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8th Ed. Pinkies tournament report with saurus warrior horde n' stuff

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Pinktaco, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Pinktaco

    Pinktaco Vessel of the Old Ones Staff Member

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    SO I figured I'd better finally do this. I'm going to go about this two way - first I'm just going write a quick summary about what I though about the overall list and the tournament itself and then the actual games (3).

    Before I being: the tournament was held in our local store and we were 12 participants. Some played somewhat hardcore, but most were just in the middle of the road. So don't expect ultra competitive games in the following.

    The list:

    Slann, channel staff combo and reroll first failed dispel attempt discipline.
    Oldblood w/ GW, CO, armour of destiny and dawnstone.

    Scar Vet BSB w/ skavenpelt banner, LA/Shield and CO.

    40 saurus warriors w/ sword, full command.
    2 x 12 skink skirmisher units.

    2 x 5 cameleon skinks.
    7 CORs w/ spears, full command.
    30 templeguards, gleaming banner,full command.

    Thoughts after 3 battles:
    I felt SO powerful. Maybe due to the players I were up against, but I was somewhat confident in all games. Here's what I really liked:
    The oldblood was a menace - if people didn't fear him before they do now. The CoRs w/ spears + skavenpelt banner = death. I had my 2 characters in front + 5 CoRs and the riders each produced 16 attacks and 2 more additional PF attacks, on average. The mounts produced 21 attacks. It was just utterly ridiculous and easily my MVP of the games.

    The cameleon skinks... I don't know.. they shot down a stone thrower, but otherwise they just kinda flapped around. They did do 2 wounds on a chimera so that's something. Overall I'm having a hard time using them and for the points I can almost get a bastiladon and have that +1I on my guards.

    The saurus warriors! Didn't do much. Or actually they did in one game, but from my perspective they didn't do much. There's a thing though - the unit is huge and people are wary of engaging them. I should've asked my opponents what they felt about them because I actually don't know what they think.

    The templeguards didn't get to do much unfortunatetly. I'll go more into that.

    So the reason I felt powerful was because I had 2 good combat blocks, my very powerful CoR unit and very powerful magic. I just liked it and felt I could take on much more than normally.

    Magic was overwhelming most of the time. Tetto'eko + slann is close to ridiculous and I loved it! Rerolling all my rolls of 1 is just incredible powerful. With that said most of the magic done came from Tetto, however the slann is still a very powerful lvl 4 when dispelling. Rerolling a failed dispel attempt is very good, infact just knowing you can reroll will make you gamble more and in return you not only shut down the spell your opponent throws at you, but also make up for the fact that he'll likely have more dice than you.
    Unfortunately the channel combo was yet again an utter failure. The "1 dice on average in both phases" doesn't hold water when I'm the one rolling the dice. I'm not cursed in all aspects of the game, just this. I think I got off 2 rolls of 5 during the entire tournament. Meh.

    The tournament
    Not a lot of restrictions, not gnoblars, no rhino riders, Chaos Dwarfs were allowed though. No 50% lords which was a bit of a bummer for me, no khaine magic (yay). Only 3 warmachines (which one of my opponents failed to remember) and you needed a core unit for each warmachine. Overall not a lot of restrictions so that was lovely, but there was ONE issue I didn't realize until after first match.
    We were allowed to choose magic lore AFTER knowing who we played against. I thought we were restricted to choosing one lore for the entire thing. Obviously (to keep up) I switched things up depending on my opponent and .. well I think it was alright, but could've been better. My biggest grip with that is that people will just tailor their magic to their opponent. Imagine a Bretonnia player - he'd get nuked into oblivion because everybody would choose metal. I told the person in charge about what I thought about it and I think he'll take it into consideration next time. We are afterall supposed to make all-comers list.

    1st match - Dwarf castle
    My first player apparently forgot the rule not to have more than 3 warmachines so he had 4. 2 organ cannons, 1 cannon and 1 stonethrower. He also have 1 unit of ironbreakers with a lord and a thane, 1 unit of warriors with hw/shields and a BSB (I think), 1 unit of longbeards and 1 unit of tunderers.

    The scenario were battleline although you could get extra points by standing in the middel with a unit and with your general. I completely forgot about that, derp.

    He castled up in the middle of his deployment. I did some lousy deployment with my saurus warriors and templeguards. He had his ironbreakers in the middle and the other two blocks on the flanks. My blocks were set up across his with my cameleon skinks trying to get into his gunline from the flank and my bus on the opposite flank facing his thunderers. They were screened by regular skinks.

    I can't remember all phases of the game, but he get's first turn and the stonethrowers remove 5 saurus warrios. Yuck :( He also remove one unit of cameleon skinks with his organ cannon and a CoR with his cannon.
    I get back on him kill the stone thrower with my remaining 5 cameleon skinks. Lucky shots! I generally just moved up the board and my screening skinks killed off 1-2 thunderer with poison shots. During magic phase he ate my comet spell. Crap, especially because I rolled high. I get off chainlightning and picks off 2/3 crew member of a piece of artillery and nothing more.

    Next turn was more shooting, he killed off 4/5 cameleon skinks and.. they stayed O.O He shot some more at my CoRs, but they lived on and overall it was fine.
    My lone ranger cameleon skink succesfully charged an organ cannon! :D
    The bus charged the regular warriors, my templeguards failed their charged against the longbeards and my saurus warriors got their charge against his ironbreakers with lord <.<

    Crap. The charges should've all been fairly safe and I needed for my guards to get into combat and out of the way.

    I get some magic off, but nothig important. Tetto'eko is hiding safely in a forest. I shoot some more on the thunderers, 7/10 left lol. Damn 4+ save.

    In combat I WRECKED the warriors with my bus. BOOM , but they're still steadfast so they stick on their Ld10 rerollable. Meh. Next turn they won't be steadfast.
    My saurus warrior do close to nothing against the ironbreakers, I lose combat by 3 and I'm not steadfast. A rerollable Ld6 with coldblooded have a 89% chance to stick and they flee. My god damn big as's block of saurus warriors turn tail and flee. They live! But now hell is about to break lose.
    My brave cameleon skink died, but just barerly. It was hilarious because he kinda flopped his attacks and I just needed to stick around.

    It's his next turn and my templeguards failed their charge previously and are now put in a very very very bad spot. BOOM both ironbreakers and longbeards with great weapons charge me. They get +1 strenght so even the ironbreakers have S5 with their 3+/5+ save. Not only that, but the combat is just overall HORRIBLE. I forgot previously that he had a runesmith in the longbeards. SO here's the thing - the lord takes up 2/5 spots in the iron breaker unit, the thane another spot and in the longbeard unit the runesmith take up one spot. The bases are smaller than my guards so it's just super super messy. I putting attacks here and there and hardly do anything at all. He loses like.. 3 ironbreakers and remove 14 templeguards :/ I'm stubborn, but sh1t will still be upon me next turn.

    In the same turn he finally decided to charge my annoying skinks at his tunderers. I stood firm and shot at him. Pew pew pew another one bit the dust. Combat: 3 more dwarfs died before they could hit. WHAT?! he was not down to 3 thunderers <.< I won combat, but he sticked.

    So the rest of the game: I kill all his warmachines and the warriors, my guards + the slann dies. Actually the slann just barely die as the last model in the unit. He managed to flee, reform and got charged yet against and just barely died to the longbeards. My warriors live and so did my characters. I'm not sure if the CoRs lived. Tetto'eko lived, my skinks vs thunderers killed off/overran his thunderers and didn't do much of anything.

    It ended up with a 14/6 victory to him. It was okay. I'm not the greatest player and I hadn't been humiliated completely. I failed a very reasonable charged and everything else went downhill from there. Had my guards managed the charged they would've kill his longbeards and could my saurus warriors just ffs have stood firm with a 90% chance of not breaking my bus would've likely done a flank charge = no 5+ parry on the ironbreakers. I'm not saying the game could've been a 20-0 to me, but a 10/10 would've been very possible. Oh well.

    oh yeah I had lore of light, I didn't get much off really. Mostly it was tetto'eko. I did, however, get off the "pass all Ld tests" on my slann in the end which made him stick around for one more round against the longbeards. :D

    2nd match - marauder chaos
    I looked on my opponents army and felt super confident. He had: lvl 2 nurgle mage. Lord on juggernut with 3 skullcrushers, a 30 model unit of khorne/flail marauders, a small unit of chaos warriors, a bigger unit (20 models) of chaos warriors - both with nurgle/halbard - a chimera with the usual tricks and a hellcannon. Oh he also had a BSB with his big unit of warriors (where the mage was as well).

    By now I knew I could change lore so I quickly decided to use metal.

    I get first turn and I do quite well. My warriors were set to take on his big unit of warriors. Templeguards his skullcrushers and bus his marauders/chimera. Cameleon skinks put in a forest in front of the chimera.
    I get first turn, shoots of 2 wounds off the chimera and I'm super happy already there.
    I shuffle around a bit, but I'm standing more or less in place. I have the magic superiority. I get off the comet and get off plague of rust on the big unit of warriors. The comet is place in front and middle of both his warriors unit. Next to the small unit his skullcrushers are.

    His turn is rather quick. He aims the cannon at my warriors, picks off some and overall not much. He stayed put with his warriors - afraid of the comet - and move his juggers up. Chimera charged my chameleon skinks and they fled and got overrun. We did a mistake here and it ended up much further up in my deployment zone than it should've been able to, oh well. Marauders move up.

    Oh crap I almost forgot something important! teh comet. At first I thought it was only in my phase, but it wasn't. It goes off and the blast radious is ridiculous. It even hits one of my skink skirmisher unit lol. Small unit of warriros? Basically nuked. They're down to command models only. The big unit? Get's hit quite well and I pick off like 5 models or so. Remember plague of rust + S5 comet = no saves. Goood. SKULLCRUSHER GOT HIT :D :D Boom 8 hits, 7 needed to be saved and he flopped 5 of them. he's down to 1 skullcrusher with full wounds and another with 1 wound. I'm super confident now and didn't care much for the lord. Kill the remaining skullcrushers and win combat. Right, RIGHT?!

    So my turn. I stay put with all except my oldblood. It charged his marauders and... failed. Another safe charged failed and even worse it was just by 1. I think I needed 6 and I rolled 5. Alright, more magic. Chainlightning goes off and kill the wounded skullcrusher. Not much else (we roll quite low the entire game here). I tried to get off a bunch of hexes and stuff on the skullcrushers, but he scrolled me and dispelled and yeah.. I wanted to reduce the armour and I had both sword of aiban, transmutation of lead and plague of rust. Nothing goes through :( OK fair enough.
    I did some pew pew with my skinks on his remaining warrior command and kill off the champ.

    Next turn he charged his warriors into my, skullcrushers into my guards - both succeeded and his marauders into OB? They failed on a very safe roll. COME ON NOW. I needed that to happen. I needed to hold them off. Chimera pivot and is now starring into my bus, next to my bus are my guards who are now engaged with the skullcrushers. What an odd dilemma. I'm pinched.
    His magic was useless most of his turns, but now he was super pissed on tetto'eko. Primary target from here on out with his hellcannon was Tetto'eko :D He luckily not much happened.
    His warriors win against mine, BUT the -1 armour on his warrior was great for me. That 6+ save on his guy was very much needed and I can constantly remove a healthy amount of models. He still win combat, but I stick. I removed both skullcrushers, but he won that combat. The lord is weird. 1+ save with the hellfire sword is .. interesting. Nothing else on that guy <.<

    So my turn. I'm uncertain what to do. Marauders are starring at me very closely now. Chimera on my flank. I figured to hell with it and charged my lone OB + bus up his marauders. I hoped I could deal with the lone lord now. Lousy save and I have 2-3 ranks + banner.

    Overall magic was a dud. I pew pew some more on his unit of 2 command warriors and nothing else really happen.
    COMBAT :D I made the best kind of minched meat out of his marrauders you could ever imagine. 25/30 marauders GONE. They did nothing on me, or well I think they remove like 1-2 rider, but to no concern. I have to overrun due to PF so I run up with him, but.. I didn't catch him :/
    His lord wiffs all his attacks :D and then his juggernut goes to town and remove 4 models -.- I'm down to 2 ranks, do 1 wound and have a banner. Draw :( I really needed to remove his frenzy and maybe run him down.

    Rest of the game: Chimera charged my templeguards and they perished. I did something foolish and figured hey why not preserve some guards by accepting his challenge from his lord. Of course the lord could suddenly hit my slann all of a sudden. He did 4 unsaved wounds that turned into multiple wounds D3. I lost 6 wounds in one go and all the guards perished.
    At that point the game had entirely turned. I went from a safe victory to surely losing. My bus was now far away and my warriros were slowly getting grinded down. His chimera turned to face my warriors from the flank.
    I ran down the rest of the marauders with my BSB alone. Points could be acquired by having units (not characters in the opponents deployment zone so I rolled my riders close to his 2 command models, but still in the zone. My OB was free. I needed points, but how? Oh and his cannon had run amok and run down some skinks.
    My opponent was very friendly and I liked playing him, but I also played him. I knew what my OB could do and because his lord had chosen to run after tetto'eko end get hit by a S10 IF accident from Tetto (trololol) he was now down to 1 wound. I told him I'd gladly challenge his lord in the middle of the board if he just came back to me. HE DID :D so later I charged his lord (my BSB was btw then shot by his cannon who had learned to restrain itself again - direct hit :/ ).
    I saved all attacks from his lord, despit no armour save allowed. Good. I then swung with my OB - people were watching and anticipating my OB going to town (my opponent not knowing he had done a mistake and had been baited). I outright killed his lord in one go. Easy, now the chimera - it was just nearby and I overrun straight up into the rear of the beast. YES. I could actually get points back and it only had two wounds. Guess what? I won combat, but didn't kill it. It ran off, but reform the turn after. The cannon ran amok again! 3D6 random movement straight into my OB and I was happy and sad. Could it have been possible to get all 3 big units during the last turns? Maybe, but the chimera got away and I wasn't aware that the damn cannon was UNBREAKABLE. Why is a deamonic cannon not unstable like the rest of the deamons? I killed the dwarfs and the game ended. I didn't get points for the cannon because FU I'M WARRIORS OF CHAOS B1TCHS. With that said I made a mistake here. I cannot actually hit the dwarfs like you cannot hit the skinks in a salamander unit.

    So the game ended 12-8 to him. I wasn't pissed at all, it had been a hilarious game and we had both enjoyed ourself. I could've won, but I didn't. I let my bus go too far away. Next time I need tetto'eko around my bus.. I think. Again I hadn't been outplayed. In fact his army was very .. not very optimal. Marauders? I LOVED IT, but they aren't that good and somewhat expensive. Lord on jugger with hellfire sword and nohting else than a 1+ save? :D
    Also my warriors actually held out well. His unit was more expensive than my warriors unit (that BSB was "naked", but still like 150pts or so). I'm not disappointed in them because point for point they actually did their job. The grind was heavy on both sides and I was only run down by the chimera in the flank. I would've done the same again, but the chimera was my biggest issue. Again I believe we did a mistake when it ran after the skinks, but I can't quite remember what. Oh well. I'm very confident that I could've won the game, but here my experience played a part so I just need more games under the belt.

    3rd game - time for revenge against my Beastmen friend. Third time is a charm right?
    I'll do this later. Weather in Denmark is HOT and I need sun on my skin :D
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    I haven't actually read my post through so don't mind the spelling errors. :)

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