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AoS Local Store tournament Game 1

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Xasto, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Xasto

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    Hey guys,

    This is my first Battle report, so bear with me as I might not specify every little details... This was an instore tournament run at my local shop on sunday, there were 6 competitors and prizes were determined by your score after two games! (0-2, 1-1, 2-0) Had a blast as this was my first ''competitive experience'' and I got to play against armies which I never had the chance to play yet! (I had mostly played against SCE, Skaven Pestilens and Slaves to Darkness up until now) It was a 1750pts tournament with the same rules as a 2000pts one. (400 allies, 3+ battlelines, etc.)

    Anyways, here is my list!

    Allegiance: Seraphon

    Kroak (450)
    Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (240)
    Starpriest (80)
    Saurus Astrolith Bearer (160)
    -Incandescent rectrices

    10 x Saurus Guard (200)
    5 x Saurus Guard (100)
    20 x Skinks (120)
    -Boltspitters and Moonstone Clubs
    5 x Saurus Knights (100)

    Bastiladon (280)
    -Solar Engine


    First game was Vs. Cedric and his Sylvaneth Army.
    I'm sorry I don't remember exactly what his army was like but it looked like that:

    3 treelord (one of them was general Drucci(?) (Druchi?) Cant remember the name -_-'), another was an ancient with the staff.
    2 units of 10 Dryads
    1 unit of 10 tree revenant
    2 unit of 3 kurnoth hunters (w/ bows)

    Battle Report:

    Battleplan was Scorched Earth, where there are 6 objectives and you can choose to raze enemy objectives to score D3 points instead of 1.

    We roll for the side and I win, choosing the side I figured he would have the most trouble getting his kurnoth hunters good line of sights to my buffing heroes.

    I let him start dropping, as I have more drop than him and couldn't possibly finish before him, so I figure might as well see his positioning before me. He drops fairly spread out, 1 Treelord to each objective he owns and then 1 unit of dryads to 2 objectives, the third being guarded by the revenants. He places the Kurnoth hunters in between the middle and right side objectives, closest possible to the line of maximum deployment. I choose to put Kroak in the middle, hiding behind a big rock formation. Close to him are a unit of 20 skinks, holding the middle objective, an astrolith bearer to his left and a starpriest to his right. 5 guards hold the right side objective with the ScarVet on Carno, and the left side is held by 10 guards and 5 saurus knights. The bastiladon is setup in-between my middle objective and the right one. I set him up there on purpose to try and make my opponent set up his kurnoth right in front of him, hoping to shoot him down quick. Little did he realise that I was planing on teleporting the basti far far away (more on that later). Cedric also setup a wildwood right in front of his kurnoth hunters. He finishes deploying first and decides to start the round.

    ROUND 1

    Cedric starts by summoning an additionnal wildwood to his right flank, protecting his objective and his troops from my carnosaur. He proceeds to some buff, which I'm able to unbind one of them thanks to Kroak, and then he shoots with his 6 kurnoth my carnosaur. These guys hit hard and my carnosaur wasn't yet buffed, so he suffers 5 wounds, dropping to 7. I was relatively happy with that, since my carnosaur isn't really the real threat of my army, and I was happy if he seemed dangerous enough to attract the attention of the kurnoth. Cedric then proceeded to end his turn and collect his 3 points.

    It was now my turn to roll. I get 2 rerrollable dices with Kroak's ability and then try to go heavy on his spells. Unlucky me, even with the planted banner I fail to cast Comet's Call, and the following Celestial deliverance is too far off to hit anything. I buff the basti with the Mystic Shield, and then teleport him on the left flank, at 15'' of the revenants. The knights come forward too, and so does the skinks in a way that they're still holding the objective but they can also shoot at the dryads in front of them. I move up the carnosaur in a threathening way towards the kurnoth, but in my mind he's become a decoy for now, as my real goal is to take the left side from my opponent. Shooting phase, Basti does what a basti does best and wipes out about 3/4 of the revenants, thanks to kroak's rerollables (a 5 and a 1 changed into a 5 and a 5, giving him 10 attacks instead of 6.) He was placed in a way that he was at 10'' from the astrolith, getting those sweet re rolls for the failed hit rolls. Skinks shoot at the dryads, killing about 2-3 of them. No charges are made, as the knights on the left and the Carno on the right are too far away to make it. I end my turn, collecting my 3 points. An additionnal revenant flees from the battlefield after the battleshock test.

    ROUND 2

    We roll for initiative and I get the double turn, at this point I know that I can do some serious damage. Kroak gets 1 rerollable, and I teleport him inbetween the middle and left objective of Cedric. From there, he goes Nuclear, dealing all his mortal wounds on the revenants, dryads, and the 2 treelords close enough. (I even got a casting of 10 on the Comet's call, and was able to target 4 units.) From there, I advance my starpriest, knights, bastiladon on the left side, and move up the carno on the right. Shooting phase, the Bastiladon targets the treelord as there is no more revenants thanks to Kroak. about 4 wounds on him. The skinks in the middle shoot again, killing 4 dryads this time. The knights then charge the treelord, and the carno charges the kurnoth. From there i attack first with the Knights, hoping the lances will give me some mortal wounds. I end up doing about 3 wounds to the tree lord, including 1 mortal wound. (These knights really disappoint me everytime, can't wait to get my razordons rolling). He then attack my carno with the kurnoth, buit thanks to bad rolls the carnosaur suffers no wound. He then attacks them, but at 7 wounds he's already fallen down in power, and so he manages to kill 1 kurnoth only. The treelord then attacks my knights, killing one and wounding another. There ends my turn, and I score 4 point instead of 3 since I have more units than him close to his left objective!

    His turn, gives some buffs to the kurnoth and then move the second unit to engage my carno as well. the treelord in the middle advances with the dryads, but they can't reach Kroak who is nearby since he is behind a scenery. he then shoots with all 6 kurnoths on my carno, killing him instantly. his treelord on the left shoots the Knights but misses totally. No charges can be made, we simply move on to combat between the treelord and the knights. He kills the one with 1 wound and wounds another, leaving me with 3 knights. they fight back, dealing 2 wounds, and his treelord is now really weak. His turn ends, scoring 2 points.

    ROUND 3

    We roll initiative and I win, denying him the double turn that was probably his only chance to get back in the game at this point. Kroak goes nuclear again, finishing off the middle dryads and wound the kurnoth, middle treelord and right side dryads. he then snipes another kurnoth with arcane bolt, buffs the basti with mystic shield and teleports the astrolith near everyone on the left for the sweet re rolls. Bastiladon moves toward the right, as I was fairly certain the left flank was secured. He shoots the left treelord, finishing him and securing the objective for my knights. Skinks can now shoot the kurnoth, but to no success. I end quickly my turn and get my sweet 4 points.

    His turn comes and Cedric realises that he cannot do much in terms of points, he advances his kurnoth and engages my middle skinks, but can never wittle them down enough to take the objective himself. Realising that he could not win this anymore, Cedric shakes my hand and concedes the victory to me.

    I think that the teleport ability with kroak is just too good to pass up. his ability to come out of nowhere and cast 3 mortal wounds spells is really handy, and he can support his troops on the battlefield. I also believe that Cedric spread his forces too thin and never really made a move with his forces on the right, letting me keep an objective with only 5 guards. I think he was too reactive, but he did tell me that he had never played against Seraphon, he had only heard about their great mobility since GHB2017 so he wanted to stay strong on all his sides.

    I think I had the right idea in setting up the basti to the right, and then teleporting it to the far left. we can really play mindgames with our opponent in the setup because of this, and I find this to be one of our greatest tool.

    Let me know what you think guys! I realise I didnt go in full details, for example i didnt even talk about the buffs that my starpriest gave but they were unimpactful, and I wanted to keep this report straight to the point!

    I'll post the next game later this week, this time vs. Alex and his Flesh-Eater Courts!
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  2. Mortheim

    Mortheim Member

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    Interesting report :) Will wait for second part.

    Poor knights are, again, left alone, while being a support unit.
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  3. Seraphage

    Seraphage Well-Known Member

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    This was a really interesting battle report, thanks ! Good job !

    Looking forward to the next one !
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  4. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Good report, thanks!

    Knights are hit and miss for me. They are better than they used to be, and with a few buffs they can actually be pretty good. Glass cannons though. I have seen them make terrible damage (in a Firelance against Ironjawz) and see them fall without having done a single wound (against Greenskinz of all things).
    On their own they aren't very good. They fit our army, we rely on synergies. That's our thing.

    Seems your opponent had the right idea (board control against mobility) but underestimated what that could mean (space for Kroak bomb in the middle), and you exploited that well. Good job!
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