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H: massive lizardmen army W: cash £ or trade

Discussion in 'Trading Forum' started by mouseguard, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Hi guys, my wife has inposed a law that if i want to buy another army i have to sell one first. so given that decree i am selling my lizardman army that i have used at around 3000pts. but has more in it.

    before we begin this is to get a new army and i dont want to be left with half this and half that. to that end i dont want to part sell but am happy to trade or part trade part sell.

    I have :

    20 temple guard new in box plastics rrp £34
    1 slaan mage priest mib rrp £23
    3 slamander team nib rrp £ 40.50
    2 stegadons part assembled but with the bits to chop and change rrp £50
    1 carnasaur with converted rider old blood not lord kro gar. rrp £25 ish
    64 skinks rrp £50 ish
    8 new kroxigor figs assembled rrp £100 ish
    10 terradon riders new part assembled rrp £120 ish
    2 skink priests rrp £14 ish
    army book £15
    as you can see this is a very compatative army with options and lots of metals.
    so new this is around the £470 - £500 all is unpainted bare metal/ plastic.

    im asking for a very reasonable £300 inc U.K Postage
    because i want a new army this price is sadly none negotionable as any les would leave me armyless.

    I am interested in dwarf, vampires and empire but am quite specific in what i want from them and all figs have to be latest edition except maybe characters.

    any questions suggestions or comments please ask pm me etc

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