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8th Ed. Lizardmen vs Wood Elves | 1300 pts Battleline

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by livewaaaaagh, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. livewaaaaagh

    livewaaaaagh Member

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    The jungles of Lustria are inhospitable and having traveled through the World Roots into the outskirts of the Tlaxtlan, a Wood Elf army led by a Branchwraith - and followed closely by her group of fanatical Dryads - knew they’d have no trouble and maybe even a bit of fun with any Lizardmen who might approach. They didn’t count on Tetto’eko himself stepping out to meet them though.

    See full Battle Report with Images HERE!

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  2. Gary_M

    Gary_M Active Member

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    Nicely done - That Turn 2(?) where the elves failed the rerollable break test, and got run down....

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