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8th Ed. Carnosaur list

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Discussion' started by Dissus, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Dissus
    Jungle Swarm

    Dissus New Member

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    Soo new to warhammer...new to LM only played 2 games with LM.

    So i am aiming to play 2250 point games and i realy want to get a carnosaur in there. (and get a break from the frog power)
    I checked the army list section for a decent list containing carno but i didnt find one.
    I would imagin to bring a carno --> skinkpriest on ancient steg. (engine of the gods??) and many another steg or so to give them warmachines muliple targets. And terradons for warmachine hunting.

    Could any1 direct me to a army list? i would imagin not verry many carno lists have a high succes rate.

    Also i didnt play warhammer alot yet. so i am alitle fuzzy about the rules. So if a cannon hits your model both the rider and the mount are struck my the same projectile? and the ward save on the oldblood is not conferd to the mount? (If thats the case idd realy like to know how a canonball could hit two targets at the same time :S)

    thanks in advance :)
  2. Qupakoco
    Skink Chief

    Qupakoco Keeper of the Dice Staff Member

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    Welcome to LO!

    You'll have to adjust a few of these for the points limit, but...

    The 2nd iteration on this one is pretty good: http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/dinosaur-fun-2000pts.9654/

    This one is ok too. Just change some of the magic stuff around to make it legal: http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/2500-carnosaur-list.9451/

    And this one w/o TG: http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/2000pt-carnie-list.9107/

    Maybe this one too: http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/2000pt-march-of-the-dinosaurs-updated-list-24-03-12.8981/

    Be sure to read through the comments on all the lists. Good advice is given. Some of them look the same. Mainly a beefed up OB with 2 blocks of Saurus, a Steg, and whatever else you like.

    Carnosaur lists can still be successful. You are mainly lacking in the magic phase, so having a EoTG and is very helpful. Lvl 2 Skink Priest w/ Plaque of Tepok and EoTG is more or less a lvl 4. Tetto'eko is pretty good too, and he's a bit cheaper than a mounted Skink Priest.

    Here's some good stuff on Carno's and Cannons:



    You nailed it. You have to think of the cannonball exploding rather than punching through them like a bolt thrower, because the cannon is a template weapon of sorts.
  3. mbh7271

    mbh7271 New Member

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    episode 8

    lizard review

    The guy describes his carnosaur list tht has done well in tournaments
  4. Hinge

    Hinge New Member

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    Have to say that guy is brilliant!

  5. Silverbolt
    Temple Guard

    Silverbolt Active Member

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    Really informative podcast. Good rundown of the army in general. Very nice info on the Carnosaur list. Could be a useful link or the tactica?

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