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Galaxy Paint Scheme

Discussion in 'Painting and Converting' started by LukeDraconis, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. LukeDraconis

    LukeDraconis Active Member

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    Hey @Xlanax_lot

    When you did the Lord Kroak model, did you use Citadel paints? And if so, what colors did you use? I'm having a difficult time distinguishing what colors to use for the throne, the bones on the throne, and the mask for Lord Kroak himself. Thanks!
  2. Xlanax_lot

    Xlanax_lot Well-Known Member

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    I used scale75 paints, but I normally don't guide my painting in the bottled psint referencws ... Instead o mix colors ubtil I fint the tones I like, for the grey i used black white an a little bit of blue.

    Bones, I started with brown and than used bone color to build up the color, thsn used white for final highlights

    For the msdk I used purple, pink and two types of blue (one dsrk and one light)

    I would give you the exact colors but I am not at home and don't remember them.
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