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AoS Purge of warmbloods, Saurians battle reports

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Buldi, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Buldi

    Buldi Member

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    Ok, i promissed this a while ago. But you are here for the reports- lets not waste words on introduction.

    Season of war battles, Clash of battlelines vs Dark Elves, 1500 points

    Units of 10 were the stars of the show. I went for the obvious choice- Temple Guard. Hard to kill AND new units from reserves? Nailed it!
    So took 3 units of 10, add a Eternity Warden, two units of ripperdactyls, one unit of 10 chameleons. Something like that. Cant remember correctly.
    Sad elves fieldet a big, fat unit of darkshards, 30 of them, 20 bleakswords, 10 knights, 10 executors, 3 drakespawn chariots, lord on a dino.

    Reinforcements allowed me to play careless. With heading on i lured his attack and shooting onto my guard, while protecting the rippers. Guard took some nasty blows, but i got rid of the chariots.
    Respawning knights were a bit of a pain. Through the first 3 rounds i advanced only with my guard. This allowed my opponent to attack. My plan was to stop him on my half of the table, right before the capture zone.
    Then boom. Quick attack with my rippers on the flanks, chama teleport. 1 of 3 units of guard fighting on his side. Bloody but easy win.

    Season of war, a champion emerges, 2000. I think. Vs Wood elves.

    I was 99% sure that my opponent will field Durthu to the duel. So i went for a trick. I went cheap.
    The big tree smashed my skink priest in the duel... Only to look straight into my salamanders maws :)

    I think i have the Lord Kroak, Oldblood on carno, Eternity starhost, sallies. I was fighting some two units of wildwood rangers, some wild riders, archers, kurunous hunters, Araloth, some shooting heroes and a mage. Plus Durthu, but i rosted that guy in firts round xD

    The cavalery was put against my left flank, so i established a defence in cover there, while pushed heavy in the middle and right. He intercepted my guard in the center with rangers, stopped they advance for two rounds. Didnt suffer heavly there. My defence on the left flank was inpenetrable. The riders went in fast and died fast, trying getting to the slann. Loosers :)
    The archers focused on two targets from the beggining. Salamanders and carnosaur. Because of that carno didnt kill much, one hunter and 2 archers, but took a ton of damadge before dying. Sallies died aswell, but they did their job killing Durthu in the beggining.
    Once i kill the wildwood rangers, the center reached his archers. It was a slaughterhouse.
    My thoughts? Good positioning at the start, quick decision there to defend and where to push and after that it was a no brainer.

    Season of war, monster clash, 1500 points vs Sylvaneth.

    A hard battle. Guy did his homework, made a good list and pack his Spirit of Durthu with artifacts. Big tree had 2+ save, ignoring -1 rend. Adding a mage with regrowth, abnother with summoning forests, two pack of driads, hunters with swords... Nasty. And he sould teleport into those forests. That raised my blood pressure for sure xD

    My plan was to shoot. Thats it. I didnt even took the guard. Just two units of skinks, 10 lizzies in each, 3 krozigors, a slann and thunderquacke starhost. He set up in the center, i placed my skinks in the center aswell. As bait. The rest was on the far left (commies, lol)

    He got greedy in the beginning and fielded the wizard with forest summon to close to me. He failed the casting. I dont want to think what would be if he succeeded that attempt. But life is brutal. He took a bolt from the stegadons giant bow :) Nasty death.
    My skinks were not there to kill. They were bloking the teleport to the forest on my half. To clear out, he sends driad first. And some treekins. Forgot to mention those earlier.
    One krox counterattack later i lost one skink unit for the cost of those treekins and dryads. He still could not teleport, so his big treefellow had a slow advance. The slann allowed me to manipulate the engine of the gods. That resulted in d6 mortal wounds for Durthu every turn! When added bastilodon shooting, Big Woody was history in turn three. Big victory for the lizards :)

    Season of war, defence of the stronghold, battle for the first place in the tournament. 2000 points vs Stormcast Eternals.
    Epic battle. Hardest one. Most satysfying :)
    Grymms Brotherhood, Celestant on foot, Vezilor with teleportarium. And a mf DRAGON! The big one!

    A took the thundarquacke starhost, got rid of the kroxigors and added sallies, astrolith bearer and eternal starhost. I think. Memory not as good as i wanted xD
    I put all my units around my stronghold, waiting and shooting. I had one target in the beggining. Vexilor. I was scared as f ot those 10 retributors teleporting on ma ass. Luckly, he beggins our battle and close into my range of fireing. Vexilor down. Yes!
    The drago. Hit my weaker, left flank. In teo rounds killed almost 2 units of guard before taken down by those polearms and sallies.
    Without the vexillor, his army was slow. 4 movement is not much :) the firefight between 5 judicators, 3 prosecutors and my bastilodon and stegadon... well, lets say we had some gold plated corpses on the table xD
    Dealing with his dragon,, then shooting to the rest took me a while. Lost my guard to the last brave saurus to finish of the retributors and liberators. Time was running out. He did light damadge to jy stronghold,but i did nothing to his. Defeat was at hand.
    Then i go all out. Had two turns to do some damadge. My rampageing stegadons ignore his judicators, attacking that stronghold. I've magage to succeed. Big win and first place in the campain.

    Lizards vs Khorne Bloodbound, 1000 points.
    This was tricky. My opponent new my army very well and new what i was going to do on the field because.... i was playing against myself. :)
    Is it appropiet to say that i had fun with myself?xD

    Anyway, lists:

    Skink priest
    Skink starpriest
    10xsaurus with club
    10xskinks with javelins
    Stegadon with giant bow


    Khorne lord on juggernaut
    Dark avenger command trait
    3x10 Reavers with meatripper axe
    2x5 Skullreapers with deamonblades
    Darkfeast batalion

    My plan with establishing a defence in the middle with a line of saurus went to hell. The slaughterpriest prayed well and forced the warriors to run. Then they get a charge from reapers. Dead in one turn
    I did little damadge from my giant bow to the secrator, supriseinglly. With stoker boost i catched the steg with one reavers unit, did 8 wounds in one swing 0_o
    Krox went with a counterattack to the reapers that kill the saurus. I really want ro push the krox to see what they can. It took 3 rounds but 6 krox for 4 reapers is not a good barter. Slaughterpriest killed one with prayes btw.
    I could say easy win for the Bloodbound. Can i say that my lizards are still undefeated? XD
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016
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  2. Bowser

    Bowser Third Spawning

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    All really good battles! Too bad about the bloodbound, but at least you defeated yourself! I do feel bad for the guy who failed to cast his forest first turrn, but it's funny how you stopped his back up plan with skinks!
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  3. Buldi

    Buldi Member

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    Yeah, i read his warscrolla, but have no idea of his faction artifacts and his abiloty to teleport. I just improvised. Good thing he started with dryads, so i was able to react and made it impossible to transport Big Woody (3 inches prom the forest, 9 from my models)

    With Bloodbound i can really test some defencive units and tactics. See what happeneds if i take an enemy charge in the face and shrug off those nasty blows. Or not :p
    AND im learning how to beat a defencive army with the Khorne fellaz. I really like this list, with reavers as the main punch. Last week killed 6 plaguedrones with 20 of those shirtless wonders.
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