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Blog Fish's Sons of Sotek

Discussion in 'Personal Paint Logs' started by ShasOFish, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. ShasOFish

    ShasOFish New Member

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    Hi everybody.

    With Adepticon coming up, I figured I needed to get on the ball with painting (I kept putting it off because of school projects and the like). The majority of the models are not terribly good (the skirmishers are painted to be played, less to be looked at closely, beyond the minimum requirements with a little extra), but I figured I would put some extra effort into the ones that would really stand out:

    The Skink Priest / General (Though for normal games he would probably most likely end up being the BSB):

    He's still in progress, but that's mostly touch up work; the picture is actually a few days old, and he's closer to finished, so I'll get that picture up in the next day or two.

    The arm is from a Temple Guard, with the top (where the halberd normally is) being the top chunk of the staff from the Stegadon kit. I'm thinking I'll add a little detail or fetish or something to the staff for every victory, but it's just a matter of doing it without it being too unwieldy.

    I'll post more as I take better pictures, and get more finished. Expect that soon, since there's only so much time left to finish them!
  2. Deathfrisbee2000

    Deathfrisbee2000 New Member

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    Looks very nice. I've always like the skink models with the puffed out throats.


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