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8th Ed. Camaign with the lizzies!

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by skink chief, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Battle 7

    Hi guys.

    It has been a while and I don't really have a lot of time / pictures. I didn't really think about it until the end of the game.

    The Brave Lizzies seeked to destroy the Greenskinned Goblins and take the loot they were so heavely guarding. They could be the ones who keep the Ancient plaque. Therefore they must be destroyed.

    My army:
    Slann Mage Priest ( Center) / General / BSB
    Old Blood ( center)
    Skink Priest (right flank)
    10 Skink skirmishers with javs & shields (right flank)
    10 Skink skirmishers with javs & shields (left flank)
    30 saurus warriors full cmd ( center)
    7 chameleon skinks ( left flank 12'' next to the Giant)
    4 Ripperdactyls ( left flank)
    2 salamanders + extra snack ( 1 center, left and 1 center, right)

    Goblin Tribe:
    Orc Shaman lvl 4 (center)
    Goblin Shaman lvl 2 on spider (center) / General.
    +/- 24 Goblins full cmd ( center, left flank)
    +/- 24 Goblins full cmd ( center, right flank)
    +/- 18 Goblin archers ( center)
    10 Goblin wolf riders full cmd with some sort of hero (no magic items) ( right flank)
    3 Trolls ( center)
    1 Spearchukkah (right flank in a tower)
    1 Rocklobbah ( right flank)
    1 Giant ( left flank)

    Turn 1 Gobbo's
    The enemy was about 40 inches away, so getting there was a pain in the ...
    The gobbo's stay put.
    Rocklobbah gets direct hit and kills 2 saurus.
    Magic is too far away.

    Since I have to set everything up first, he could easely suprise me putting wolfs in front of one of my skirmisher groups with my Skink priest among them. He Vanguarded the wolves and immidiatly charged me ( I know against the rules, but GM be GM I guess ^^). I opted for stand and shoot, killed 1 guy. He killed some skinks I killed maybe another wolf rider. My skink run, but he does not catch me. The skinks are still on the table.

    Turn 1 Lizzies
    The skinks make the Ld6 roll. I put my rippers towards his wolves and aimed my salamander towards them. The rest of the forces go straight up.
    The Sally shoots and kills only 1 of wolf rider (he made a lot of 5+ saves (3/4 or something like that)).
    My chameleons who I had placed next to his yummie giant, did 3 or 4 wounds to the big fella.

    Turn 2 Gobbo's
    He charges the skinks again. I opt to stand and shoot since I'm 2inches away from the boardedge anyways. Stand and shoots kills 3 wolf riders. Close combat kills 2 more, but I still lose combat and run off the board, he follows to keep away from my rippers. (3remaining wolf riders that do not ever do anything exiting again, so count them out).
    Shooting, Rock lobbah again gets a direct hit, killing another 2 saurus. Spearchukkah misses the entire game, so count him out aswell.
    The giant gets ready to charge the chameleons, the Trolls move up a little bit towards my right flank.

    Turn 2 Lizzies
    We move up again.
    chameleons do 1 more wound to the Giant.

    Turn 3 Gobbo's
    Giant charges my Chameleons, they run thanks to the terror check, he catches them. ( I rolled very very poorly, he rolled boxcars).
    Trolls move up a bit, making it impossible for my Old Blood to charge them.
    Rocklobbah misfires, can't shoot this turn.

    Turn 3 Lizzies
    My rippers must make a frenzy check in order not to charge the trolls. They fail the Ld 9 (Slann close range)... BSB ( also Slann), they fail again... :confused:
    The only troop type I don't want them fighting ( and the Giant) and they just said screw you right in my face... ugh.
    Everything else moves up and I put my oldblood ready to take on the trolls ( I expect the trolls to destroy my rippers and put him so if they overrun, I can see them). However, he does destroy my rippers and he does overrun them ( even though I get 3 dice and he doesn't), because he rolled boxcars on the overrun yet again.... Djeeeezus :mad:! Thanks to going so far, they even get out of charge arc of my Old Blood... GRMBL THIS GAME! :D ( The trolls stand and look at the pretty flowers untill the end of the game, so count them out).
    Slann hits a Burning head on the left sided gobbo's. They panic, but stay on the Board.
    Oh yeah, and my left sided Sally eats 3 of his handlers.;)

    Turn 4 Gobbo's
    Goblins.... rally ... ???? o_O ( I didn't know they could do that :p Ld 5 or 6* ).
    The Giant faces my left sided skirmishers.
    Nothing exiting happens this turn really.

    Turn 4 Lizzies
    My Left sided skirmishers kill of the Giant!

    Slann does another Burning head on the left sided goblins, killing some and making them run off the table.

    Turn 5 Gobbo's
    He charges the right sided Gobbo's in my Old Blood. I'm like, BRING IT! :cool: Finally some combat that might go my way!


    I stop foot of Gork, thank god for that.
    Rocklobbah gets another direct hit, killing I think 1 more saurus.
    My Old Blood kills 3 goblins, my cold one kills 1. He wins combat by 1 (charge, 3 ranks and a banner). Now get this...
    My Old Blood runs... :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:! Now luckely, they don't catch him.


    Turn 5 Lizzies
    Old Blood Rallies.
    Move up to finally get in charge range by turn 6.... :confused:! (I've marched the entire game btw, that's how far I had to place my units start of the game...):rolleyes:.
    He also does a massive fireball on the right sided gobbo's, killing like 16 of them. They run of the table and make the wolf riders panic.
    So finally things are looking to go my way! ;)

    Turn 6 Gobbo's
    Foot of Gork kills a bunch of Saurus, and when I say a bunch, I do mean a bunch! 9 out of the 20 remaining to be precise. :eek:
    Gobblin archers manage to kill 2 of the Saurus. Rocklobbah scatters a bit, hits 1 Saurus, but he makes the save.

    Turn 6 Lizzies
    I charge the Goblin Archers, they flee of the table. The Shaman is too far away to reach so I 'fail charge'.


    My Old Blood charges the Goblin Shaman, he flee's and runs of the table and that is end game, since the Goblin Shaman was the General of the Tribe.


    In the end, I lose:
    1 ripperdactyl.
    3 skink skirmishers.
    9 saurus warriors.
    2 chameleon skinks.

    My priest rolls on the Hero chart and gets a 92, wich means he is now immume to fear :cool:.

    850 Gold!
    Ring of illusionary buildings: Roll a D3 before setting up the game. The roll is the amount of houses you may place on the battlefield. In one of these illusionary houses, you may field a group of maximum 20 normal troops (saurus are legit). This is freaking awsome! I set the table with the GM's because ofcourse my enemy does not know this. So basically I can put 20 Temple Guard in a house in his backline... What the Hell! :D:p!

    Finally some loot that was woth my while! I'm so pleased. It was a hard fought battle with some really really badly timed bad rolls. But in the end I lost like 186 ponts of army and gained 850 gold + an OP magic Item.

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention this, but my magic phase curse remains. My Slann Irrisistably cast 3 times! I rolled a 7 like a boss TWICE AGAIN! The last one wasn't as lucky since he lost 3 lvl's and 3 spells, but this does not count for the campaign. It only counts for this specific game and he miscast with his very last spell, so yeah :cool:.

    Income Update will be online sometime this week, I have'nt done my scouts yet with the GM, still thinking.

    I can however say that my scouts have found 2 players! Skaven and Ogres. Everything points in the direction of them having an alliance, so we might be in for some rough times. I do not allie with Skaven. So hopefully I can bargain with the Ogre player. ;)

    I'm aware that this post is lacking hard. I'm very sorry, I'm just not finding the time to play and do the reports at the moment. Got a lot of stuff going on.
    Still I hope you enjoyed it!

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