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AoS Seraphon vs Bonesplitterz 1000 points

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Vexcor, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Vexcor
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    Hello Dinosaur Comrades ;)

    First of all, i dont made pictures.... i am so sry

    i played a fun match with my friends, so no competetiv lists here

    My Seraphon List:

    Slann (260)
    -Great Rememberer
    - Feather Charm

    Saurus Sunblood (120)

    40x Saurus Warrior
    - Spears

    40x Skinks

    Endless spells:
    Quicksilver Swords (20)

    1000/1000 Points



    20x Arrowboys
    30x Savage Orruks
    10x Savage Orruks on Boars

    We played an objective Game with one on the left side and one on the right. In the middle of the map is a huge Hill, which blocks LoS and you cant go on top. (good old LoTaS can do it :cool:)

    we rolled for deployment and i finished first.
    He placed everything in an anti-LoTaS line to prefend me from assassin his shaman or arrwoboys.
    In this case i gave him first turn to see if he made a mistake and give me some room.

    Turn 1 Bonesplitterz:

    nothing special. herophase he did mystic shield on boar boys which i dispelled. Movement Phase, savage orruks went forward, took objective on the left, boar boys took objective on the right. Shaman went a little bit forward and got cover from the hill. Arrowboys spread more out to prevent me from LoTaS. He really dont want my teleport, he really thought about nothing else, that im my oppinion was a mistake. Shooting, nothing was in range, same goes for charging.
    End of Turn 1, 2-0 for Bonesplitterz

    Turn 1 Seraphon:

    Slann rolls a 5 for constellation, so we get a nice rerolls 1s to hit. i cast Quicksilver swords, which he cannot dispell since his LoS break from the hill. i move the swords around the hill and did 3 MW to the shaman. Others spells got straight into summoning, gave me 7 Points. LoTaS my 40 man Skinks from the right side to the left. my plan is to destroy one flank to get the upper hand in the final battle. Warrior went forward to the left objective, same goes for the sunblood and slann. Shooting, Skinks killed a couple of the savage orruks, enough to get a battleshock. Saurus Warriors failed the charge, so i decided to not go with the sunblood alone. Battleshock, Orruks rolled a 1, everything is fine.
    End of Turn 1, More Savage Orruks on the left objective, so i dont get points
    still 2-0 for Bonesplitterz.

    Roll for second Turn: Seraphon wins!!! Nice Double Turn!!!

    Before the Turn, he can move the Swords, kills 3 Saurus warriors.

    Turn 2 Seraphon:

    Hero Phase, i use on CP to use the sunbloods Command ability on the savage orruks, now my 37 man block of warriors can reroll all fail hits vs them, lets see what we can go out. My Second CP got spent from the slanns gerneral ability to give everyone near by rerolls for saves in the shooting phase, what i will see a lot in his turn. slann spent every spell slot into summoning for a total of 17 Points. Movement, Saurus Warriors and sunblood a 3 inch away from the savage orruks, skinks follow up and slann goes with them. At the end of movement phase, i summon 20 skinks to the right side of the hill, to stop the boar boys from following my main army and tie them up. shooting, the new 20 skinks did 1! wound to the boars, mayor victory for the boar meat :D. 40 skinks killed some savage orruks, i think 3. charge, warriors and sunblood are in with the savage orruks, now the fight of battlelines can begin!!! Saurus warriors first, with the rerolls to hit they did some nice dmg, killed 7 more orruks. in response, he killed 7 back. sunblood kills 3 more, now 13 died this round. Battleshock, my warriors pass and he uses his CP to ignore the battleshock.
    End of turn 2, i have now more wounds on the objective, now 2-1 for bonesplitterz.

    Turn 2 Bonesplitterz:

    He looked at the battlefield and realisies the problem with the hill. 10 boar boys cannot help the left side and the savage orruks are in a bad fight. he uses his command point to give the orruks an extra attack round, kills 8 Warriors. shaman cast something ( i dont remember), got dispelled again from slann. Movement, arrwoboys from more to the left, shaman doesnt move and boar boys go forward 3 inch away from the new 20 skinks ( 2x 10 skinks, he in 3 inch away from the first 10). shooting, arrwoboys kills 3 Warriors, really bad rolls for him and a massive 5 ups from me, brutal! boar boys charge the skinks easily. First pick for him, savage orruks goes first and kills 5 more warriors. i decide to fall back my skinks on the right, so no kills for the boars (side news here: orruk player got savage about how he hate skinks :p). no more to select for him, everything left for me got to attack. the hard damaged warriors fight back, killed 3 orruks back. sunblood got mad, kills 4 orruks (exploding 6s are rare, but great!). Battleshock, orruks lost 8 guys, -1 from my banner, he has to do a bad roll. rolled a 3, lost 7 more models. even the brave seraphon have to do blattelshock, lost 13 models and rolled a hurting 5, so 8 more leave.
    End of turn 2, boar arstill have the right, i have the left
    3-1 for bonesplitterz

    Roll of for turn 3, Seraphon wins again.

    He decided to go all in and try to kill my slann with the quicksilver swords, actually got 3 MW on him.

    Turn 3 Seraphon:

    Slann use the new CP to give rerolls for save in the shooting phase, was so nice last round. all spells went to summoning, 15 points now in total. A really nice new option was done for me: since arrowboys went a little bit to the left and the boar boys charged my skinks, i have room for LoTaS in the backyard. i decided to teleport my 40 skinks behind him and kill this arrowboys. movement, slann goes near the warriors, the 20 skinks follow him to get more distance between the boar boys. End of movement i summon 2 raordons to finish off the orruks. shooting, 20 skinks shoot in the savage orruks, kill 1. 40 skinks kills 3 arrowboys and wound one. razordons killed 2 orruks. charge, i charge the 40 skinks in the arrowboys, funny moment, the skinks found a unit that is more worse in melee then them :D. fighting, sunblood and warriors wipe the urruks of the table, 40 skinks killed 2 more arrowboys and lost 1 skink in return ( just for the newspaper, skinks killed more in melee combat then loose!!!! ). Battleshock for the arrowboys, he lost 3 more.
    End of turn 3, 3-2 for Bonesplitterz.

    Turn 3 Bonesplitterz:

    Fight looks pretty lost. Herophase, he used his fun artefact to do D3 Mortal wounds on Slann and can continue this on a 3+ for as long as he wants. if he rolls a 1-2 he kills himself immediately. he did 2MW on Slann, rolled, rolled a 1, his general killed himself o_O. it is pretty game over, we just wanted to see the boar boys one time in combat. Movement, boar boys run back to the 40 skinks. shooting, arrowboys killed some skinks, i dont know how much. maybe 5. charge, boar boys went into skinks and killed 8. not bad.
    End of turn 3, its 4-2 for bonesplitterz

    We did the math, and seraphon will win on points and/or on table the bonesplitterz.


    We didnt play tournament lists, but it was a really funny and bloody game.
    this orruks dont have a good save, but every model has 2 wounds and they can ignore every dmg on a 6.
    you have to do a lot of dmg to get rid of this guys.
    LoTaS had his moments, but the best part is that the opponent has to think about it the hole time!!!!
    Warriors still dont shine, even with rerolls to hit they cant do much. and their 5+ save is so bad. sunblood does his job like alway, pretty solid model for 120 points. Skinks are pain in the ass. do a little bit dmg, retreating hole day, fast movement, tie everything up.... i have never seen a unit get so much hate without doing heavy damage :D.
    next time i want to try out a underdog list with kroxigors, terradon riders and chameleon skinks. could be a save loose, but who cares!!! DINOSAURS!!!
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  2. Crowsfoot

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    Nice report, grz on the victory
  3. Vexcor
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    Vexcor Active Member

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    thx, i did a second game with an other friend and different list.
    Problem is, he gave up at the end of turn 1 ....
    not much to tell, but i can write you down how to mentally destroy a free people player :D
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  4. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Nice report!
    What also works well against Bonesplitterz is battleshock. A Carnosaur or a Troglodon does a good job against them.

    ILKAIN Well-Known Member

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    great work, Just a side note/question, your constellation was re-roll hits of 1, does the sunblood command allow you to re-roll all misses on the designated target?
  6. Vexcor
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    Vexcor Active Member

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    the sunblood give you reroll all fail hits on a spezific target for saurus models, like saurus warriors.
    the constellation gave me rerolls of 1 to hit, but for all units, like my skinks
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