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Gallery Saurus Warriors

Discussion in 'Itza Gallery of Fine Arts' started by The Red Devil, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Oh_Man
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    Oh_Man Well-Known Member

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    My Saurus Warriors:
    When the Lizardmen march to battle, it is the Saurus who make up the hardened core of the fighting forces. This is no surprise, for the Saurus were created solely for the purpose of war and protection. The Old Ones cultivated this race of reptilian warriors, although whether they created them entirely, or raised them up from some primordial life form of the jungles, is not clear. What is assured, however, is their role and function. In the prehistory of the world, a time before the coming of Elves or Dwarfs, it was the Saurus who pacified the lands, fighting great battles and exterminating entire species in accordance with the Old Ones' plans. Although unable to master more complicated devices, Saurus use simple weapons to devastating effect - wielding obsidian-tipped spears and heavy clubs spiked with jagged stones. Using their great strength, Saurus can leave the roads and hack through the dense jungles of Lustria using brute force alone.
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  2. Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl
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    Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl Well-Known Member

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    Now that I’ve finished both Saurus units, I’ll show them on here as well. First the 18 spear warriors:
    And the 20 club warriors:
  3. Imrahil

    Imrahil Well-Known Member

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    Nice work, though the pictures could be better ;)

    I still have to post mine here as well
    Saurus Warriors(6).jpg Saurus Warriors(5).jpg Saurus Warriors(4).jpg

    Gr, Imrahil

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