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AoS My first game with Seraphon

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Tim Westin, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Tim Westin
    Jungle Swarm

    Tim Westin New Member

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    I just had my first game with the mighty lizards!
    500p against Stormcast

    My list:
    Sunblood with Ghyrstrike and Legendary Fighter
    40x Saraus Warriors with spears.

    His list
    3x Vanguard-Raptors
    5x Vangaurd-Hunters

    FIY: he won all the turn rolls :(

    Needless to say my Warriors died a lot for the first two rounds because he stands still and shoots, and the longstrikes crossbows do a lot of damage.
    Turn 3 comes around and he wins the roll off.
    he moves up with the Hunters and the Lord and fires and more my warriors die. I am down to 20 at this point he then charges in and keeps killing them. they get to fight back and the lord succeeds with all his saves. but they do 3 wounds on his hunters.

    My turn 3:
    I get the charge in with the Sunblood on his Lord! and the duel is on! :D
    my warriors die over the next turn against his hunters and just manages to kill the wounded hunter.
    but my Sunblood and the Lord-Aquilor is locked in combat and finally on his turn 4 the Lords dies and my Sunblood has 2 wounds left.
    My turn 4:
    I turn my attention against the 3 remaining hunters and get very lucky with my rolls and wipe them out before they get to strike back. but now I am in the open with my one remaining lizard and 3 giant crossbows staring at him... :eek:
    My opponent rolls 3 ones!!:D
    I get my charge in on my turn and kill them in a single round of combat!
    Needless to say my Sunblood is now my new hero!
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  2. Justin C

    Justin C New Member

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    Congrats on the win! Sounds very, very intense.
  3. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Good job!

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