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AoS "My Slann charges the Scraplauncher...": An AoS Battle Report

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Ixt, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Welp, I got carried away and wrote a narrative battle!
    I hope that that's okay. Enjoy! :D

    Playing on a 6x4 board, pre-game setup had me field quite a lot of
    terrain. Counter-clockwise from the lower center, it went as follows:
    Inspiring Crates (lol), Damned Workshop, no terrain, Sinister Hill, a tree
    that I felt like putting there, an Inspiring Hill with a Mystical Temple
    on top, a Damned Woodland, Inspiring Ruins, and, finally, a Mystical Bog.
    I liked this amount of terrain, and the rules were actually pretty useful.
    Lizards won the roll-off to split the terrain, which was divided
    traditionally: Battleline. As such, Ogres chose sides. They went with the
    top. Lizards dropped first, and finished first, allowing Ogres to have the
    first turn. Generals were chosen then: for the Ogres, the Tyrant. For the
    Lizardmen, the Slann. Ogres earned Sudden Death by a wide margin, choosing
    Endure (which they'd nearly achieved).

    Army Lists:
    Ogres - 253 wounds, 52 models (59 w/ Gnoblar Scrappers)
    Gutbuster Wartribe (Battalion)
    -Tyrant (8W)
    // 2x Bashers
    -Butcher (7W)
    // Cleaver
    -7 Ogres (28W)
    // Clubs & Blades (2), Crusher, Bellowers, Icon Bearers, Look Out


    -7 Ogres (28W)
    // Clubs & Blades (2), Crusher, Bellowers, Icon Bearers, Look Out


    -7 Ogres (28W)
    // Clubs & Blades (2), Crusher, Bellowers, Icon Bearers, Look Out


    -10 Ironguts (40W)
    // Gutlord, Bellowers, Rune Maw Bearers
    -5 Leadbelchers (20W)
    // Thunderfist, Bellowers

    *5 Mournfangs (30W)
    // Crusher w/ Pistol, Horn Blowers, Banner Bearers, Clubs & Blades (2)

    *4 Mournfangs (24W)
    // Crusher w/ Pistol, Horn Blowers, Banner Bearers, Clubs & Blades (2)

    *Stonehorn (12W)
    // Harpoon Launcher

    *Stonehorn (12W)
    // Harpoon Launcher

    *Bruiser Standard Bearer (7W)
    // Ogre Pistol, Club

    *Gnoblar Scraplauncher (9W)
    // 7 Gnoblar Scrappers
    Lizardmen - 255 wounds, 178 models
    Saurus Host (Battalion)
    - Saurus Oldblood (7W)
    // Celestite War-spear
    - 30 Saurus Warriors (30W)
    // Celestite Spears, Alpha Talon, Wardrums, Stardrake Icons
    - 30 Saurus Warriors (30W)
    // Celestite Spears, Alpha Talon, Wardrums, Stardrake Icons
    - 30 Saurus Warriors (30W)
    // Celestite Spears, Alpha Talon, Wardrums, Stardrake Icons
    -40 Temple Guard (40W)
    // Alpha Guardian, Wardrums, Stardrake Icons

    *10 Terradon Riders (30W)
    // Alpha (of the Skies?), Sunleech Bolas

    *9 Kroxigor (36W)
    // 3 Moon Hammers

    *21 Skinks (21W)
    // Boltspitters & Clubs, Alpha

    *5 Salamanders (15W)

    *Slann Mage-Priest (7W)

    *Saurus Scar-Veteran with Battle Standard (6W)

    Deployment step-by-step:
    Alternating, the deployment went as follows:
    21 Skinks (mid),
    1 Scraplauncher (right of Temple),
    30 Saurus (left of Skinks),
    1 Stonehorn (left of Temple),
    5 Salamanders (bog),
    4 Mournfang Cavalry (far left),
    10 Terradons (behind Salamanders),
    7 Ogres (between Mournfang Cav. & Stonehorn),
    9 Kroxigor (between Saurus & Skinks),
    10 Ironguts (left of Temple),
    Slann (uses 'Celestial Configuration,' placed behind Skinks),
    Tyrant (uses 'Big Name,' placed inside Temple),
    30 Saurus (blue bases, right of Workshop),
    5 Mournfang Cavalry (right of Temple),
    40 Temple Guard (right of blue-base Saurus),
    5 Leadbelchers (orange bases, far right),
    1 Oldblood (between blue Saurus & Temple Guard),
    7 Ogres (between Leadbelchers & Mournfang Cavalry),
    Scar-Vet BSB (behind Oldblood),
    7 Ogres (back right corner),
    Saurus (purple bases, far left) *Lizards Finished*,
    Bruiser BSB (behind Ogres & Leadbelchers),
    Butcher (mid-left),
    1 Stonehorn (far left) *Ogres Finished*.

    Tyrant & Slann nominated as Generals.

    The Lizards employed a fairly even spread (though it may not appear that
    way), whereas the Ogres went from even to favoring the left on their last
    drop, the Stonehorn. I think that deployment went well for both sides --
    the Lizards began with a feint - the Skinks - and each side countered
    their opponent's drops with every subsequent drop from there.

    Victory goes to the Ogres on the left side of the field for deployment --
    they absolutely slaughtered over there as the game went on by shoring up
    their weaknesses and blending some of their best forces. On the right,
    victory for the Lizardmen for leaving room for vital summons, setting up a
    nice net for the Oldblood's passive aura ability, a blockade to keep the
    BSB safe (which would ultimately tip the game), and keeping the Stonehorn
    away from the right by dropping a threatening block of Saurus on the far
    left at the very end.

    Step-by-step Bat Rep
    Hey, guys! You'll notice that the individual details expressed by the following report vary slightly from my narrative battle report -- this is solely to make the narrative more interesting. Both end the same way, however.

    Turn 1, Ogres:
    In the Hero Phase, the Tyrant selects Ironguts with Bully of the First Degree. They suffer 3 wounds. The Butcher fails to cast Mystic Shield on the Stonehorn ahead of him.

    In the movement phase, everything ran forward except for the Scraplauncher and Stonehorns, with varied success.

    In the shooting phase, a Stonehorn fires its Harpoon Launchers at the Kroxigor. It plunks off. The other fires its harpoon launcher at a Salamander. It hits and wounds, for 1 wound. The Scraplauncher fired at the 10 Terradons, damage ups from D3 to D6, hits for six wounds and kills two Terradons - ouch.

    There were no charges, no combat, and no battleshock tests possible.

    Turn 1.5, Lizards:
    In the hero phase, the Slann summons Salamanders, flings an Arcane Bolt at the Tyrant for two wounds, and casts Mystic Shield on the Krox. He activates his Gift from the Heavens, and the Saurus, Kroxigor, and Skinks fly. Should have done that first for the sake of flying summoned salamanders, but it was inconsequential. The Salamanders roll for Mystical scenery, receive a 3, and now have re-roll wounds.

    In the movement phase, everything moves up. The Slann runs into the Workshop. The Oldblood and BSB, in a gamble, ran out from between & ahead of the units of TG/Saurus.

    In the shooting phase, the Skinks unload on the Tyrant with Boltspitters. These score 3 wounds. The summoned salamanders split fire, 1 to the Tyrant and 2 to the Mournfangs. Only the shots at the Mournfang get through, to the tune of one wound. On the left side of the field, there's a lot of split fire:

    5 Salamanders & 2 Terradons @ Ogres, 5 Terradons (w/ Alpha) @ Mournfangs, 1 Terradon @ right-side Stonehorn. The lone Terradon missed the Stonehorn, the 5 Terradons only scored two hits on the Mournfangs but caused two wounds due to Sunleech Bolas' rule of multiplying hits into D6 wounds. Two Terradons put 1 wound on the Ogres, but the Salamanders incinerated them with 5 wounds multiplying into 5d6 damage. This could have potentially wiped out the entire unit, but bad rolls kept their losses minimal: 3 ogres died. At the end of Shooting, the Ogres on the left took an "It Burns!" test, suffering a further wound. The Mournfangs took their "It Burns!" test, causing 2 more wounds and killing one. In case you haven't noticed, Salamanders that split fire with a Skink Chief nearby and possibly Tetto'eko as well will have a field day with "It Burns!" tests. The wounds don't sound like much, but, again... Battleshock is key.

    In the combat phase, MISTAKES WERE MADE! xD The Hunter's Steed, however, is phenomenal.

    The Saurus on the left charged the Stonehorn on the left, making it in on an 9. The Kroxigor charged the Ironguts, making it in on an 11. The Salamanders charged the Mournfangs on the left, making it in on a 7. The Saurus charged the Mournfangs on the right, making it in on a 6. The Temple Guard charged a group of Ogres, making it in on an 11. The summoned Salamanders charged the Mournfangs on the right, making it in on an 8.

    Sequencing went as such (again, first time, so plenty of tactical errors made):
    Saurus attack Stonehorn, 4 attacks each, +1 to hit, 19 in combat. They land 40 hits, 17 wounds, the Stonehorn halves the wounds, and finally takes 5 wounds after saves.
    The Stonehorn strikes back. The Hooves kill 4 Saurus, then the Horns kill 6, and the other attacks flop.
    Temple Guard attack Ogres next, with 1 attacking their BSB, 4 attacking Leadbelchers, and 14 at the Ogres. The BSB took a wound from a TG, the Leadbelchers suffered two wounds from 4 TG, and the other 14 killed two Ogres (who made some phenomenal saves/benefitted from very poor rolling on my part).
    The Stonehorn toward the center attacks the Saurus. They save all wounds from the Crushing Hooves, 3 die to Horns, save all the kicks & spear, and the spear flops. 3 Saurus die -- this squad would eventually become the MVP.
    Kroxigor fight Ironguts (see how I'm starting to learn what to attack with when? :p), 5 are in, 3 with the Moonhammer (poor choice in this combat). Vice-like jaws first, these get a wound through and kill an Irongut (earlier wounds from Tyrant). The Drakebites (only landing one hit, somehow) get a wound through, and the Moonhammers get 3 through.
    The Tyrant fights the Skinks (now safe to do so -- the Krox already piled in, away from him -- I'm learning!). With two clubs, he gets 10 wounds through, unsaveable. At Damage 2, 20 Skinks die, leaving the Alpha. Ouch.
    Saurus v Stonehorn in the middle. 21 in, they are at 3 attacks each. They generate 14 wounds from their jaws, and 7 from their weapons. This is cut down to 11 saves per the Stonehorn's rules, and it saves 9 wounds. Damn. Still, they rocked this game.
    Mournfangs attack Saurus on the right, with 1 attacking the TG unit. One Mournfang puts 4 unsaved wounds through the TG, which multiply into 8 casualties. I messed up here, not realizing that the OB nearby allowed them to add +1 to their save, and subsequently messed that rule up for the entire game. :p Only 4 would have died. The Saurus didn't fare much better, 10 of them dying. Four died to tusks, 6 to weapons (Saurus got lucky).
    The 3 summoned Salamanders on the right then attack the Mournfangs, getting 2 wounds through.
    Back to the left, two Mournfangs attack the Terradnos and one attacks the Salamanders. 4 Terradons die to Mournfangs (yowza, never shoulda charged without intending to go first), and 1 Salamander dies.
    Saurus now fight the Mournfangs on the right, with 20 left -- just enough for that +1. They cut down two Mournfang Cavalry.
    The Ogres fight the Terradons now, and this is when I learned the value of retreating/reconsidering your charge decisions. They all die.
    1 Salamander fights the Mournfangs on the left, with 3 fighting the Ogres. The Mournfang's unscathed, and 5 wounds get through the Ogres. One dies, if I remember right, but maybe 2.
    Ironguts fight Krox, putting 3 wounds on the unit, resulting in the death of 1.
    Skink Alpha vs. Tyrant actually gets a wound through before fleeing the battle in Battleshock. :p
    Leadbelchers v. TG, the TG hold out, unharmed.
    The Bruiser BSB kills two TG.

    In the battleshock phase, the Saurus do not test. The Skink Alpha, of course, flees. The Salamanders pass. As for Ogres, the remaining few are entirely wiped out in Battleshock - huge loss. 2 Mournfangs flee on the right. Ogres on the right pass. Ironguts do not test while the Tyrant lives. Overall, Ogres rolled extremely well in this phase and had a good chance to outright lose here. They put up a fight to the end, though.

    Lizards and Ogres roll-off here. Ogres get their turn in.

    Turn 2, Ogres.

    In the Hero Phase, the Tyrant bullies the full squad of 7 ogres in the back, and they take 2 wounds. The Butcher attempts to cast The Maw on the Krox, but fails. Thank God. o_o That would have sucked. The Bruiser plants his standard, making wound rolls by units within 18" (!!) of 6 inflict an additional mortal wound. Essentially, a roll of a 6 makes everything Damage 3 except Mournfang tusks.

    In the movement phase, the Scraplauncher fell within 3" and remained stationary. Everything did, actually, because my charge phase saw everything land within 3" of the Ogres. I suppose that some things could have retreated here, but for the most part, I don't think that an Ogre army list like this will ever retreat aside from Mournfangs. They should have retreated, yeah, but they were already so wounded that it was pretty much over for them no matter what (aside from that Ogre Pistol, which *is nice*).

    In the shooting phase, a Stonehorn failed to wound a Salamander with its Harpoon, and the other failed to hit a Krox. The Scraplauncher knocks off 6 Saurus w/ 2d6 damage from its special rule. The Mournfang fires at the Salamander on the right, missing. One Leadbelcher fires at the Lizard BSB, and 4 fire at the TG. 1 TG dies, BSB is fine.

    In Combat, the Tyrant closes in on the Krox. In retrospect, I suppose that he shouldn't have, but he could have wrecked that unit with ease. He only gets one wound through due to a combination of his bad luck and my good luck, killing a Kroxigor. With just one unsaved wound, a Tyrant took down a Krox. o_o
    The Krox now fight. 3 face the Tyrant, and 5 face the Ironguts. Against the Tyrant, the Jaws squeeze a wound through, and the Krox finish him off with 2 wounds from Drakebites, causing 4 damage. The Ironguts are now susceptible to Battleshock. Against those Ironguts, the Krox use vice-like jaws. The special rule triggers on two sixes, and the roll-off afflicts the Ironguts with 4 mortal wounds --- they eat an Irongut alive!! Their weapons, varied, cause 6 damage and see another dead.
    The Scraplauncher, trapped, piles into the Salamanders, and proceeded to get incredibly unlucky for the rest of the game. The scrappers do nothing, but the Rhinox kills a Salamander.
    Saurus Warriors fight the Butcher & Stonehorn, and four attack the Ironguts. The Champion (who would nag the Butcher for the rest of the game), gets a wound through. 5 Saurus get two wounds on the Butcher. Fighting the Ironguts, the Saurus get two wounds through, but they're both saved. 11 Saurus, fighting the Stonehorn, get a meager 1 wound through after causing 10 (10 becomes 5, after all).
    The lone Mournfang on the right fends off a few Saurus, killing two.
    The Salamanders on the left fight the Mournfangs still, causing 4 wounds which, I believe, slayed one.
    The Ogres fought the Temple Guard, killing 10 of them (would have been 6 if I remembered their special rule).
    The Saurus on the left attack the Stonehorn. 5 wounds get through. Heck yeah!
    Fighting the Salamanders, the Mournfangs kill 2.
    The Ironguts fight the Krox, and use "Down to the Ironguts!," increasing their potency in combat - rerolls for hits, wounds, and saves of 1. They kill 3 Kroxigor like *that.*
    The Saurus fight the Mournfang on the right, 2 fighting the Ogres. They cripple the Mournfang, and put a wound on the Ogres.
    Leadbelchers against TG sees off just 1 TG.
    9 TG & their Alpha fight Ogres, 11 fight Belchers. They put 5 wounds on the Ogres, bumping two off. The Leadbelchers (who I really should have retreated with, to be honest) took a whopping 13 wounds here, and they would not recover from that.
    The BSB kills a TG.
    Sharpening their teeth on the Scraplauncher, the Salamanders tack two wounds on.
    The Stonehorn on the left kills quite a lot of Saurus... 7, I think? Can't remember.
    Salamanders get two wounds through on the Mournfangs.
    In the middle, the Stonehorn kills 19 Saurus, ending the combat phase. Ouch.

    In the Battleshock phase, everyone passes except for the Ogres and Leadbelchers who, if I remember right, either fleed entirely or were killed in the ensuing combat due to losing numbers via fleeing.

    From here, it was basically a slugfest. I mostly wanted to pit units against one another to see if this system really worked, and I'm quite pleased with my results. Ultimately, the battle ended in the bottom of turn 5.5, when I just barely squeaked out a kill against their final model, a Mournfang Cavalry champion. I made a lot of mistakes, had a great time, and learned plenty of tactics that I cannot wait to employ in future games.

    Speaking of, in the future, I will certainly give more credence to how I set the board. I split it longways, but I think that Lizards may do well with that 2x1 block setup, or perhaps the short split. The longways split was suicide against Ogres, and I nearly lost. I was quite impressed with all of the units, although I misused the Temple Guard and Terradons. I very much look forward to fielding different stuff next time. Long story short, success! The game was very well-balanced: the ogres decimated my army, and I just barely killed theirs. It was a close, enjoyable game. Hope you guys liked the report. I'll get to writing that narrative, now!

    Turn 1 - Ogres
    Hero Phase:
    • (During Deployment) The Tyrant discovers his Big Name,
    • Being a "Bully of the First Degree," the bellicose Tyrant
      spurs his Ironguts with harsh indignation. After growing disgusted watching
      them idly meander about, he assails, "OY! You flower-pickers t'ought dis a
      moonless night?!" Crashing through a beautifully-composed and tranquil
      stained glass image of a man humbly accepting Ghal Maraz came a warty,
      sizable rump. It's backed up by the Tyrant's indiscernible shouts, guffaws,
      commands, insults and profanity. Not all dignity was lost: this was, indeed,
      the first ever display of performance art in the Age of Sigmar. One is reduced
      to a lake of tears and sobbing - the acts beauty lying in its tragedy, after all -
      but the others mostly have a chuckle.
    • The Butcher, wanting some attention of his own, lets fly a wad of spit and
      takes to juggling several orbs of kite-shaped light. "Is a spell!" He attempts to
      cast this spell by abruptly throwing the orbs at the Stonehorn in front of him. It
      doesn't accomplish much, save a bit of singed tail-hair. It was no trouble for
      either party, really. The Stonehorn hadn't a clue to what was going on to begin
      with... or the Butcher, for that matter. Some of the Ironguts were still disracted
      by the sacrilege display, but others granted him their best half-hearted,
      emphatic applause, to which he humbly curtsied before resuming the terrorizing
      of field mice and gophers.

      "C'mere, ya cute lil' fellers."
    Movement Phase:
    With a momentous start, the Stonehorn rambles forward, pulverizing - or,
    'redecoratin's,' as the handler would say - the Inspiring Ruins with some
    inspired recklessness. The Mournfangs follow alongside, keeping pace and
    cautious distance. Catching sight of the Seraphon across the moor, they
    signal to the other Ogors, "Hold the line!!" With a Stonehorn on one side,
    and a bunch of Ogres on the other, the Mournfang commander wasn't sure
    which one was causing the greater tremors. In any case, both masses gave
    pause, and between panting heatedly from bemoaning their 'insufferable
    marathon' and the wheezing gasp, "Me needs fresh air!!," they witnessed their

    Lagging behind, The Butcher and Ironguts complain their way across the
    field in a frustrating attempt to keep their footing. "Oy, what'd we do to
    earn this spot?!" groaned one to the Butcher, gesturing at the Stonehorn's
    rump square in front of him, its massive hooves causing seismic tremors
    with every step. "And did you hear him call me a turd earlier?! That's just..."
    The Butcher nodded an 'uh-huh,' and received a knock in the head. Looking
    back at his fellow Ogor, shocked, he was cut off before he could say
    anything: "Why, is you lissen'n' to me?! You never lissens anymore!"

    The Tyrant, head popping out of a food barrel at the low thump of drums,
    realized two things: first, that none of his ogres were musically inclined.
    Second, the Butcher hadn't brought him a single gopher that night... betrayal!
    Abandoning the food cellar in a hurry - perhaps more for the second reason
    than the first - he dashed outside, congealing his way through an acrid sweat
    to the very edge of the hill, cupping his hands over his eyes to survey the field.
    While he couldn't see the Butcher, he did see a massive legion of Seraphon
    crowning the horizon with jewel-like armor and fine obsinite. It would be his.

    He roared, berating his Scrappers to move forward at once and ready their
    Scraplauncher. Scanning his left, he groaned at the sight of his ogres
    belaying his battleline's insofar measured and dignified approach.

    His Bruiser, carrying the Tyrant's beloved battle standard, danced madly
    in a drunken haze. Urging his fellow Ogres forward with a simultaneous
    chomp, glug, swallow, gulp, point and belch, he committed that jeweled
    standard to wild and indelicate swings towards his comrades. From afar,
    the General flailed his arms madly, waving for him to please take a cautious
    approach when facing the enemy, and do not give more than you can get in
    return. It sounded something like, "STOP! STOPPIT! YOU BES' BE

    The Ogres briefly consulted with their fellow Leadbelchers about the
    dramatic approach employed by their Bruiser, totally oblivious to their general.
    Concluding their meeting by vote - with a thunderous charge forward, as
    all Ogre votes are typically resolved - they unanimously upheld the motion that,
    "Local Numba 17, Bashas and Flayas, believe dat da Bruiser's was, truly, quite
    an inspiring display. Now, let's eat!" It would be drafted into history post-battle.

    Unconcerned by this outlandish display of workplace autonomy, the Standard
    Bearer eventually ran forward with the lot of them after some brief indigestion,
    finding a couple pieces of 'neat lil' t'ings,' on the ground, and pausing at a fig tree
    to have his fill while they'd stampede ahead. "I'll catch up witcha!"

    Caught in the dead eyes of a passing Crusher, he chewed a few, "I've 'eard
    these are good for ya," he emphasized with a cheeky, figgy, "... really!"
    Towards the middle of the field, the Mournfang Cavalry gained ground,
    eager for the slaughter, tusks sharp, a different meal in mind.

    Shooting Phase:
    The two Stonehorns were the first to get a meal -- one weedy Terradon
    each, with a bonus prize: fresh Skink! The harpoons had sliced through the
    air, their cords striking satisfying hums as they snapped to high tension,
    reeling in their gruesome score as the Seraphon looked on. After the
    wounded had disappeared from sight, a pile of scrap unceremoniously landed
    at the feet of an unmoving, and snobbishly unimpressed Saurus unit: "Next
    time, buckos!!," they heard from across the field. The Alpha's knuckles
    whitened, weaponed, cold to the bone.

    Charge, Combat & Battleshock Phase:
    This was mostly uneventful, a symphony of ragged breathing, Stonehorns
    chewing a mix of grass and cement, and the usual, "But I ain' even had any ales!!,"
    answered not by a chilled, refreshing pint but rather a,

    "OY, YOU!"
    "M-me? I-I didn'.."

    Turn 1.5 - Lizardmen
    Hero Phase:
    • (During Deployment) Idly eavesdropping on a group of nearby
      skinks, the Slann quietly consults the stars from atop his floating
      "Well, you know... that one looks quite like a rather large snake."
      "No, no... it's a terradon, you don't see the wings."
      "Perhaps a mechanical steed of some kind?"
      "Mm, yes.." followed by a bit of silence, harshly broken:
      "Clearly, it's a coatl."
      Some frantic whispers, and then a sharp, confused:
      "A what?"

      The Ascendant Constellation, on the roll of a 2, is The Hunter's Steed.
    • The Slann, with merely a thought, focuses a font of sky-blue Azyrite energy
      beneath his palanquin. It grows and swells, raising the wizard high into the air.
      With a flash of lightning in its core, it explodes into a wide fog dense enough
      to hide the ground beneath it. Where his nearby forces once stood, they now
      hover just above that fog, a contented growl emitting from many as their battle
      drew near. The Skinks were the loudest of the bunch, giddy over their newfound
      speed and agility, thankful for the great gifts of the Slann. The Slann nodded
      with a half-hearted smirk,simply reclining over an audible, parent-like sigh of
      relief that he wouldn't need to put up with them much longer. Though so much had
      changed, their loyalty had not. Only with such command and dignity could they make
      use of this Gift from the Heavens.
    • Adjusting himself a bit, the Slann flicks his wrist, curling his
      fingers slowly one after the next until a ball of fire appeared. Beginning only as a
      flicker, it quickly grew twice the wizard's size. With his other hand he tugs and pulls
      at the flame, concentrating intensely as he shaped it to form. Before him materializes
      three Summoned Salamanders, which he commands to the fill gap in his battleline.
    • From across the field, the Tyrant bellowed madly, "Oy!! In my day, I
      ain' never seen no wing-ed, flyin' Lizards, and I sure as snuff ain't seen no
      Salamanda come from nuffin!" The Ironguts looked nervously back and forth
      beneath the Tyrant's enraged countenance, expecting more name-calling.
      He slurred on, "Now Iunno bout any-a-yous--"

      Then came the light. Seemingly from nowhere, an Arcane Bolt -
      crackling and popping with burning wicked raw energy - clips the
      shoulder of the Tyrant, who does his best to suppress his whimpers by
      pursing his lips, biting his tongue and forcing out such a monsoon of spittle
      that it resembles the sounding of a warhorn. Flailing back to his senses -
      'As best and modestly as any Ogre can,' the Ironguts harumphed - he glares
      across the field at the Slann, who addresses the Tyrant's surprise with a subtle
    • The Slann - now quite ready for some soft music and a nap at this
      point - finishes by bestowing a radiant, swirling, kaleidoscopic canopy
      over the Kroxigor. Between this, the soft glow of their Moon Hammers and
      the Azyrite, they shone like a Mystic Shield, capable of repelling
      the darkest darkness. In such a grim time, they would need the light.

    Movement Phase:
    Hissing with aetheric energy, the summoned Salamanders burst forth between
    the Skinks and the Mournfang Cavalry, snarling as the mounted Ogres sat shocked
    at the void-eyed horrors which beheld them. The skinks, chatterboxes to the
    end, followed them forward to the Tyrant, hushing as they readied their
    Boltspitters, mouths full of poisoned darts that they would expertly work
    into place and fire so rapidly when the time presented itself. Using the
    Kroxigors' glow, they deftly manipulated the spoiling effects of light and
    darkness on untrained eyes as they skulked forward, cloaked within the
    noise created by their aura. The Tyrant, ever-imposing, beat his fresh
    wounds with his clubs, grunting and scowling, "Punies!! Weaklings!! Fresh
    meat!! Wut's yer last words?!" The beating of wardrums continued
    uninterrupted, no words spoken, and this only served to make the Tyrant
    even more belligerent.

    On the other side of the field, even more Salamanders advanced effortlessly
    through the Mystical Bog, imbued by its magic waters. The Ogor forces
    readied themselves for the advance with shouts and whoops, but they could
    not have readied themselves for the pause. That weird pause. The Salamanders
    simply stopped, not out of fear... as though they were planning. Some Ogors looked
    back and forth, whispering, their raucous cries slowly fading to confusion.
    Their clarity came with an avian shrill, a terror of terradon riders bounding into sight
    from behind the sizzling beasts, casting stray Sunleech Bolas ahead of the Ogres
    as they circled overhead, readying themselves for the fight. None could help but look
    up at the gargantuan meteoric boulders that made up their cargo. Just as the night
    delivered the constant beating of wardrums, it was certain to deliver that payload.

    Far to the east, an Oldblood and his faithful Standard Bearer march between
    two enormous pairings of infantry, never taking their eyes off of the storming ogres
    before them. Each individual battle-hardened and faithful to the last, the Temple Guard
    looked upon the Saurus with nostalgic respect for their unerring loyalty to the last,
    and the Saurus Warriors hoped one day to be within the ranks of the Temple Guard.
    The Oldblood, as always, would come and see them all go, some through triumph, but
    often through loss. He cleared his mind, and signaled to his Standard Bearer.

    In the sight of the Ogres, the two charge forward in the column, bursting out of the pack,
    setting courage to wings in a rallying display for the other soldiers. Silent but for roars and
    warcries, the units readied their armaments, beating their shields as they approached the
    conflict. The two commanders, seeing this, turned to bare their teeth at their enemy. The
    order to charge was given and, here, the wardrums became even louder. They would ride
    the ebb and flow of fate, giving themselves to the cause of the Old Ones.

    The Slann, observing all from atop the Workshop, presides over the
    Hunter's Steed hanging high in the moonless night, and casts his eyes
    down onto the rolling wave before him, fingers drumming placidly to the
    song of battle.

    I'll write more tomorrow, I think. If you guys want, I can have a less-narrative, more in-depth battle report. Those craters are the two terradons I lost, btw. xD Hope you dig it. Sorry if there are tense errors or whatever other errors. I'll fix 'em eventually.
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  2. The Red Devil

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    I loved the narrative approach, its one of the most interesting battle reports I have read in a long time. Great work so far!
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    Heh, thanks! At some point, I'll throw a play-by-play in a spoiler somewhere so people can see how the rules worked out. Ultimately, it was a lot of fun. I missed a few things since I had to manage the whole game myself, but nothing crazy important.
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    Love the report, can we have more please.
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    Definitely want more narrative battle reports! This was awesome!

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