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Tutorial Lizardmen 101

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Tactics' started by Scalenex, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Scalenex
    Skink Priest

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    Lizardmen 101

    Coldblooded is a nice special rule, but it’s not infallible since our Leadership traits aren’t that great, especially our non-PF units. Do not leave home without BSB. Avoid letting your Ld 5 and 6 units out of your general’s Inspiring Presence or BSB Stand Your Ground radius, especially if they are expensive non-chaff units.

    If an enemy unit is mediocre stat lines, send Saurus at it. They are strong and tough enough to wound most things easily without taking many wounds themselves and they enjoy extra attacks and good saves.

    Against a very strong enemy unit, Cohort Skinks will die at the same rate as the more expensive Saurus Warriors.

    Saurus (and all LM infantry) should not fight alone. Our army has many M6 or better units, Stegadons, Troglodons, Razordons, Terradons and even things that don’t end in “don” like Kroxigor, Skroxigor, Saurus Cowboys, Cold Ones, Salamanders. Really almost any unit on the flank will do in a pinch.

    If you don’t want to kill something (or can’t), redirect it with small sacrificial Skink units or tar pit it with a big Skink Cohort.

    Kroxigor usually do better fighting things that are bigger than them than things that are smaller than them.

    While you are waiting for close combat to happen, shoot things. Use Skink shooting at whatever the most powerful weak armor save units on the other side are. Use Salamanders at any enemy units tightly packed. Interpose Razordons to shoot or block charges from enemy chaff that threaten your other shooters or “float” Razordons between the same targets your Skirmishers or Salamanders are shooting at.

    If there are war machines, send Chameleon Skinks and Terradons at them. If your Skink Skirmishers, Salamanders, Ripperdactlyls and Razordons are out of better things to do, they can charge war machines too.

    Stegadons, Troglodons, and Bastiladons do best when they are fighting alongside friendly infantry. They should not fight alone unless the target is very weak or you have no other choice.

    Big dinosaurs attract heavy artillery. This can be mitigated slightly, but there is no easy fix. This is just something we have to live with.

    Three Arcane items seldom used by other armies help Slann immensely: the Forbidden Rod (any build), Channeling Staff (with Harmonic Convergence), or the Book of Ashur (with Wandering Deliberations or Lore Mastery).

    Saurus characters on Cold Ones (affectionately known as Cowboys), while not invincible, are powerful and versatile for their points cost whatever build you ultimately decide to go with. They fit in almost any army.

    A Slann in a Temple Guard with a BSB unit is a very tough nut to crack for the enemy, but most miscasts will hurt you more than they do other wizards by chewing up your vital Slann bunker, so use your power dice somewhat conservatively.

    Skink Priests (or less commonly Troglodons) can aim spells for Slann. This ability is almost unseen in other Warhammer armies and is not to be underestimated, especially when the Slann is bunkered in a unit engaged with the enemy.

    Any lore can work for your Slann, but don’t pick your lore haphazardly. Pick a lore that works well with your specific army build (or build your army around your lore).

    It doesn't hurt to reread the army book and main book for little things you might have missed. Salamanders and Razordons have Swiftstride. Terradons and Rippers have Stomps. Engine of the Gods gives you a -1 casting break on a BRB lore. If you are casting spells from multiple lores, don't forget that the lore attribute might come in handy. Shadow and Heavens are often overlooked especially.

    Open for suggestions for more or constructive criticism for the existing items.
  2. blackrainbow

    blackrainbow Member

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    I like this as a quick and easily read how-to/reminder of basics. So much often comes down, not to fancy tactics, or luck of the die, but on the basics that things are built upon. Thank you, and thank you as a new lizard learning the ropes too.

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