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KoW Roman Accessories for KoW

Discussion in 'Salamanders Discussion' started by Itepixcauh, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Well-Known Member

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    Hello Guys!

    As requested by @Crowsfoot I've managed to convince my friend that makes laser cut accessories for KoW to sell outside Spain, he is still working on the shipping cost but in the mean time I leave the prices here in case you are interested. Pictures soon to come.

    First two letters determine the type of product, followed by the measurements in cm, so PM200120, will be a Large Base that measures 200 by 120, so a multibase for an Infantry Horde.

    Large Bases:

    PM5050 0,25€
    PM7575 0,40€
    PM10040 0,60€
    PM10050 0,60€
    PM12040 0,70€
    PM10080 0,80€
    PM12550 0,80€
    PM12080 0,85€
    PM15050 0,85€
    PM125100 0,95€
    PM150100 1,05€
    PM20080 1,20€
    PM200120 1,45€
    PM24080 1,25€
    PM250100 1,45€
    PM150200 1,45€

    Large Bases Packs

    5PM10040 2,70€
    5PM12040 3,15€
    5PM10080 3,60€
    4PM12550 2,80€
    5PM12080 3,80€
    4PM125100 3,35€
    3PM20080 3,00€
    3PM250100 3,60€

    Movement Trays:

    BM10040 1,25€
    BM12040 1,45€
    BM10080 1,65€
    BM12550 1,65€
    BM12080 1,80€
    BM15050 1,80€
    BM125100 2,00€
    BM150100 2,20€
    BM20080 2,50€
    BM200120 3,00€
    BM24080 2,50€
    BM250100 3,00€

    Movement Trays Packs:

    5BM10040 5,60€
    5BM12040 6,50€
    5BM10080 7,40€
    4BM12550 5,75€
    5BM12080 8,10€
    4BM125100 7,00€
    3BM20080 6,25€
    3BM250100 7,50€

    Small Bases (also available separately, just ask):
    PI2020 1,20€ 25 units
    PI2525 1,25€ 20 units
    PI2550 1,25€ 10 units
    PI4040 1,20€ 12 units

    More to come in a few hours, sorry!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2016
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