was a nice prelude, if only it was a real campaign game huh :D!
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  2. Saniles

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    Awesome man! Keep the stories coming! Also I can't believe he brought axes to a blowpipe fight. Not a single ranged unit at all? He must have dumped more into that Lord cause he would have still had more points left over
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  3. skink chief

    skink chief Active Member

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    Nope no extra pts in the lord, just the 4+ ward save rune.
    We didn't know who we were going to meet for this match ( I was supposed to go up vs Orcs..).
    But indeed as you say, a dwarf without shooting vs my skirmishers... He lost the fight before it began if I didn't play like an idiot
    ( wich happens sometimes :p = > like agreeing that march and shoot can't happen, wich i knew was wrong, but after saying as much I got to excited and was like meh...).
    I told him as much. If he had a Thane instead of a Lord, some quarrelers ( like 10) and maybe a volley gun if he had the points, then I would have been in trouble. 10 Longbeards just isn't going to cut it IMO.
    20 saurus warriors in 500pts is a pretty rocksolid block that not many can handle I think. Though we were allowed to take full special/rare lists. Only later in the Campaign we need to see the points are correct core/special/rare and even then it is only the overall pts that need to fit. Perfectly fine to take an all special list if another army takes care of the core points for you :O
  4. Saniles

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    That could be really cool for like a themed list. I just imagine the Lizard cavalry running into the fray or perhaps the stoic TG beginning their slow but deliberate march toward a foe that is approaching a sacred site.
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  5. skink chief

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    Some more info and I might like someone's intake on it:

    Research cost 500gold!

    Some examples from previous campaigns:
    * Skaven Tunnel Behemoth (A monster that came up in the middle of the battlefield)
    * Dwarf Zeppelin
    * Dark Elf Scout Cavalry (scouting a regiment rather then the scouts you need to pay 100gold for)
    * Beastmen Suicide Squad

    So here were some thing I was concidering.
    * Remember 500gold is a lot of cash in the beginning of the campaign, so it will take some time to get one or more.
    * We have 2 GM's that need to give the tumbs up, so it can't be to OP.

    1) Affinity for gold: Lizardmen are THE faction that has gold everywhere. As a result of this I plan on getting an upgrade that lets my characters or a specific trooptype to spot the closest gold stash or he spots gold from 2 centimeters away.
    This will give me easier acces to all the Tombs, villages etc... So I don't have to scout everything.

    2) Clearvoyance: Once per week Skink Priests/ Slann's can open a part of the map with their mind. Like for example three days away from my army to the north I want to see what we might find/run in to with a diameter of one or 2 centimeters on the map.
    This might be very good. Again it helps with the scouting ( they told me last campaign, the 2 people that used scouts the most effective got number 1 and 2 on the scoreboard by the end of the campaign...)

    3) Ancient builders: Kroxigors are the builders of the lizardmen so.. whenever 3 croxigor are in a town, castle etc... and there are being things build ( improvements) they get carried out 25% faster. Max 6 Kroxigors for a 50% bonus speed with construction.
    This might be very very hardcore, but it's my first campaign, I don't know how rushing buildings might be very helpfull but it could also be kind of gold lost.
    Bad side of this is that my Krox have to remain in the 'town' where the upgrades are taking place ( only normal that they would).

    4) Flying Spies: All my flyers get scout. In games and on the map + they get extra vision. So I can use them to scout as a seperate unit ( they don't need a character with them (all other armytroops must)). They get the scout rule in games. They get the same vision as a scout ( wich is double the one of an army).
    This might be OP as f*ck, but hey I can ask... 500gold is a lot, so I want it to be worth it. Scout on ripperdactyls... my mouth is getting wet...

    If you have any suggestions pls let me know, I might find them interesting.
    The campaign will probably start end january, hoping to get my starting position on the map soon.
    Ah yes about the map, I need to draw it myself, and you don't get a lot of info at all. Your army can only see 0.5centimeters on the map (1/3 of a day movement without roads), the watchtower that we get in the start I can see 2 centimeters diameter.
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  6. The Hunted

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    This sounds awesome! I will make sure to follow your adventures in this campaign :). I am wondering how fast/slow you build things and when the armies get a bit bigger. 500 points is not much, I really start to have fun at around 1k.
    Still though, good luck in your battles and adventures!

    The Hunted
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  7. Saniles

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    Super cool man, I look forward to reading more about your campaign.

    If you consider the Krox I would think you really need to understand exactly what all the construction options would do for you before I would do that. There seem to be a good amount of options. The scouts, however, will be the most valuable I think. Sun Tzu would say that (not quoted cause I can't remember exactly) knowing yourself and knowing your enemy, you will know victory.

    It's a bit different in the actual text, but i don't have my copy at hand right now.
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  8. skink chief

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    How I think I will start out:

    There are some possibilities to start out in the Campaign ( how you use the starting gold).

    1) Fast Building for income:
    - I spend 300 gold on a motte and Baily = 3 weeks construction, but when it finishes I get 100gold income per week instead of 50gold p.w.
    - I buy 1 scout for 100 gold = I'm hoping to have a mountain/river/sea next to my starting position, so this allows me to scout 3 orientations ( for example north, south and east , where I have a river to my west).
    - I spend 85 gold on armypoints =
    * 1 musician and 1 champion for my saurus block for 20 gold ( they already have SB). A musician is very handy and a champ is good for neglecting challanges for my only 2 wounds scar vet with initiative suck my b*lls.
    * 1 LVL 1 Skink Priest with Heavens for 65 gold = To add some magic + counter the Predatory fighter rule a bit with the skink character.
    *** Why take Heavens? => I'm really the guy that loves to play with big blocks and take beasts for the yummie +1 strength / + 1 Toughness, but since we might cross against NPC's being, Dragons, Giants Eagles etc... The option of getting Thunderbolt is really nice. Also later in the Campaign Heavens is just better overall I feel with more options then Beasts. A Priest with Beasts will not be too far away. When I get like 750-1000pts of army, I will start a second one, and with it a beast priest ;).

    This leaves me with 15 gold.
    The week after that I recieve 50 gold from my town + watch tower for a total of 65 gold with wich I will buy 5 chameleon skinks.

    2) Troops first:
    - I buy the scout for 100 gold
    - I buy 150 points of army for 150 gold ( skink priest, musician and champions for saurus), 5 chameleon skinks.

    This leaves me with 250 gold.
    The week after I will recieve 50 gold, giving me 300 gold to buy a motte and Baily.

    These 2 are basically what I'm most fond of. Option 1 or 2 will be decided on 1 thing. If my army moves out, and I buy the chameleons will they automatically join the army or will the spawn in town... If they spawn in town, I'm leaning to option 2, if they spawn in the army I'm leaning to option 1.

    Wich takes me to a possible 5th research:
    Portal creators:
    Lizardmen did not travel to Albion by boats like the other factions did, they came here by a portal created by a Slann ( yet to be named) in Lustria. This upgrade will make my new units spawn exactly where I want them to spawn as long as it is a legal position ( armies need character to lead them), so basically I can put them in whatever army I have fielded on the map.
    This is only usefull if armies only spawn in town, wich I think will be the case since they state this Campaign will be somewhat comparable to a game of Total War.
    I will add to this research: Let's say for example a spy or assasin is in my army ( I will explain these upgrades somewhere) and a force is headed my direction. He has like 1500pts of army and my army is only 1250pts strong. He wants to strike. At every battle there is at least 1 GM present. So the extra benifit to this research will be that the Slann reacts and creates a portal to the battle in the same way you would get reinforcements. Basically, say I got 500 gold stacked. I just say to the GM: "I want my 500 gold spend on 500 pts of reinforcements and BOOM. A portal opens up an lizardmen come streaming on the battlefield... <= I'm liking this research as I'm typing it :D:D

    If somehow I get dropped on the map, and I don't have any river, mountain, sea next to my current location, I might want to go another route.

    3) Scouts & Army:
    - I buy 2 scouts for 200 gold
    - I buy 249 points of Army
    * Skink Priest (65)
    * Musician for the saurus (10)
    * 5 Chameleon skinks (65)
    * 1 Salamander hunting pack + extra handler (84)
    * 1 BSB on my Scar Vet (25)

    This leaves me 51gold, 2nd week I'll have 100 gold for extra scout.
    So this is more conquer the map type play. If I choose this route there is no turning back and this is the gameplan for the rest of the campaign. Where options 1 and 2 were pretty standard, getting some troops, getting an economy going. This one is brute forcing it ( and in the start of the Campaign this might be really really good, later on I think not so much).
    Basically here I scout as much of the landscape as I possibly can , and try to create lots of big armies really fast by finding more tombs/towns etc... to conquer and recieve gold from taking these objectives.

    I'm less fond of this option since for me I feel like this one might be a coin flip.
    If I'm lucky and scout good gold to conquer really fast, I might snowball out of control.
    But if I don't, I find myself lacking in income, and that might be GG really fast, unless I can get some Alliances working.

    I know for a fact that the Ogre player is going for +500pts army from the get go. I saw his list and.. it didn't have a BSB... now on lizardmen we have cold blooded wich you might be fine with, surely in 500pts I feel I'm forgivable not taking one as of yet. The Ogres played a testgame vs dwarfs and in a certain turn they all ran... literally they all ran after the general fled from losing by 1 point and recieving only 1 wound xD. His general troop fled, his bulls fled and his leadbelchers fled :D. This has nothing to do with the other stuff I'm posting here, but it was funny as Hell :D.
    > Ogres be like: AAAARRRHH BLOOOD there is bloood! I can't stand the sight of bloooood, mommyyyyy !!!!! <
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    So if you take my last post you will notive this sentence: Lizardmen did not travel to Albion by boats like the other factions did, they came here by a portal created by a Slann ( yet to be named) in Lustria.
    Let me clarify this by finally giving you the background fluff of why the hell my lizzie army is on Albion.


    (Albion is located north-west of the Old World under the Chaos Wastes.)

    So here is the story of the Lizardmen in short:

    A Slann Mage Priest ( yet to be named) has meditated for over 500 years to try and find the location of a stolen Plaque of the Old Ones. He believes it has been taken to the distant islands of Albion.
    After communicating this to his spawn-kin, it turned out they were not as excited about it as he was.
    He had his mind made up on retrieving the Plaque and taking it back to where it belongs, in the temples of Lustria. He created a portal to the distand land and send out a scouting party led by Xo'Tac ( my Scar veteran) accompanied by some scouting forces. Immidiatly after coming out of the portal a battle took place agains some Dwarfs. The Dwarfs proved to be no equals of any kind, but still it was made clear that this task was going to require time and cunning tactics. Camps would have to be set up and alliances might have to be made. For this he called for Styx ( Skink Priest). Xo'Tac is an expert tactician with over a hundred battles under his name, but the brute force he used would not always be the right path to succes. Styx on the other hand could provide us usefull alliances, if the faction is to be trusted ofcourse. the Slann Mage Priest wasn't on an easy task. He can't not send out his entire army at once, for it would be spotted instantly, and he was going in against the will of his spawn-kin. The portal would have to be closed and reopened for reinforcements when the time is right.


    I have found a way to make Alliances a bit fluffy.

    Whenever I meet a new player I will roll a D6 to see how my army reacts ( based on stories from our Lizardmen Fluff):

    High Elves: 1 = Suspicious, move out of our way or be slain / 2 = Neutral, make an offer / 3-4-5-6 = Accept or offer alliance (on good terms).
    All other 'Order' factions: 1 Don't trust them, kill them all / 2 = Suspicious, move out of our way or be slain / 3 = Neutral, make an offer / 4-5-6 = Accept or offer alliance ( on good terms).
    Chaos/Skaven: 1-2-3-4-5-6 = Don't trust them, kill them all.
    All other 'Destruction' factions: 1-2-3 = Don't trust them, kill them all / 4 Suspicious, move out of our way or be slain / 5 = Neutral, make an offer / 6 = Accept or offer alliance( on good terms).
    Neutral Armies ( Ogres): 1-2-3 = as all other Destruction factions / 4-5-6 = as all other Order factions

    I do this for the negative reactions of my army. When a positive outcome is rolled and it is tactically a bad choice, I will need a very good deal in order not to just crush this opponent and claim possible rescources for myself.

    So I might meet and Elf that wants an Alliance and it is benificial to me to have this alliance, but somehow my LM character does not trust the High Elf and he belives they might have claimed the stolen Plaque. If I throw a 1, there will be no alliance possible PERIOD!

    So that might be bad, but it's a little fluffy ;)

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  10. The Red Devil

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    Very interesting so far. Cant wait to follow the game as it goes on!
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  11. skink chief

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    Thanks :). As this will be my first Campaign, I can't give you any answers on the speed of the Campaign. I literally have no idea how fast armies will grow , it depends on my surroundings I guess. The more things I can conquer, the more gold I can find, the more troops I can buy :D. If I go for the playstyle of having lots of scouts and army to start of, It might go really fast, but it might also backfire if I can't find a lot of things to do on te map. As for the Building times, I have written them in my first post :). A week is an actual week in real life if that might be your question ;).

    You are right on the buildings. All I know so far is that town + watchtower = 50 gold and motte and Baily = 100gold, and roads etc... But then you get the big ones like fortresses and no discription of income is given. So I don't really know what income we get from them but I think it is max 100gold, maybe even nothing because there is no town present. You do get extra 'Albion' troops with every upgrade of buildings for stronger fortification. I think this is what the fortresses are really for. If a big army is headed your way, you might want to hide in your fortress untill your reinforces come to help you ( or allies).
    Sieging is just as possible as in total war games.

    I will give you guys some info on how towns, motte and Baily and fortresses get you 'Albion' spearmen and bowmen that defend it for you + I will explain scout upgrades to Assasin and Spy. I don't want to bomb you guys with everything at once ;). ( and today I don't really have time :p)

    Thanks! You are very welcome to follow my Campaign and to give your feedback! It is a learning step for me aswell, so all suggestions are well recieved :).
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  12. Trociu
    Chameleon Skink

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    That is so mega super cool thing! First thread I marked as watched as I don't want to miss a thing. Thanks for all those informations
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    Let us give you guys some more info ;)!

    A scout can see 1centimeter far on the map ( armies only 0.5 cm)
    Scouts can join your army to give this enhanced vision.
    When scouts enter dangerous enviroments they have a 5% chance of dying ( for example when they come across nests, giants, Dragons etc..)
    If they die, you will not recieve word from this, you'll notice he did not return :D.
    If a scout sees an army controlled by another player, he will immediatly return to your forces or a town you control to report this.
    A scout must rest for one day after coming back from his previous mission.
    A scout can be upgraded to a spy or an assasin for 200 gold.

    Spies can follow an enemy army and he will send out word to keep you posted ( he uses rats, birds, whatever to keep contact).
    A spy can steal from villages or towns, half of his winnings will be send to the controlling player of the spy.
    Stealing has a 5% chance of failure. If you roll a failure a d6 will be rolled for the outcome.
    1-4: The spy is dead / 5: the spy joins the other army ( deserter) / 6: the spy gets tortured and gives the position of the nearest town/fortress/... of his controlling player to the enemy.

    An Assassin joins enemy armies rather than following them. They come out in a battle as a spy with the character sheet of a skaven assassin.
    They can sabotage enemy warmachines, or cut the leather strips on the armour from enemy troops right before the fight.
    In game this means: Warmachines will have to reroll the roll of "hit" of the first roll or 1 enemy regiment loses 1 armour value.

    Spies and assassins can still function as they were scouts.

    So these are definatly worthy and very cool updates wich I'll be keen to add to my army.

    Watch Towers:
    Watch towers can see 2 cm on the map and will report sightings as scouts do.
    Watch towers have 10 Albion spearmen and 10 albion archers with it (this is auto included).
    Max occupation of player troops: 10 human size forces OR 5 ogre size troops OR 1 warmachine. A character can also join the defence.
    Watch towers can be conquered and destroyed ( it has the same stats as a stone tower from a castle ( I don't know these stats)).

    Motte and Baileys:
    1 Tower and 1 Gate compareble to mini-castles.
    M&B have 20 Albion Spearmen, 15 Albion archers and 1 Albion Chieftain.
    Max occupation of players troops ( and yes these are EXTRA'S on top of the Albion troops, but you have to pay for your own troops, the Albion troops are free). 20 human sized OR 10 Ogre sized AND 1 artillary piece.

    Border Fortress:
    Normal Fortress:
    4 towers, 6walls, 1 gate and a Donjon in the Center.
    Fortress in Mountainpass: 1 or 2 gates, 3 or 4 towers (this depends on the mountainpass). Single or Double wall is a choice. A Donjon is optional but is put next to the moutain and not in the center.

    Fortresses have the same Albion troops as a M&B but also add: 10 Albion horsemen and 2 beastmasters with 5 warhounds each.

    Roads can be placed between towns, villages etc,.. ( not between watch towers). They can be placed between player controlled structures and allie stuctures aswell.
    Gold will go automatically so a character does not have to come and collect the income for you to use.
    Armies and scouts double their movement when walking on roads.

    There are ways to move by ships, but hey.. I'm a lizardmen I don't use these things end of story :cool:.

    Objectives on the map:
    All objectives can be claimed by the player. Neutral objectives like tombs, nests etc... stay on the map but if already conquered they will not contain any gold.

    Mercenaries can be hired, they can be a different race then the controlling players army. They can move independent. You will have to pay them each month. If you don't want them anymore, they will be gone, or take some money themselves and continue xD.

    All other Neutral monsters and mercenaries:
    Captured monsters like for example Giants or wyverns and mercs can move independent, and can be used to capture or destroy enemy objectives.


    Armies move 1.5 cm per day even if only cavalery.

    As long as you army is less then 1000 pts and located in woods, hills or mountains, you can ambush incoming armies.
    An army without a scout in it will only have 10% chance to notice the ambush. An army with a scout has 90% chance to spot the ambush.
    If an Ambush is succesfull, the enemy army will be in the center of the table and the ambushers can come from all directions the player chooses.

    This will be handled using the 3rd edition siege rules ( I don't know them myself).

    There you go folks some extra information ;).
    I have send an e-mail to the GM's with 10 more questions in them concerning the benifits of fortresses other then defence, how characters will be able to lvl up etc... I will keep you posted when I get the feedback.

    Thank you! Happy to have you following :).

    Greets to all!
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  14. skink chief

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    Hey guys,

    Just a tiny update for you here.
    I have received word from a GM to answer my questions and so here are the answers I got.

    The advantage from a fortress is the strength of it and that it holds the capacity to put an entire army in it.
    You could literally make a mountainpas fortress that can't be passed except if the enemy dares to siege it.
    Walls with Toughness 10 and 15 wounds, towers with thoughness 10 and 25 wounds...
    Armies of 1000 pts can easely stand there own vs a sieging army of 2500pts or bigger.
    A Motte and Bailey can be upgraded to a fortress.

    Spawning troops:
    Troops spawn in a town/village etc that you control and not in armies themselves.
    You can for example pick them up with a cheap character to get them to your armies on the map.

    Character Upgrades:
    Updating characters is done by spending gold equal to the pointdifference you need.
    So my scar vet can become an olblood by spending gold in him.

    Tips from the GM:
    There are A LOT of things to do and conquer on the map, so you will be getting a nice looking empire pretty fast.
    Try and play agressive in the start. It is very unlikely that you come across other players early on in the campaign.
    So conquering objectives gives you income for when you do find yourself facing an opponent.

    So here's what I'm thinking:
    - So first of all, yes I think in pink like a little girl. :cool:

    - My start will probably look a lot like this, it might still change here or there:
    3) Scouts & Army:
    - I buy 2 scouts for 200 gold
    - I buy 249 points of Army
    * Skink Priest (65)
    * Musician for the saurus (10)
    * 5 Chameleon skinks (65)
    * 1 Salamander hunting pack + extra handler (84)
    * 1 BSB on my Scar Vet (25)

    - The research I'm thinking of taking is:
    5) Portal Creators:
    Basically, I can spawn my troops where ever I want so I can keep advancing further and further without having to worry about picking up troops.
    Also I would really like it if I can get portals in the battelfield with ambusher rules :D
    I don't know if they'll let me do this, but I mean c'mon! I gotta try this right? :p Just imagine 2 steggies with ambusher :rolleyes: (dreaming)

    - If the GM's don't like this research or the nerf it into the ground. I'm thinking of doing this one instead:
    4) Flying Spies:
    All my flyers get scout. In games and on the map + they get extra vision.

    So there is my update.
    I'll be going agressive and pretty heavely go into scouting.
    I want that gold before others might empty the chests.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
    Also if anyone is pretty good at 'drawing' maps, tell me, I might like some help on that departement :).

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    Income, scouts & Armies 1

    Hey there!

    So I've got my 2 orientations to see where I am placed on the map for this Campaign.
    Your village is called Eaglesham and it is located on the rough eastcoast of a big land.
    It is located in a Fjord of the Mornaigh Mountains.
    2 days travel to the south, south-west there is a river called The Mourn.
    The Mornaigh Mountains stretch on to 9 days of travel to the west.

    So if anyone has some awsome map-drawing skills, feel free to send it to me. It might help me out.
    Here is my map:
    As you can see I have already drawn where I'm going to send my scouts.

    Where are my scouts going ( mission)?

    Scout 1: will travel to the south and follow the coast untill he finds a village/town. He will remain within maximum eyesight of the coast at all times, to give me the most possible vision.
    Scout 2: will go to the river The Mourn, and from there he will follow it to the south for 3 days ( scouts move at double speed vs armies).
    Scout 3: will follow the Mornaigh Mountains untill he finds something of note. Anything that can be conquered and recieved gold from. This will probably be the way my army ventures, unless another scout returns home more quickly.
    Scout 4: will follow the coastline to the north for 6days.(12days for an army). Also keeping max range eyesight of the coast.
    My army: I'm already going to move my army. They will go to the river The Mourn and follow it to the other side as scout 2. ( I don't really know how the river goes).

    So What did I do with the 500pts of army and the starting 500gold I got?

    My army stayed the same 500pts.
    The 500goldpieces were spend on 2 scouts ( 200g) and 295pts of army, leaving me with 5 goldpieces. :rolleyes:.

    795pts of army:
    Scar-Vet: General, shield, Armour of Destany.
    Skink Priest: Lvl 2 Heavens


    10 skink skirmishers: Javs & shields
    11 skink skirmishers: Javs & shields
    19 saurus warrior: spears, full cmd.

    7 Chameleon skinks

    Salamander hunting pack + extra snack.

    There you go folks!
    I will report to you when my scouts find anything of note :cool:.

    If there are questions, or maybe helpfull tips (regarding the map for instance), let me hear it ;)
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    Income, scouts & Armies 2

    Helloooooo my scaly fwiends!

    So, the campaign did start and we are now at the end of week 2.

    Start of Week 1: (5gold / 1 town / 1army of 795pts)

    Scout 3 found a mine on his 2nd day!
    All the other scouts have not reported back yet,wich is normal.
    My army moved to capture the mine on day 6/7, so I will get 100gold per week from it from the start of week 2.
    After resting for a day scout 3 was send in the direction my army was previously going ( northside of the river Mourn).

    Start of Week 2: (155gold / 1 town / 1 mine / 1 army of 795pts)

    No words from any scouts.
    Scout 2 worries me... He should have returned by now. I believe there is only a 5% chance they die if they encounter any danger, so I asked the DM if he might have forgotten my little duder. If not, then yeah, my luck :-s.

    My army was to keep following the mountains and on day 7 of week 2, they find a Giants cave.
    Wich offcourse, I will enter!
    This game will probably be played this friday ;)!

    CU then!
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    Battle 1

    Hey guys!

    So my first battle has been fought. I'm afraid that on the very first battle, I already forgot to take pictures :(.

    My army entered the cave where a Giant lives.
    I had to set up my entire army, exept offcourse my scouting chameleons.

    I get comet & wind blast (comet was traded for signature spell iceshard blizzard).

    Set up
    I put my saurus warrios in the center 4'' from the table-edge.
    On both sides a unit of 10 ( 1 of 11) skink skirmishers. I did move them 12'' up the table.
    My sally is on the right side about 8'' from table-edge.
    My Skink Priest is between my saurus and my left placed skink skirmisher group.

    He puts his Giant in the center 12'' from his table-edge.
    I place my Chameleons out of his charge-arc, but at the halfway point so if he marches I will get the shots in.

    Turn 1
    He gets first turn and just straight goes 12'' forward.

    On my turn I do the obvious and go for the giant with my skirmishers.
    With the chameleons I could stay out of his charge-arc pretty easely, with my skirmishers I couldn't.

    I try to cast Iceshard Blizzard with 3 dice, get it. He dispels it with 5 dice.
    I don't go for wind blast since it won't do me any good. ( It would put some of my skirmishers out of shooting range).

    I need them 6's!!! I get to roll 14 shots for the chameleons, they get 2 6's. 10 shots from my first javelin group, the get 1 poisen shot.
    Lastely my other unirt of skirmishers with javs get zero 6's on 11 dice. All in all I do 3 wounds wich is pretty bad for 35 dice rolls, but okay.

    Turn 2
    This is offcourse a campaign and shit will happen that you won't see coming. The DM throws a D6 and roll a 5.
    My army hears the sound of a horn. 20 nightgobbo's show up behind my sally.

    The Giant charges the right sided skirmishers.
    The Gobbo's charge my sally.
    I flee with both.
    The gobbo's get to my sally, who rolled incredibly low :(.
    My skirmishers make it out safely with the Giant getting a very low result for chasing them.

    On my turn I rally my running skinks. Reposition my saurus block. The chameleons and 2nd group of skirmishers move out of the giants charge-arc in close range to shoot.

    I go for wind blast first to get the gobbo's a little bit further from me, I roll 3 1's fail the spell and lose concentration.

    I go with my chameleons first. NOW they understand what they need to do! I roll 5 6's on 14 dice like a total boss :cool:.

    The Giant falls to the ground and the gobbo's run as soon as they see their master die.

    So that was the game.
    In the end we have to roll to see if your fallen really did die.
    On a 1 or 2 I lose my sally: I roll a 3 so he lives. ( vs an enemy opponent ( non- NPC) 3-4 is captured).
    Extra handler: I roll a 5 so he lives aswell.

    So my first battle was a succes with no real casualties taken, awsome! :p (DM told me I was the only one that had a battle without taking any casuaties, so LM looking good boyz!)

    I got to choose: Take the Giant or take 220gold and 1 magic item of choice for 25pts. I chose the gold and item, wich will simply be a dispel scroll.

    Thx for following!
    After the DM lets me know if any scouts have returned I will give you the update of start of week 3 (wich is just about my income and scouting/movement).
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    this sounds like absolute beast craic, i will deffo be following this post for updates :D
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    Income, scouts & Armies 3

    Start of Week 3:
    (1gold / 1 town / 1 mine / 1 army of 840pts / 1 army of 504 pts). ( I had 525gold to spend 155gold in the bank + 100 from the mine + 50 from the town + 220 from the Giant.=> 20 gold goes to my scar vet, 504 gold to a second army ( the dispel scroll was free loot from giant just saying...)

    1st Army: My scar vet has now got a cold one and he has replaced his shield with a great weapon. (20pts/gold).
    Also as mentioned in battle 1, my skink priest received a dispel scroll.

    Scar Vet: Armour of Destany; great weapon; cold one.
    Skink Priest lvl 2 Heavens with a dispel scroll.

    11 skink skirmishers with javs&shields
    10 skink skirmishers with javs&shields
    19 saurus warriors

    7 Chameleon skinks

    Salamander + snack

    2nd Army: is newly created and contains the following models:

    Scar Vet: Light armour & shield.
    Skink Priest lvl 1 Beasts ( and yes he turns out to be a beast himself!)

    10 skink skirmishers with javs&shields
    10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
    19 saurus warriors


    Scout 1: Found a Town to the south called Benderlock wich is well defended and has a pretty big fleet. There is a possibility to travel by boat from here to a big island called Morien. On day 7 of week 3: southwest of me (3days) is a mercenary camp of Tileans. (30pikemen full cmd, 15 crossbowmen, 1captain)
    They can be hired for 350 gold. No other news.

    Scout 2 : Dead

    Scout 3: Found a crossing over the river Mourn and a Town called Glennbar.

    Scout 4: Found a Tomb in the north and noticed the coast bends to the west after one day of travel. 6 Days going west from the tomb he also found some Norsk mercenaries (25 Norse Warriors full cmd,1 Shapeshifter & 2 Berserkers (they work like goblin fanatics). can be hired for 250 gold.

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    Battle 2:

    Hooray for Pictures!

    Battle for the town of Glenbarr. (My 2nd Army). DM told me I was the first one to try and conquer a Town! :cool:

    Enemy troops:
    20 warriors / 16 bowmen / 10 special bowmen / 1 wizard lvl 2 with elemental magic / 1 bolt thrower / 2 berserkers.

    Objective: Claim the well ( most points standing close by the well in the end will claim victory. ( 5 Turns).

    Me: Flock of Doom => traded for Wyssans wildform
    Him: A spell that makes all missile attacks target a unit, even my own ranged attacks ( friendly fire)!
    and also a spell that throws enormous stones in my face. (4+ to cast for every stone, they do D3 STR 4 attacks).

    Deployement: I have to set up everything before he sets up ( this will be the case every time you a town/village/ motte & baily / castle etc...)


    I put my saurus in the middle next to a house on their right.
    On their left are 10 skirmishers with javs & my priest lvl 1 beasts.
    On the right side of the house are my 10 skirmishers with blowpipes.

    He puts his army rather defensive.
    Bowmen are in the center way at the back behind the river & hard cover.
    His Bolt thrower on the right of them ( my vieuwpoint).
    His mage is standing a top the well.
    20 warriors are right next to the mage.
    10 special bowmen are placed in front of the houde next to the well and field ( where you see his hand ^-^)

    Turn 1

    *** my turn:
    I move up my saurs. I move up the javs & shield skirmishers. The right sided skirmisers go behind soft cover half in the field, half behind the fence.
    They immediatly set of some sort of trap that the special bowmen placed, doing no damage ( but it can be very very lethal ( STR 10 hits lethal!)).

    I give 4 dice my only spell: Wyssans wildfrom. I get Irrisitable! The spell will buff my in soft cover skinks. On the miscast table I roll an 8 getting 1 wound on my priest.

    Nothing in range.



    *** his turn:
    He does not move anyone.

    Nothing really happens.

    His special bowmen have BS 5! Thank god I have Wyssans on my close range skirmishers. All bowmen fired on them, killing 4. They do not panic with the general in range. His Bolt thrower misses.

    Turn 2

    *** Me
    I charge my saurus in his mage, he flees. I redirect them into his warriors, he holds. Then the suprise comes and 2 berserkers come out ( like fanatics). One of them goes true my unit killing of 3! The other one luckely goes short.
    I put the left side skinks behind the building, facing the berserker.
    The right side skinks jump behind the fence.


    I Wyssans the blowpipe skirmishers again, 5 dicing, and oh yes Irrisistable that sh*t! For the miscast I roll a frigging 7! All models in base contact suffer a strength 10 hit ( but not the wizard himself). So yeah! skirmishers are not in base to base yay!! :D

    My left skirmishers kill the berserker that just killed 3 of my saurus.
    My right skirmishers blow up the other berserker.

    *** Him
    He charges my saurus, I say bring it! He rallies his mage.

    None ( Rallied)

    I believe he kills like 1 or 2 more of my blowpipe guys ( sorry had 2 games back to back with same sorts of armies).
    Bolt thrower missed again.

    Close Combat:
    He kills 3 of my saurus.
    My scar vet goes and kills 3 by himself. My saurus kill off 5 more for a total of 8. He loses combat (and frenzy) but sticks in combat.

    Turn 3

    I put my blowpipe skinks in the building on the center right side ( you can see one on the balcony).
    My other skirmishers stay where they are ( out of line of sight for most of his shooting).

    I go for Wyssans on my saurus with 5 dice. Why would I do this? Because statistically I should be frigging good not to roll double 6's again! (also with lvl 1 and even 2 you don't have enough spells to counter his dispell dice & you magic phase is nothing). Think you see this coming don't you...
    I irrisistable force yet again :mad:! I go fot the miscast table, roll an 8, take a strangth 6 hit on my priest, roll a 1 like a like a total boss :cool:! No damage ow yeah!

    My blowpipes devour his Mage.


    Close combat:
    He kills 1 of my buffed up toughness 5 saurus, I kill like 9 of his guys. They run and need double 1's for the rest of the game.


    The rest of the game not much happened. I put my left flank behind the building, My saurus in the house in the center.
    I think he had one more turn of him shooting, and me just taking some deaths but keeping the objective.
    The turn after that ( since his general is death, he has to roll to see if they surrender every turn) they surrendered.


    In the end we roll off for my casualties ( 1's and 2's are death for real): 3 Saurus warriors and 2 skinks have fallen this battle and will have to be purchased again if I want them back in the army. (47points/gold)

    I sack this Town gaining 1D6+2x100gold. I throw a 1. O yeah I did it. I want to go and conquer a Tomb ( wich is pretty hard!) A 3 would have been good a 1.. thats .. well for the luck my skink priest had I guess.... So I gain 300 gold from sacking the town of Glenbarr.

    Award goes 2: Who else but my Priest! Surviving 3 miscast table rolls, what a total BEAST! :D Sorry I put him in this position, but on the other hand, like I said, if I don't throw a lot of dicehe dispells everything with ease... The Wyssans Really helped!!!

    Cheers guys, hope you liked it.
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