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6th Ed. Monster Mash - 2000 points

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by Gary_M, May 29, 2019.

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    OK, so I'm hardly an expert having played a grand total of four games of sixth, but really enjoying the lizardmen.
    Something I never got to do in 7th/8th was a monster mash list, but is something that I think I can do now, although I have no idea if this would be effective or not, but hopefully it will be fun to use.

    Oldblood, Light Armour, Shield, Carnosaur, Spawning of Itzl, Spawning of Quetzal, Aura of Quetzal, Sword of Striking
    (This chap is on a 2+ Armour save, has a 4 + ward save against Strength 5+ attacks, and has a +1 to hit thanks to the sword).

    2 x Level 2 Skink Priests, each with a Dispel Scroll.

    3 x 10 skink skirmishers
    (barest minimum!)

    4 Kroxigor
    4 kroxigor
    (I've used a single 4 base unit in a couple of games, which have done pretty well for me, and are thematic for the list)

    5 x saurus cavalry (inc champion)

    2 x stegadon

    Total 2000

    If (and its a BIG if), I can get the charges off, then hopefully happy days.

    D6 + 1 impact hits from the stegadons - if both hit the same unit, that could be fun!

    The Krox swinging first on the charge could be devastating (effectively str 7!)

    And then there's the saurus cav plus oldblood on a carnosaur. With +1 to hit sword, he's effectively WS7.

    No idea when I will get to use this, but I am desperate to try it out.

    Any thoughts from the slann, oldbloods and scar vets gathered here?

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