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8th Ed. Dark Elf on Peg Tactics

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Tactics' started by LTERALUS, May 4, 2015.


    LTERALUS New Member

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    I replied to a thread concerning DE on Peg characters earlier. Decided to share it here as a new thread for everyone to enjoy. Feedback is welcome.
    I have a DE army. Played with a Peg list a few times but got bored since it's so cheesy. Here's my take on how you beat it.

    Challenge: when the DE on Peg charges by himself, he HAS to accept any challenge made. This is where you arm an OB with blade of realities, or a SV with Obsidian blade. Yes you have an average AS and no WS, but most of the DE points are in defensive items (granting 1+ AS and WS), so offense is weak. Often they charge with a lance. Challenge with your champion first and waste the DE's lance charge, then challenge with your OB or SV. Very rare that DE should be able to kill your OB or SV, since they are rarely built for offense. Another nice tool to have is a character with the Other Trickster's Shard in base contact.

    Chakax: If there is an anti-DE on Peg character out there, it just might be Chakax. I know what you're thinking... he's only a hero with 2 wounds and 3+ AS, and always strikes last. Yes.... but.... in a challenge he has a 5+ WS and his opponent has ASL as well. That takes care of the DE's ASF re-rolls. Furthermore all that Chakax needs is a single hit against the DE, and one of his cheesy magic items is destroyed on a 5+. Even if the DE is able to kill Chakax, eliminating crown of command, ward saves or magic weapons this way becomes priceless. (oh, and strength 7 isn't too shabby either, that 1+ AS is a 5+ now). Chakax is expensive at a whopping 270 points, but in my experience he's been worth it, especially with models that have to issue or accept challenges (WoC).

    Character Charges: don't charge DEs on Pegs with units. Have your characters charge out of a unit assuming that the charge distance is safe. This way the DE on Peg won't tie down your entire unit, and your troops can hunt down other targets. This is especially important if the DE charges one of your monsters; get your character over there ASAP and you might be able to save your monster.

    "Bolt Throwers": Multi-wound no AS weapons are effective. Yes, the giant bow on the Steg usually misses, but Hand of Glory is useful here. The Amber Spear does not require a to-hit-roll and can be boosted for D6 wounds. You can't rely on this strategy to succeed, but it's a good one to have handy.

    Magic: This is an overrated method to deal with DEs on pegs. This is because they will usually be dispelled. Swapping for searing doom or having Wandering Deliberations is still a useful strategy to have.

    Diversify: There is NO single anti-DE on Peg tactic! Don't rely on using one single strategy for dealing with DEs on pegs. The more tools you have in your toolbox, the more likely you will be able to deal with them. When I played DEs I wasn't worried about the opponent who had one single powerful strategy against me, but the one who had multiple smaller, but effective ones.

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