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AoS I like endless Spells Kroak/Slann

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Hlopchek, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Hlopchek

    Hlopchek Member

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    First time posting on this site. Just theory crafting a list here a little bit. I think the thing wrong with most Seraphon lists is we need to include more magic. Here is the list I am going to try and run against my friends Kharadron overlords this weekend.

    Slann Stamaster (260)
    Great Rememberer
    Incandescent Rectrices

    Lord Korak (450)

    Saurus Astrolith Bearer (160)

    Saurus Eternity Warden (140)

    Engine of the Gods (220)

    Skink Starpriest (80)


    20 lizard unit of skinks (120)

    Boltspitters & Moonstone Clubs

    10 man unit of skinks (60)

    5 lizard unit of Saurus Guard (90)
    Endless Spells

    Balewind Vortex (40)

    Aethervoid Pendulum (40)

    Chronomatic Cogs (60)

    The Burning Head (40)

    Quicksilver Swords (20)

    Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws (40)

    Emerald Lifeswarm (60)

    Prismatic Palisade (30)

    Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (40)

    Soulsnare Shackles (20)

    Suffocating Gravetide (30)

    Total (2000 Points)

    For deployment I figure he will just put his battalion down and I will hide all my leaders in the corner Ideally with some cover and skink or guard making my leaders harder to hit. May put some skinks down on the other side of my deployment zone to try and get him to misplace his units or as to limit the dropship deepstrike range. Because Kharadron like to clump their deployment to get the reroll buffs from their heroes should be able to stay out of range enough to not die with the help of the eternity wardens selfless protector, Kroaks Dead for innumerable ages and the Incandescent rectrices on the Slann all of my spellcasters will survive the first round of shooting so I will be able to get spells off.

    Then during hero phase use the lords of space and time twice to teleport the star priest and kroak 15 inches away from the Slann. teleport at least the star priest if you have to use both lords of space and time. This lets you get Kroak in range for whatever Spells he will need to cast and lets your Slann channel from the priest. If your priest was shot teleport the engine of the gods forward because the arcane vassal works from any Skink Hero.

    Then try to lay down these spells: I figure that with the + 1 from the Astrolith plus another potential plus 1 from the Slanns Celestial Configuration if you are lucky that you can get most of these off. I feel the endless spells are better to go for than lord Kroaks Celestial Deliverance for the first turn unless you can get him close to a ton of other units because he can keep his distance, hide behind a prismatic palisade and the casting value of the endless spells tends to be lower so they are more likely to go off with a high consistency. I would prefer to keep lord Kroak back as well but I don't think he has the Arcane Vassal ability.

    First turn turn spells

    Slann - balewind vortex + 1 Spell (for summoning points later plus the + 6 spell range)

    Slann - chronomatic cogs. + 1 Spell

    Slann - Quicksilver swords cv 6 12 d6 6+ = mortal wounds so 2 mortal wounds on average

    Slann - pendulum move cv 6 d6 mortal wounds

    Slann- Gnashing Jaws cv 8 d3 mortal wounds

    Kroak - Comets call cv 7 d3 mortal wounds

    Kroak- Geminids of ul ghysh cv 7 2d3 mortal wounds neuters shooting.

    Kroak- prismatic palisade cv 5 neuters shooting, we don't care about line of sight.

    Kroak- soulsnare shackles cv 5 limit movement to get away from endless spells and to get in position to shoot around Palisade.

    Priest- Summon Starlight cv 6 neuters shooting. Plan to use on Ironclad or Kroak

    If you get all of these spells off it should do an average of around 14 mortal wounds to one target plus a lot of collateral mortal wounds if their deployment is too grouped up.

    With the 15" arcane vassal plus the eight in ranch buff from the Astrolith you have a really crazy threat range, plus all of the endless spells should be too far away from your guys to have them hurt you. The best the other player can do is try to move endless spells away from his units to mitigate more damage.

    Plus whatever you get from your engine of the Gods.

    After that the second round roll off for and deciding who gets the first turn should be fun. If you get first turn in the round you can dispel endless spells and recast them for more mortal wound spam. The Slann can just sit and get tons of summoning points, and you can teleport lord Kroak away if things look too dicey. Plus you can lay down any remaining uncast endless spells.

    And if your opponent goes first you can move the hardest hitting endless spells first to cause more mortal wounds.

    Of course, if some of my heroes get sniped all this planning could be pointless. But it should also be fun to scramble I will let you guys know how it goes.

    If I am forgetting some rules or FAQs or something let me know. Also let me know what you think about the list.
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  2. LizardWizard

    LizardWizard Grand Skink Handler Staff Member

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    Sounds fun. Let me know how it goes. It will be the longest preround phase ever. lol
  3. Stevie754

    Stevie754 Member

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    Each wizard can only attempt to cast 1 endless spell per turn. Page 53 of Malign Sorcery

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  4. Hlopchek

    Hlopchek Member

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    Good to know. That along with the extra range from astrolith not applying to endless spells I think I am going to take this list back to the drawing board. Maybe try and run a Slann and 5 skink priests/star priests or something.
  5. Tokek
    Chameleon Skink

    Tokek Well-Known Member

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    If you want to load up on endless spells then lots of wizards are better than a couple of very strong wizards. The +1 to cast from the Astrolith - plus the extra summoning points - are still worth considering. To increase range you may need to teleport out a Skink Starpriest with LoSaT on a suicide mission to deliver a particularly worthwhile spell. Nothing works to increase the range of endless spells, you need to actually move the wizard.

    I would definitely consider taking a SCE allied wizard just for access to the Everblaze comet. If you have other endless spells to slow down and/or move block your opponents that can be a crippling blow to many opponents and its excellent range means it is one of the few endless spells you can deliver from outside unbind range.
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