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KoW Itepixcauh Army Blog

Discussion in 'Salamanders Army Lists' started by Itepixcauh, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Well-Known Member

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    Well I've decided to make a small blog to write down the evolution of my army and my experiences playing with it.


    In Chronological Order

    1. Ratkin - Dominate 1000 points
    2. Twilight Kin - Pillage 1250 points
    3. Basilea - Pillage 1250 points
    4. Elves - Kill & Pillage 1400 points
    5. Undead - Kill 1500 points
    6. Kingdoms of Men - Dominate 1500 points NEW!!

    CURRENT ARMY (1500 points)

    Ghekkotah Skylord with Blade of Slashing
    Ghekkotah Skylord
    Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring
    Fire Elemental Horde with Blessing of the Gods
    Tyrant Horde with Brew of Sharpness
    Greater Fire Elemental
    Ankylodon Battle Platform
    Ghekkotah Warriors Regiment
    Ghekkotah Hunters

    It usually works in three main battlegroups:

    1. Mage-Priest with FE Horde, GFE and Ghekkotah Hunters Troop

    This Group is really versatile, strong and surprisingly fast, surge is very powerful if used correctly. The Hunters serve as support and chaff for the main Combat units.
    2. Ankylodon, Tyrants and Ghekkotah Warriors

    The Ankylodon serves as an anchor in the middle of the army, supported by the Tyrants on one side and usually the FE on the other, the Ghekkotah Warriors are usually deployed as chaff or as a flaking unit if the oportunity arises.
    3. Twin Skylords

    These guys are like a Swiss knife, usually being annoying and even serving as chaff if its needed. If you see a flank or a rear they go for it.​
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  2. Bowser
    Skink Priest

    Bowser Well-Known Member

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    This is a great idea! Hopefully you can give pointers on what worked or didn't work and why.
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  3. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Well-Known Member

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    For my first update I will make a mini battle report that happened between game 5 and 6.

    Due to a problem with my league opponent in November (he eventually retired from the league) I had to play two games in December, that meant playing Dominate! twice and was so unlucky to face against Kingdoms of Men on both occasions, different armies and opponents but still...

    This was the first of those games, is was my first time against KoM also, I was in such a rush that I only could take three pictures sorry. His list was something in lines of this, may have forgotten some magic item or two:

    - General on Winged Beast with the Medallion of Life (could be the armour though, not really sure)
    - Army Standard Bearer
    - Horde of Heavy Pike with Brew of Sharpness
    - Horde of Arquebusiers with jar of Four Winds
    - Regiment of Knights with Potion of the Caterpillar
    - Troop of Knights
    - Regiment of Foot Guard
    - Cannon
    - Siege Artillery

    My list was the same as always, so no changes there. My initial plan was to take the centre with my Akylodon facing againts his pikemen (no CS or banechant means that it will be a while before it gets killed) while I deal with the rest of his army.

    I deployed my tyrants with the Ghekkotah escort to face his knights and the rest of my army to go for his main shooting in the hopes of dealing with them and not have to suffer those arquebusiers in the late game.

    I think he got first turn, but I'm not sure. Anyways halfways on the movement phase of his turn 2 the game was like so:


    You can already spot a big mistake on my part on the right flank, I possitioned my Ghekkos to chaff the knights but forgot to turn my tyrants to face them, so they wont be able to charge in retaliation... I told you it was rushed game.

    On the other flank things looked much better though, I positioned one of my skylords as a bait just outside the river an the other one hidden behind to jump over his line so if he wants to charge the front one with his troop of knights they will be hindered and set a sneaky countercharge with my GFE.

    My hunters move up covering the advance of my FE, if he shoots the hunters I'm OK with that if he chooses to shoot the FE I'm also OK with him hitting on 6s.

    He took the bait with the knights and did nothing, he choose to shoot at my FE and did some wounds but not much, on the other flank he crushed the Ghekkotah with ease and I just hope he wiffs the subsequent charge against my tyrants.

    On my turn I kill his troop of knights and posistion my other skylord to be annoying and threat a rear charge on his General, also advance as hard as I can with my FE and hunters. I think I got to charge his Pike block in the center and reposition to face the knights with my tyrants.

    Not sure why but he decides to back up his knights instead of charging just to shoot the tyrants with the cannon o_O, not that i'm complaning. That gives me the air I need to deal with them, in the next turns they charge and waver them, finally killing them in one more turn. The Pike Block and the Ankylodon keep on grinding and on the left flank my Hunters charge the Siege Artillery (manage to kill the damn thing by turn 6), one Skylord with the FE and GFE charge the shooters and ill them in two turns sadly allowing his Foot Guard to charge and kill the battered FE.


    Thanks to the threat of Surge and a clever usage on my Skylords, his general haven't been able to attack yet, with two flyers I can trap him really easily. I did that trick so well he never got to charge a single time. My left flank was completely won by turn 5 and with the knights gone the tyrants got to charge the Pikemen just as they kill the Ankylodon (being very lucky i will add) and with the help of the GFE in the rear, evaporate them, Thank you Brew of Sharpness!!

    One of my Skylords went to hunt the cannon , just to be sure he couldn't snipe a unit with a bit of luck and tie the game, while the other keot disrupting the General. The end of the game looked like this:


    It was a very clear and overwhelming victory in the end but could have been different if he had taken the opportunity my mistake with the tyrants created. I really have to concentrate more.


    I was extremely pleased with how my army performed this game, specially with how I played the Skylords. I really got a glimpse of what their true power is, not brute force but finesse and disruption, really love them.

    FE, GFE and M-P absolute ace as always, each time I play I think that is the only real way to go as the core for the Salamanders. They are amazing.

    This was the first game where I really felt the Tyrants where outclassed, having that much difficult terrain and not having pathfinder really hurt me. I found them slow and annoying, they only killed things because I paid for the Brew of Sharpness really, but that being said they performed mathematically as a plain FE Horde for 55 more points (including the magic item) not happy with that at all. I still took them for the next game as you can read HERE and was really happy with them but it is true that their effectiveness is very dependable of the terrain.
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  4. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Well-Known Member

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    Well next game is Pillage against Forces of Nature, and i think the list I'm currently running is not ideal to face that enemy, specially the two Skylords againts such a potential Surge threat. So I've thought of this one, tell what you think:

    - Skylord with Blade of the Beast Slayer
    - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring Talisman
    - Hearld on Raptor with the Healing Charm

    - Horde of Fire Elementals with Blessing of the Gods
    - Horde of Tyrants with Brew of Sharpness
    - Regiment of Ghekkotah Warriors with Fire Oil
    - Troop of Hunters

    - GFE
    - Ankylodon

    That makes 1500 points on the dot.

    My thoughts on the changes are as follow:

    • Skylord with Blade of the Beast Slayer: I'm expecting a Large Infantry Heavy Army with some monsters so he will be in charge of positioning himself and hunt those units in the rear or flank (15 attacks on 3s means he can deal 6-7 wounds on the charge, I like that)
    • Healing Hearld: The only thing I'm missing right now for my army is some kind of healing because in the late game my units suffer a lot, so my plan is to use him to take wounds of the Ankylodon mainly so I hope to keep him alive till the end of the game, I've been toying with the idea of using him for a long time and I think that this opponent is the right moment to do so. Also he inspires which I'm also lacking and is really fast to assist where he is more needed.
    • Fire Oil on the Ghekkoath: This is a small change but still it can impact the game greatly, if I get to flank with them a regen unit, Fire Oil is a very nasty surprise.
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