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Blog My Space Lizards

Discussion in 'Personal Paint Logs' started by ProllyaCrow, Apr 30, 2020.

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    The idea for my army is actual space lizards. The army will be dracothion’s tail. Teleporting from the mother ship. Everything will be converted, but should be recognizable for what it is supposed to be.

    Astrolith bearer. Converted from tau stealth suit, Saurus from blood bowl, skulls are from an orc chariot I believe, arms are from space marine.

    Saurus guard. Basically same idea as the Astrolith bearer. Weapon and shield are from a necron kit. Banner is the toad from blood bowl. I converted up a drone speaker for the musician, but it still needs to be painted.


    Chameleon skinks. Body is a tau fire warrior, boltspitter is the rifle sawed off and a pipe from the burst cannon attached. Heads are from blood bowl chameleon skink. I am planning on using them as the leaders of the unit. Rest of the skinks will be skinks with the frills trimmed off. Unit should be painted in varying stages of cloak/ decloak.


    Metal slann. Converted to be floating over the drone shell. Might paint as a hologram/ astral projection.

    slann “dreadnaught “ might run as kroak. Missiles are his force barrier.


    Salamander and handler prototypes. The idea started as a skink holding a flame thrower (like the skaven warp fire) I didn’t like how it came out. The back story for these guys is the mech is like a battle suit like a cross between aliens and predator. The handlers are the technicians that do field repairs on the suit, reload ammo, etc.
    The demon skulls are their trophies, as they generally stay aboard the ship and teleport down where they are needed most.

    hopefully this painting log will give me the motivation to finish the army before the quarantine is over.
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