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AoS Dracothions Summon

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Seraphage, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Seraphage

    Seraphage Well-Known Member

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    *** warning : this started to be a small post but.. oh well :p

    Hey there folks,

    so after the well expected FAQ, as many of you, I started playing with Dracothions list building as well

    List I 've used last 2 games :

    Dracothions 60
    Firelance 110
    ScarVet Cold One 100 Coronal Shield
    3 x 5 knights 300
    Slann (L) Reroll 1s on spells / Rectrices 260
    Sunblood -2 rend 120
    Skinks x10 60
    Starpriest 80
    Saurus Guard x 15 300
    EotG 220 -1610 total

    I got most of our range of miniatures so that pretty much leaves me the choice to summon anything - usually an Astro and sallies / razordons depending the situation and then work from there.
    Skinks work as an extra meatshield / obj holder whenever needed

    I deploy : Slann. knights, skinks and starpriest or scarvet depending on the case and have the other half ready to come.

    Having the guard protected from everything is really cool and they are indeed way stronger than I thought outside of an eternal. Just have to avoid those mortal wounds.

    Problems I've been facing so far : EotG. Been a Stegadon player for many months and just seems to be lacking the mobility and overall use. While poses a big threat, even with Slann nearby seems pretty random or at least not good enough *25" hero phase usually prevented me from sniping anything important firstturn against good players. It is good but doesn't feel like making use of its points.
    Although I probably play a bit too scared with it so will work more on that before deciding.

    Lack of huge threat. I do have the guards, and holy moly, don't they do LOTS of damage. Feels wonderful to have an elite infantry *never had any to my lists so far !* however they can be outmanoeuvred from armies like Sylvaneth that my meta consists a lot of.
    In addition : if opponents' threat containts lots of mw, my big threat has to run away from it.

    Overall while it indeed gives MANY choices and has lots of different kinds of power, seems to be on a power level good but not great (we have a really really competitive meta which I love ).
    I clearly believe that I do not make the best plays out of the list yet as it has too many things to consider and some units that I am not experienced with yet.

    What are your thoughts guys ? Any advice ?
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  2. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    Maybe try to mix a Basti in.
    Both versions do damage more reliably than the EotG and they are sturdy.
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  3. Wazz

    Wazz Well-Known Member

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    And keep the scar-vet on cold one. I saw that only bc it's my favorite model. Lol mine always comes through for me but still. I agree with Aginor, or a stegadon with the flame throwers if they have big units. As long as you don' get swindled on the teleport, the d6 from the skin will usually get you close enough for an easier charge.

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