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9th Age Scrox cohort and Salamanders rules clarification questions

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Discussion' started by MJanek, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. MJanek
    Jungle Swarm

    MJanek New Member

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    First of all, hello to everyone! I've been lurking on this forum for almost a year, but this is my first post ;)

    Anyway, recently I played first serious 9th Age game, and with my opponent we found two issues that we couldn't find answer in either main book rules, nor our army book.

    1. My Skink cohort with Caimans got shoot with bolt thrower. It has special rule with penetrating flanks. How to determine if it hit Skink or Caiman? Normal shooting dice roll? (1-4 skink, 5-6 Caiman) It is weird, because depending of rolls it can either swipe 4-5 skinks or stop on first Caiman. Also if it hits Caiman, do we count him as two ranks? And to spice things up, I was shoot in the flank, so even if we take rank-by-rank approach, how to determine if bolt hit skink-only rank, or Caiman rank? In game, we decided to roll a dice, but I would like to know if we miss something in the rule book, or was it missed during writing (because of special character of this unit).

    2. Second problem occurred when my unit of 2 salamanders had a very successful attack on opponents infantry. Firstly, with new rules for flamethrower (which our Salies use), we place small template and move it DIRECTLY from flamethrower. But with unit of 2 Salies, we have 2 Flamethrowers, so each template will move with slightly different direction (and that is assuming that unit must shoot in the same spot).
    Now came second problem. Because both templates moved for maximum distance, I scored many hits. However my opponent claimed that we should resolve first shoot (and take away casualties) before the second one. That way second one would score less hits (because it would not hit already killed guys). I disagreed, because both shoots came from same unit and should be resolved as one (so counting hits from both templates, then wounds and casualties), but I'm curious if you back me up in this one?

    If it was already clarified in some rule book or other thread, then I'm sorry for trouble and would appreciate a link or page to look it up. ;)
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  2. Rokanos

    Rokanos Well-Known Member

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    I would imagine for #2 that you would resolve both at the same time since the "unit" is shooting, and then resolve the total number of hits from the two. Good question though.

    As for question #1 - I would think that it would hit a skink, then move to the next rank and hit a skrox, if it didn't kill the skrox it would stop, but I could be wrong.
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  3. Lawot

    Lawot Active Member

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    Big rule book:
    "Complete each step for all the attacks that are happening simultaneously (such as all Shooting Attacks from a single unit or all Close Combat Attacks at a given Initiative step) before moving on to the next step." (p. 59)

    "Flame Thrower
    Place a 3” Template with its Centre within Line of Sight andRange. Then move the TemplateD6” straight away from the Flame Thrower (centre of the model to the centre of the Template). If a '6' was rolled for the distance, the Flame Thrower has misfired: the shot is discarded, and the Flame Thrower must roll on the Misfire Table with a 1 modifier. Otherwise, all models touched by the Template during this D6” movement are hit, using the Strength and special rules given by the Weapon's profile. Any unitthat could potentially be hit by the Template (i.e. is under the Template's initial position and 5” forward) is considered a potential target for the attack (and thus may not be a friendly unit or be Engaged in Combat)." (p. 72)

    Back in the 7th edition (or something) of Warhammer, their Salamanders had a specific rule about resolving each shot before moving on to the next, precisely so that you couldn't annihilate a unit twice over like this. Because of that, some players have a habit of resolving their attack this way. But I see nothing in these rules suggesting you should calculate them separately.
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  4. hardyworld
    Temple Guard

    hardyworld Active Member

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    You are correct, it was in the 7th Ed. armybook to completely resolve shots sequentially (not simultaneously). The 8th Ed. was silent on the issue, so I always carried the 7th Ed. language forward to my 8th Ed. games (since it was never officially clarified by GW, during 8th Ed.). I don't remember how the ETC and Master's FAQs handled it back in 8th Ed. (I have the FAQ but don't have access to them at this moment).

    Sounds like the 9th Ed. clearly defines how it's supposed to work, kudos to those working on the project for closing the gaps GW left for years and years.

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