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AoS Need help with my 2000 points list. (AoS)

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Majzan, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Majzan
    Jungle Swarm

    Majzan New Member

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    So this is just the way of style i want to go towards but i have a really hard time closing the list.
    Im very interested in making it as competetive as possible and would love your advice to further build this list/take away some parts to make it as strong as steel!

    Want it to be:
    Diverce & Tournament competetive with as much synergy as it possibly can be.

    The list im stuck on consists of this right now:

    Engine of the Gods (240)
    Skink Starpriest (100)
    Salamander w/ Handlers (100)
    Skinks (80)
    Skinks (80)
    Bastiladon (300)
    Bastiladon (300)
    Ripperdactyl Riders (140)

    Shadowstrike Starhost (120)
    Thunderquake Starhost (120)

    Points: 1580 Points


    Want this to aim for 2000 points.

    as i mentioned above, im looking for experienced seraphon players that can give me some great advice on how to further move this list to the competetive scene.
  2. Bowser

    Bowser Third Spawning

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    Honestly, this will need a bit of work. If you want the engine, you should take a slann to maximize your return. You will also want 2-3 salamanders. 1 will not get you much of a return. And if you can fit it in a skink starseer. The rerolls and the curse of fates spell will definitely help out.
    Starseer (160)
    Slann (260)
    2000 points
    You won't be able to fit in more salamanders unfortunately, but it keeps your Thunderquake so not all wasted.
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  3. Killer Angel
    Skink Priest

    Killer Angel Well-Known Member

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    I see some wasted potential.
    With 2 formations, you can pick up to three artefacts. But order artefacts are basically for close combat heroes, and you have none...

    The list is good, but you won't be able to fully exploit the advantage of the 3 artefacts.
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  4. Nielspeterdejong

    Nielspeterdejong Well-Known Member

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    Agreed, I just wish that they brought the Seraphon Allegiance already :p

    You need 3 units of Skinks, and seeing as they are skinks and we don't have Seraphon order Allegiance yet, you could even add some other Order units if you'd like.
    Instead of the Thunderquake, might I recommend the Heavenwatch starhost? Your Skinks will also be able to reroll just like that.
    However, if your Bastiladon do the snakes instead, then Thunderquake might still be better. However remember to take the "savage" stance, since the bonusses are all only for melee I'm afraid. If so, how about this:

    Thunderquake Starhost: 120
    Engine of the gods: 240
    Salamander with handler: 100
    Bastiladon: 300
    Bastiladon: 300

    Shadowstrike Starhost: 120
    Skink Starpriest: 100
    Skinks: 80
    Skinks: 80
    Ripperdactyl riders: 140

    Skinks: 80

    And then you would have 1660 points.

    The downside of the Thunderquake starhost however is that the bonusses are only in melee, so instead of the handlers I'd take the Kroxigor since the bonusses are otherwise wasted. So instead of the Salamander you'd take the Kroxigor for 80 points more, so the total becomes 1740. You'd have just enough points to buy the Slann.

    The Slann kinda sucks with his magic right now, since he can't summon. But at least his 3th spell will allow for better rerolls for your skinks when they get charged. Plus his biggest strength, the reroll on 1's, is kinda wasted since most of your units can do that.

    Instead, why not try the Heavenwatch starhost? Though your Bastiladon need lazers on their backs to get the most out of that. The upside of the Heavenwatch is that all the units that you listed can be included in that list. And if you handle your points well enough, you might even have room for lord Kroak in it. Something like this:

    Heavenwatch Starhost: 100
    Starseer: 160
    2 Skink priests (for the area buff that gives you rerolls on saves): 100
    3 Units of 10 Skinks: 240
    Bastiladon: 300
    Bastiladon: 300
    Engine of the gods: 240

    You'd have 1540 points, meaning you have 460 points left. You could play around with this a bit, and add some order units, or if you want to use the ripperdactyl just add 2 units of those (280) for 1820 total, and add say a unit of 3 Kroxigor. Or you could instead remove the Engine of the gods, and add a third Bastiladon, and add the Dread Saurian (to give an example :)) And make a beefy line of dinos.
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