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AoS Help - 1000 point game vs Dispossesed

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Chico, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Chico

    Chico New Member

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    I'm having my first actual AoS match this saturday..
    I struggle to settle on a list.

    My opponent will play dispossesed, and I have fairly good idea of what he will field, as these are his only dwarfs painted up so far:

    Runelord (100)
    Unforged (100)
    Warden King (120)

    10 x Hammerers (160)
    10 x Warriors (80)
    10 x Warriors (80)
    10 x Irondrakes (180)

    Cannon (160)

    He seems to have a lot of rend. Of course, most seraphon units ignore rend -1, but one of his leaders can buff it to -2 for one unit every turn.

    First, I though of playing something like this:

    Slann Starmaster (260)
    Saurus Astrolith Bearer (160)

    40 x Saurus Warriors (360)
    - Clubs
    10 x Skinks (60)
    - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers
    10 x Skinks (60)
    - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers
    5 x Saurus Knights (90)
    - Lances

    Total: 990 / 1000
    Extra Command Points: 0
    Wounds: 83

    The point is to summon in what I need where I need it. The blob of warriors was to distract him from just focusing down my Slann/Astrolith before I could even summon anything.
    But I'm not sure if summoning is really viable in a 1000 point game.

    I've only ever seen dispossed played once, in a small 500 point game. In that game, the Irondrakes won it all alone, completely destroying an enemy unit per turn. So I'm kinda scared of them :p

    Which led me to this list:
    Saurus Sunblood (120)
    Skink Priest (80)
    - Cloak of Feathers

    40 x Saurus Warriors (360)
    - Clubs
    10 x Skinks (60)
    - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers
    10 x Skinks (60)
    - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers

    1 x Razordons (40)
    Bastiladon (280)

    Total: 1000 / 1000
    Extra Command Points: 0
    Wounds: 82

    The Bastiladon is meant to be teleported to his Irondrakes, to tie them up. But a bastiladon is expensive, especially if I'm just going to use it to hold back his, relatively, cheap Irondrakes.

    I could also go with list 2, but swap the Bastiladon for more but cheaper units..

    Any advice would be appreciated :)

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