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8th Ed. Lustria campaign - 2400 pts Vs. Beastmen

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by totzro, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. totzro

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    Hi Lustria, I played a game of warhammer fantasy battles against Beastmen yesterday. This was my third battle with the new book and second against beastmen.

    Me and my friend are currently playing through the newly released Warhammer Battlefields: Lustria-campaign and it is great fun.
    In our previous game were we saw the Beastmen landing on the coast of Lustria my Lizardmen managed to drive them back to their boats.
    You can read a semi-battle report of the game here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71779159@N05/sets/72157634929348229/ (click on the first image to read comments on what's happening)

    Now it was time for rematch. The Beastman once again tried to muster an assault on Lustria.
    The campaign is working so that before each engagement (of which there are 3) the invader (beastmen) and the custodians (lizardmen) must chose a tactic in the given scenario. In this first on the beastmen is coming onto the beach and the lizardmen are watching from the jungle.

    There are several different choices and after you have chosen you compare the result on a matrix and are given your scenario and rules for the battle.

    I chose to charge the beach and the beastmen chose to invade, a full head on collision!
    When looking at the matrix the instruction was to play the special Coastal landing scenario, and I was to have 66% of the point of the invader, ouch!

    Since I had won the previous engagement I go to chose an advantage for this one. I chose to get 1D6x50 extra pts to try to even the odds, I rolled 2, getting 100 more pts. At least it's something.

    The special rules for the Coastal Landing scenario was that each unit only deployed if you rolled a 4+ for them, the rest was held in reserve. Also your deployment zone was divided in 2 zones of 6" each and only flyers and scouts could deploy in the front zone.

    My original list looked like this, I wanted to try a monster mash with no slann.


    Oldblood on Carnosaur
    -Piranha Blade
    -Steg Helm
    -Light Armor


    Skink Priest Lv 2 - Beast
    -Dispell Scroll

    Skink Priest Lv 2 - Heaven
    -Cube of Darkness

    Scar Vet


    30 Saurus
    -Full Command

    2x10 Skink Skirmish w Javelins

    10 Skink Skirmish w Blowpipes


    3 Ripperdactyls

    8 Chameleons

    1 Bastiladon
    -Beam of Chotek


    2x Ancient Stegadon
    -Sharpened Horns

    1 Salamander
    -Extra Snack

    But due to the Scenario rules I ended up with a list looking like this:

    Oldblood on Carno

    Skink Priest Lv2 Beast
    Scar Vet

    30 Saurus
    10 Skimrishers w Javelins
    10 Skirmishers Blowpipes
    10 Cohort

    3 Ripperdactyls


    Beastmen had

    A lvl 4 shaman - Beast

    A lvl 2 shaman - Beast

    A Bsb

    Some sort of combat lord

    A big horde of bestigors with great weapons

    A big horde of Gors w dual hand weapons

    A smaller unit of Gors w dual hand weapons

    2x Chariots

    2x Razorgors

    2x Small units of Ungor skirmishers

    I had a hard task up ahead.


    We rolled for magic, he got Wyssans Wildform, Crows, Amber Spear, Transformation of Kadon and something more I don't remember.

    I Got wyssans and transformation of kadon.


    My stuff that ended up on the board for deployment was the Carno Lord, the saurus, the steg and a unit of blowpipes skirmish.
    I deployed the saurus in the middle between two forests, the skirmishers on my left flank and the carno and steg on my right near the saurus. Was a bit disappointed that my rippers didn't appear.

    Beastmen got very little to deploy, the small unit of gors, 1 Chariot and 1 unit of ungors.

    Since so little was on the board I marked the gors with my ripper-toad.

    After deployment

    TURN 1

    Beastmen got the first turn

    He put on everything that didn't appear for deployment but they weren't able to march so they didn't get very far. He put his razorgors and ungors on each flank.


    Magic phase wasn't much to speak about, he cast crows on the skinks but caused no wounds

    I also put up everything that didn't showed up for deployment. The carnosaur marched up the right flank to take care of things there. The blow skinks marched up behind the bloodstone. Everything else moved slowly forward.


    Nothing else noteworthy happened.

    TURN 2

    Beastmen moved his army forward. The left flank razorgor moved up behind the bloodstone.
    He moved forward the ungors on the right flanks and shot at the carno and managed to cause a wound!
    In his magic phase he cast the big amber spear on the carnosaur which I used my dispell scroll on.

    I charged the ungors with carno and I believe they either chose to flee or failed their terror test. Either way they fled. The carno stumbled after.
    I moved up the rippers on the rightmost flank and positioned them so that I avoided a frenzy charge on the razorgor.
    The saurus and the steg in the middle I positioned to prepare for the onslaught on beastmen coming towards them.
    I moved the blow skinks on the left flank in to short range of the razorgor. The salamander and cohort followed.

    The skirmishers poisoned shots took care of the razorgor

    TURN 3

    The ungors on the left flank charged the blow skirmishers. The other fleeing ungors didn't manage to rally and fled of the table. The surviving razorgor positioned himself just in front of the carno blocking his way. The main force moved forward to get a massive charge. The small gor block tried to run away from the Rippers.


    In the magic phase the shaman in the Gor horde managed to miscast and took some Gors in the resulting blast.


    In the combat between the ungors and the skinks the ungors won and killed 2, and lost 1 of their own in return. The skinks fled but the ungors didn't catch up.

    I charged the razorgor with carno. Managed to rally my fleeing skinks. Moved up the salamander to line up for some massive damage against the gor horde. The rippers moved after the gors, and saurus + steg hold their position.


    The salamander had the perfect shot and.... ate 2 handlers, how typical. The carno easily won against the razrgor. The oldbloods 1D3 Impact Hits Multiple Wounds (D3) took care of that - deadly combo ^^
    He overran a bit of a distance

    TURN 4

    Beastmen charged everything it had against the Saurus and The Steg. Only 1 chariot made the distance... a big disappointment for the beastmen. The ungors once again charged the skinks.


    In the combat Chariot Vs. Saurus nothing major happened and everyone held their ground. In the combat between the ungors and the skinks the skinks did 4 wounds and got 1 one in return. But the last ungor stand his ground.

    I finally charged the Gors with my rippers. Thanks to the failed charge the salamander once again had a chance for massive damage. The carno moved up for a charge on the bestigors flank. The skinks followed suite.


    The salamander fire and he score! Rolled 4 on the artillery dice and couldn't have gotten a better shot!


    It ended up killing 15 gors, massive damage!

    In the close combat the Rippers showed their best side, getting 3 extra attack each for a total of 6 attacks per ripper!
    In total they killed 10 gors, and lost 1 wound in return. The gors held their ground.


    In the Saurus Vs. The chariot combat the chariot lost on static combat res and fled, ending up behind the gor vs ripper fight. I chose to not pursue (had a skink priest nearby).
    The skinks killed the last ungor and reformed.


    Turn 5

    The Gor Horde and the second chariot charged the Saurus. The Bestigor charged the Stegadon.
    In the magic phase the shaman in the gor horde managed to cast the big version of Kadon and transformed into a chimera!


    The chimera was mental and between him, the regular gors, impact hits and thunderstomps. All the saurus got wiped out. Leaving the poor Scar Vet to hold his ground on a double 1...and he made it!


    The ripper once got 3 extra attacks and easliy won the combat, chasing down the Gors.
    The bestigors almost killed the stegadon, leaving him with 1 wound left. He only dealt some wounds in return. But held his ground thanks to stubborn.


    I tried to charge the chimera with the carno but failed. The skink priest charged the bestigors!

    In the magic phase I tried to cast the big Kadon, the chimera transformed back into a shaman to try to dispel. But he failed and the transformation went through, and where once there stood but a humble skink priest...
    ...there now stood a thunderous lizard! (Aka a great fire dragon)

    The big lizard dealt a lot of damage, and killed 7 bestigors. They killed the steg in return. No one fled.

    The scar vs gor also remained static.

    TURN 6

    In the magic phase, the beastmen player dispelled the Kadon and turned him into a regular priest... :/
    In the following combat the bestigors easily killed the lone skink. The scar vet finally lost as well.

    Last turn for me now. I charged all I had against the gors. But I made a mistake here charging with the rippers first, and the gors fled and got out of range hiding behind the bestigors. I redirected the charge into the bestigors. And the Carnosaur also charged them.

    In the following combat, the bestigor champion issued a challenge against my carno lord. I had to accept and overkilled him with 2 wounds spilling over. The rippers did some damage. I won the combat but the Bestigors held their ground.



    In the end the beastmen won a minor victory with about 900 pts against 600.

    It was a great game and fun to fight from an underdog position, and I think the lizards did really well. I like the new army book, it's not that different from the old one but have some tweaks. The Rippers really showed their best side today, and I think the st4 on the salamander flame is a great buff.

    I also like the carno lord, he's a beast. But I'm worried about canons. Also I missed that 2nd priest in this game. Should probably have taken him over the scar vet. Magic wasn't that big part of this game except for the Kadon transformations :D
    But it was fun to try out a no slann list.

    We chose to do the preparation work for next campaign game after we were done.

    Since the beastmen won this game in the campaign they're now pressing onward into the jungle. They come to 3 branchings paths:
    -One going straight forwards to the ancient ruins which are their goal for this invasion.
    -One also leading to the ruins but through a swamp
    -And a last one going through a big gorge.

    I chose to guard all 3 paths and he to scout.
    We looked at the matrix and the beastmen player got to choose which path and scenario to play. No restrictions for me this time though. We examined the scenarios:
    -1 was standard battle line with jungle terrain rules
    -The gorge had a big, you guessed it, gorge in the middle of the battlefield with 3 crossings you have to control
    -The last one in the swamp treated the whole board as dangerous terrain and all units that isn't cold blooded or undead get -1 WS

    We deemed the standard battle line too boring, the swampland too dangerous and unfavourable for the beastmen. So the gorge it is for the next battle and I'm on gorge terrain making duty!

    I'm also making some more Lustria themed terrain.

    Hope you liked this battle report. Will try to make one for our next battle in this campaign!
  2. Caneghem

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    Great battle report! I'm really liking how those rippers play out. Even though you didn't have much choice, it seems like you picked just the right unit for them to smash.
  3. pgarfunkle

    pgarfunkle Member

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    Hi Totzro,

    Thanks for the battle report, the game sounded like a lot of fun. I'm really annoyed that I don't have an idevice capable of running the campaigns that GW has released as they look like fun.

    How did you find the Bastilodon and with only the one skink priest did you find that you had many dice to throw at the bound spell?
  4. The Hunted

    The Hunted Active Member

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    Great report! Thanks for writing this up, it was a lot of fun to read and watch the pretty pictures :)

    The rippers did their work great it seems, the salamander also performed admirably, although it's snack time was a little unfortunate. The carno lord looks amazing on the battlefield, but didn't quite kill as much this battle.
    Do you want your carno lord to rule a flank, then cut back inwards for the last 2-3 turns? Or do you want him as a frontline buster?

    The choosing of tactics also seems like loads of fun :)

    Good luck defending the gorges!

    The Hunted
  5. totzro

    totzro Active Member

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    Yes, it seemed to be the perfect matchup for the rippers and I really liked them. Will definitely bring them to the table again.

    It was a great game. Yeah I think it's a bummer they don't make this campaign available to more people as it is great. You know even though it has a lot of interactivity built into it they could release it as a pdf with not much hassle.

    Sadly I didn't get to use the Bastiladon in this game, had to take him out due to point restrictions. So I haven't tried the solar beam yet. Tried the Ark of Sotek Bastiladon in my 2 earlier games, and it is quite solid. Very durable with 2+ save but doesn't dish out that much damage. Thunderstomp is nice and for 150 pts I think he's alright.

    Thank you, I like to write battle reports and I am glad you liked it!
    No he didn't, he got a bit too far away and I should probably have kept him in the main fray as a support for the saurus. My biggest concern with him is that the carno doesn't have that great survivability so I have to pick his targets carefully.

    The oldblood is a real character and monstrous cavalry killers I believe but might work better on a cold one, but where's the fun in that ;)
  6. Bengo2105
    Jungle Swarm

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    Great battle report, I love your Carnosaur model!

    Also; Congrats on the feature for GWs website, your army looks great on there.
  7. GrumHellsong
    Jungle Swarm

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    Did I just miss how you painted that Carno? I would love to copy it if you don't mind, but don't understand how you did it. o_O

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