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8th Ed. Jungleheim: a Mordheim Campaign in Lustria

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Warden, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Warden

    Warden Well-Known Member

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    It has been quite a while since my last game, but I got the chance to start a new Mordheim campaign this weekend with my wife. I am hoping to use the same warbands for a few games (hopefully 6) over the next few months, or whenever I can convince her to play another game with me :D

    Battle Report: Treasure Hunt

    1) Setup and Warbands Lists

    2) Battle Report

    3) Results & Endgame, plus Critiques
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  2. Warden

    Warden Well-Known Member

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    The match is the inaugural game for both the gaming table itself and the (hopefully) future Mordheim campaign. We set up the battlefield in a 4x4 foot playing space in the center of the board. I used some jungle fortress walls (badly in need of repair) to shorten the actual playing board.

    Unlike the last game we played, this time we actually followed the rulebook for terrain setup in the scenario, by each taking turns to place one terrain piece at a time. This made setup actually pretty fun and unique; the setup was way different than anything I would have setup on my own.

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battlefield layout_3.jpg


    Doing an inventory before the battle, I determined that in my collection I have enough minis to make a few different types of warbands, including Bretonnian Knights, Lizardmen, an Outlaws Warband (Outlaws of Stirland Forest rules, using my Merry Men), and a Restless Dead warband (thanks to my newly painted Wight King and Skeletons!).

    For simplicity however we decided to stick with Bretonnians though. This meant neither of us had to figure out magic/necromancy rules, and could stick with the normal Human statline. Warband construction also was nearly identical at the start, with some of the squire’s weaponry slightly different:

    - The Questing Knight was the warband leader, equipped with a sword, light armor, and a shield.

    - 2x Knights Errant: light armor and a shield plus a mix of weaponry including greatswords (double-handed weapon), ax (count-as mace for the knight), and a morning star.

    - 2x Squires: all had bows, and had either axes or swords as a secondary weapon.

    - One units of 2x Men-at-Arms: each had a halberd and a shield

    - One unit of 3x Bowmen: each only had a bow, but all warband members have the free dagger too. None of the bowmen ever made it into combat in this skirmish though.

    My band of knights of the Kings Men:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_red team.jpg

    My wife's warband, the Templars:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_white team.jpg
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  3. Warden

    Warden Well-Known Member

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    Battle Report:

    Because we were already familiar with it I decided we would play the Treasure Hunt (Wyrdstone Hunt scenario). Seven tokens were scattered across the board, to ensure that someone would walk away with more tokens at the end of the game.

    Wyrdstone/Treasure Tokens:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battlefield layout_2.jpg

    Sorry for the blurry pics, some of them didn't turn out very well. Lighting in the room isn't the best either :confused:

    The locations of the treasure tokens are listed left to right, as according to the picture above:

    1) Far left edge, in the tower above the Tuloom temple

    2) Lower left-hand corner; third level on the House of the Pigeons (new terrain piece!)

    3) Center of the board, hiding by the luggage cart and between the Arch of Labna and the high pavilion taking up the direct center of the board

    4) Sitting on the edge of the well, bottom of the board closest to the lower right-hand corner

    5) Above-center, hidden below the gallows on the plaza (you can see the plaza from other pictures better)

    6) Right side of the board within the roof (fourth level) of the Tower of Palenque

    7) Last token was in the upper right-hand corner of the board, on the second-floor of the Rattlesnake house.

    You can also see the deployment zones on this map. Since I won the roll to deploy I picked the upper left-hand corner of the board (Red Zone), while my wife got the lower-right (White Zone). We deployed from a 1x1 foot square in the corner of the board for simplicity’s sake, basically within the two buildings on either corner.

    Turn 1 and 2:

    The first few turns was just a scramble to grab as many tokens as possible. Token #6 in the Tower was out of reach for everyone at the moment.

    My wife got first turn and quickly grabbed token #4 by the well, and sent all three of her knights to flank up to the upper right-hand corner of the board towards token #7.

    Token #4 at the well:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battle report_1.jpg

    In my first turn I was able to move my archers up the ladder on the Tuloom Temple and grab token #1, and spread my forces out within striking distance of tokens #2, 3, and 5.

    One of my archers on top of the House of the Pigeons:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battle report_7.jpg

    My Questing Knight and his squire, preparing to sneak around the cart to grab the wyrdstone:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battle report_4.jpg

    Lucky for me I got to go first on the second turn, and was able to grab all three open tokens in the center of the board.

    By the end of turn 2, I had secured four tokens, while my wife only had two. However I was painfully aware that in the upper half of the board she had all three of her knights staring across the plaza at my single Knight Errant and two men-at-arms flunkies :bucktooth:.

    Hiding behind the gallows:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battle report_2.jpg

    Turn 3 and 4:

    Turn 3 didn’t go very well for me. While my archers up in the House of the Pigeons had great fields of fire over the entire battlefield, they only were able to take one of her squires out of action.

    The rest of her forces charged my knights guarding the wyrdstone tokens. One of her men-at-arms succeeded immediately at knocking down my questing knight on the first try! Not good to have your warband leader go down so easily… the only thing that kept him alive was one of my knight’s errant running over from the other side of the board to save him from getting killed on the ground.

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battle report_6.jpg

    My troubles grew much worse as I attempted to flee the upper region of the map onto the center high pavilion. Thanks to our first random encounter, an Ogre Mercenary in the form of one of my new Gatormen showed up, and agreed to lend his aid to my wife’s warband (at a price of course). He along with her knights proceeded to attack my men-at-arms, knocking one down and contesting the wyrdstone of another.

    Gatorman Mercenary joins the Templars:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battle report_5.jpg

    Neither of my men-at-arms soldier lasted very long and she stole the treasure token… :hungover:

    But it did give enough time for my morning-star knight to hold off the rest of her soldiers while one of my squires sprinted his way to the top of the tower, grabbing the last treasure token (#6). This was just at the end of turn 4, right before I needed to take my mandatory route test for 25% of my warband out-of-action.

    Sadly my brave knights were not very brave, and I failed my route test, forcing me to yield the field to my wife’s knights and her reptilian ally. :brb:
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  4. Warden

    Warden Well-Known Member

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    Me: 4 tokens :smug:

    My wife: 3 tokens :argh:

    Victor: Templars (my wife), thanks to me routing from the field. :facepalm::D

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battle report_8.jpg

    Securing four tokens was nice, but not enough to stop me from failing a route test. In the end it was clearly a victory for the White Knights, especially the way things were going at the time. While at the end of turn 4 I did have the most tokens, considering where her soldiers were I was going to be hard pressed to keep my advantage in turn 5 and 6, especially with that Gatorman hacking his way through my knights. The only chance I would have had was to have all three of my knights converge on him at once, but the odds of being successful were probably not very good… :nailbiting:

    Two more battlefield shots:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battlefield layout_5.jpg

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battlefield layout_4.jpg

    The battle of the center of the board, where one men-at-arms was already gone, and the other one (on his back) was about to be eaten by a ogre-sized alligator. Things did not bode well for me if the game had gone on any longer :hurting:

    warden20180204_treasure hunt_battle report_9.jpg


    King’s Men:

    Sadly I lost one of my men-at-arms in the battle :blackeye:, but I hired two more men-at-arms henchmen with some gold gained through selling some wyrdstone.

    I also almost lost one of my squires, but he survived his trip to the fighting pits after a ferocious fight with an amazon (count-as pit fighter, I used my new amazon model to stand in). He did loose the fight, but only got all his stuff stolen. I had to buy him a new bow instead.

    Current warband is standing ready for the next fight with 2 wyrdstone, 11 models, and a 66 warband rating thanks to the new recruits.


    My wife’s Templars survived the skirmish with no casualties, and after paying off the Gatorman mercenary she spent a few more coins on extra gear for her soldiers, including some light armor for her squires.

    Currently her warband stands at 3 wyrdstone, 9 models, and a 54 warband rating.

    She is currently winning the campaign too, thanks to three wyrdstone, and though my warband has a slightly higher rating this just means she gets the extra experience bonus next battle.

    A few critiques of the game:

    Positives: It was a fun one

    1) Overall the game was fun. The random terrain emplacement at the beginning was interesting; we really crammed the board full of terrain, and having the tall terrain pieces served to make the board even more interesting to play on. Hopefully by the next time we play a game I have even more buildings complete, and maybe a few more road sections.

    2) The gameplay in Mordheim is a lot of fun, its quick and fairly easy to explain, especially since I have most of the to-hit and to-wound charts from old Warhammer mostly memorized.

    3) I am very glad I more knights on foot recently to add more potential figures to the game. Having only a small group of skirmish figures is relatively easy to convert up really quickly, especially since I have so many bits and pieces lying around.

    Negatives: Too much book-keeping, not enough MORDHEIM!

    1) The book-keeping for a Mordheim campaign is rough. From setting up the warbands at the start, to all the tiny little experience point/treasure hunting things you need to do at the end, it takes a lot of time away from bashing away at your opponent’s figures on the board. I am glad we started the campaign and have a solid list of minis left for the next game, but it took a long time to get through all the extra steps, while the battle itself was only four turns! Definitely a bit detractor for us both, so I hope to figure out a way to speed it up on any future games.

    2) Mrs. Warden is displeased with the lack of gloating about her exploits in this battle report… :shifty:

    Until next time, I hope you enjoyed the battle report! :D
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