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AoS need to smash someone up 1500 Points

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Hobocop, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Hobocop
    Jungle Swarm

    Hobocop New Member

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    Hi there,
    today i lost my 5th game in a row. Win/loss ratio 1/6.
    Against 1380p Stormcast Eternals from Soul Wars, the magic guys.
    Match Setting:
    No Realm, War of attrition (most wounds done wins), no battleshock

    My List
    Slann Starmaster
    -Great Rememberer

    Scar-Vet on Cold One
    Skink Starpriest
    Old Blood on Carnosaur
    -Blade of Realities

    5 Knights Lances
    20 Skinks Javelins
    10 Warrior Clubs

    1 Bastiladon with Beam

    Chronomatic Cogs
    Emerald Lifeswarm
    summary: 1410p 78wounds

    My opponent totally fu...d me up. Evaporated my few Battlelines with Chain-Lightning things after he lost his unit. (one of two units i could kill, the other ones came back)

    Maybe my list is crap but the only unit which did some damage was the Oldblood. Every Unit i brought back to the table got killed in a moment.

    The last Match was against Nighthaunt. They had to fight harder but tabled me in Round 4. Similar list from my side.

    I need some help which way to go. I think i need much more Battleline. My favorite would be Skinks. 60 more of them? And maybe a Unit of Chama Skinks?
    Fire Salamanders? or Razors? with handlers

    I feel a little bit confused or maybe overwhelmed. And losing every Match make me feel like Seraphon don´t do the trick.
  2. LizardWizard

    LizardWizard Well-Known Member

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    Saurus Astrolith Bearers are probably the biggest linchpin in Seraphon list outside of the Slann. Proud Defiance rerolls make Skinks and Razordons down right scary. A unit of four Razordons can shred horde units, pick off enemy heroes, and punish opponents for charging. Javelins 8" range prevents them from being able to fire on a unit after using LoSaT to teleport them unless you roll a 5/6. For this reason Blotspitters are generally a better equipment choice. Sadly, Saurus Knights are pretty week unless run in a Firelance Starhost or Dracothion's Tail Battalion.

    Lastly, 1500 is the point range where you want to considering Battalions. Shadowstrike Starhost, Thunderquake Starhost, and Fangs of Sotek are the three most competitive battalions at the moment. Both TqS and FoS are hard to run optimally at only 1500. This leaves Shadowstrike Starhost as the best choice, in my opinion, at 1500. I recommend reading through the recent Battalion discussions on Lustria Online. There have been a lot of good forums on how to construction a variety of list since the reason of AoS 2.0.
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  3. Hobocop
    Jungle Swarm

    Hobocop New Member

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    Dear Lizardwizard,
    thanks for your reply. Yes i've been reading some stuff about the battalions. I think the shadowstrike starhost will help me a lot. I like the idea to set up the toad close to the terradons. Razordons near them and Rippers up in the sky. Maybe the opponent will think twice if he wants to attack the terradons.

    And whats on my Mind too, is to Losat something nasty behind the opponent 2 times. But which Units are hard enough to do it? Sotek Bastiladon and a Carnosaur?
    Maybe it´s helpfull to write down whats actually in my possession (is this right for something that i own?) to find the best way to expand?
    1 Slann
    1 Oldblood on Carno
    1 Scar Veteran on Cold one
    7 Knights with lances
    12 Warrior with clubs
    21 Skinks with javelins
    1 Skink Starpriest
    1 Bastiladon

    Malign Sorcery Box
  4. Nart
    Cold One

    Nart Active Member

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    As was mentioned above, consider Astrolith Bearer first of all. He adds too much to seraphon army right now, despite being pricy on points.

    If you want to go for Fangs, get Sunblood and 3 boxes of warriors - this are bare minimum to make it work. You need at least 60 warriors in formation of 40/10/10. 40/40/10 would be even stronger, but you'll need 2 more boxes of warriors. Another SC box can be useful too, because it will give you another 12 warriors and you can make Oldblood on foot. Oldblood on foot has a good command ability, which allows to reform a saurus unit around a single model. Additionaly, it gives reroll of 1's to-wound with his aura to all saurus units.

    You need to get more skinks too. 60 is a bare minimum, 80-120 is a number you want. This is enough to fill battlelines, use in Shadowstrike and summoning. Engine of Gods is another must-have for seraphon nowdays. You should get at least one - for filling Thunderquake starhost.

    Ripperdactyls are also very strong unit. Getting 1-2 boxes is a must if you want to field Shadowstrike. Terradons are also good, but they are a bit more tricky to use and more random, while Rippers are probably the best damage dealer in our army right now. Another 1-2 big monsters will be helpful too - Stegadons or Bastiladons. They are strong on themselves and will fill thunderquake slots.

    Finally, you should get 4 razordons and/or salamanders. They are cheap to summon, strong damage dealers and needed for Thunderquake.
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