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AoS GW's Grand Tournament USA - Grapevine Tx - Battle Recaps

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Caleb ex nihilo, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Game 1 - 05:56 - vs Gitz in Battle for the Pass
    Game 2 - 16:37 - vs Tomb Kings in Focal Points
    Game 3 - 29:07 - vs Skaven in Places of Arcane Power
    Game 4 - 38:08 - vs Iron Jaws in Total Conquest
    Game 5 - 53:47 - vs Khorne in Duality of Death

    I ran Shadowstrike with 2 EoTG, a Bastiladon, Astrolith, Slann of course, and a Purple Sun!

    Went 3-2 on the weekend. Lost horribly to Skaven (lots of shooting and on a bad battleplan) and to Tomb Kings! Tomb Kings was a fun game though!

    Games 4 and 5 were both decided by ONE SKINK surviving!!!!

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