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AoS Need help with my list

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by AboudTa, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. AboudTa

    AboudTa Member

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    Hi, I'm not a very experienced player, only playing a hand full of games. im looking at expanding my army by adding some depth to my cohorts, some monsters and a slann but I am not sure what to get, any advice on what to get or tactics would be appreciated.

    The units I currently have
    - Saurus oldblood
    - Saurus sunblood
    - skink priest
    - 10 Saurus guard
    - 10 skinks
    - 20 Saurus warriors
    - 8 saurus knights

    The units I would like to add to my collection are:
    - lord kroak
    - saurus oldblood on carnusor, 12 saurus warriors, 8 saurus knights (current starter kit)
    - salamander with handlers

    With the expansion of my army I'm only looking at spending less then $300
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  2. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Guardian of Paints Staff Member

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    Lord Kroak is a great model but very expensive point wise for what he does, the starter kit is a good start, a unit of chameleon skinks and Rippers wouldn't hurt and a basilidon
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  3. Aginor
    Skink Priest

    Aginor Well-Known Member

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    I would also go for the Starter Kit and convert one of the Knights to a Scar Veteran on Cold One (very easy to do).
    That way you would have 15 Knights and a Scar Vet which would enable you to play a Firelance Starhost.
    Those additional Warriors would give you 30 Saurus all in all, which is a nice group, and you could even build a minimum Sunclaw Starhost with those (not very effective but cool for friendly games I guess).
    Then you can build the Oldblood on Carno which is nice, and you can build the Troglodon's rider onto a base to have a Priest or Starpriest which will add some synergies to your army. OR you can convert him to a Skink Chief like I did, and buy a box of Skinks to have thirty of them.

    Kroak isn't worth it at the moment, and to be honest I think Salamanders aren't worth it either. Each one is 25 bucks or so, and ugly to boot. Better build a box of Guards and an Eternity Warden and that way you have an Eternal Starhost available.

    So my suggestion:
    - Starter Set $85
    - Box of Skinks $35
    - Box of Guards $55
    - Eternity Warden $20

    => $190

    Then you could still build a few Terradons or Rippers for $60 and a box of Chameleons for $25, which would enable you to play a decent Shadowstrike and you would be still below $300.
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  4. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Well-Known Member

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    A cheap army will have as main force the "start collecting".

    With those 85$, you will have:
    a saurus general on carnosaur,
    a free skink priest (oracle conversion),
    some knights and some saurus warriors
    You could even proxy one of the remaining saurus warriors as poor men's Astrolith Bearer, if you give him as banner, the standard of the knights or the plaque of the Oracle.

    Then pick a box of skinks: it's 20 Euro and contains 24 skinks.
    10 of them can be used as regular skinks (80 pts)
    10 of them can be converted into 2 units of 5 x chama skinks (120 pts each)
    The Alpha skink could be converted into a Skink Chief (it's 80 pts): it won't serve you too much, cause it's useful only as general for a skink army... but that would work for the future.
    The last 3 skinks can be assembled with javelin and used as handlers. At this point you just need to find something to use as salamander (a single khorne flesh hound is perfect, on ebay you'll find it at a lower price than regular sallies).

    So, with a really minimal expense (20 $) you'll have 360 points of useful units
  5. Canas

    Canas Well-Known Member

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    To add to aginor, you might want to get a bastillidon or stegadon if only for the satisfying feeling of having a big dinosaur stomping through your enemies. You're lacking big stuff :p though you might find the carnosaur enough for now.
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  6. KingCheops
    Temple Guard

    KingCheops Active Member

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    A little bit of hobby plaster and some imagination actually nets you a Troglodon out of the starter set in addition to the Carnosaur. Some magnets let you change between Scar Vet and Oldblood on the Carnosaur.

    The starter set is a really good deal. Definitely get that next.
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