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Tutorial Casting parts using blue stuff

Discussion in 'Painting and Converting' started by Crowsfoot, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Fhanados

    Fhanados Well-Known Member

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    @Bracnos What ratio of Greenstuff:Milliput do you use for this kind of mold/cast?
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  2. Bracnos

    Bracnos Well-Known Member

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    Normally i use 1:1 right now ive mainly have been using a mix of yellow millput and GS. Ive found if i use yellow by itself the casted part is to hard and will snap when cleaing. Mixing it with Gs lends it to be more flexible and wont snap when cutting or cleaning. Im going to look at mixing and using them on their own more types of epoxy, to see which one im happy with. For now i recomen a 1:1 mix of yellow and GS as thats what i have to most experience using.
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