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AoS Seraphon vs Seraphon

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Seraphage, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Seraphage

    Seraphage Well-Known Member

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    Played my first game against our own race last Sunday and it had some events worth mentioning imo so here we go !

    Scenario : Scorched Earth

    My list :
    Slann Vast Intellect / Incandescent Rectrices
    Skink Priest *Cloak of Feathers
    Warriors x40
    Bastiladon x2 *Solarbeam
    Stegadon *Skystreak Bow
    Skinks x10 x3
    Razordons x2

    Opponent :
    Bastiladon *Solarbeam

    Sunclaw Starhost
    Sunblood Blade of Realities
    Warriors x40
    Warriors x10 x2
    ScarVet on Carnosaur (L) Mighty War Leader / Coronal Shield
    Skinks x20
    Summoning Points for Astrolith Bearer

    Deployed from Left to Right : Skinks x10, Bastiladon, Skink priest, Warriors x40, skinks x10, Slann, Bastiladon, Stegadon, Kroxigors, Skinks x10, Starpriest. Razordons x2.

    His deployment as seen from MY Left flank to MY right flank : Skinks x20, Bastiladon, Warriors x40, Sunblood, Slann, ScarVet on Carno, Razordon, Starpriest, 2 warriors x10.
    *Don't describe deployment as it can be seen in the pics !




    He finishes first and makes the right choice of making me go first.

    Turn 1
    My go
    Moving the 10 skinks of my Left flank inside the piece of terrain just in front of my objective for the extra save.
    Moving Skinks some inches in front and let warriors out of 3" behind them. Moving the Bastiladon forward in a way that he blocks the path to my warriors. Skink priest moves behind him - his ability goes off to my basti. Mystic shield goes off to my right hand basti. Rest of the spells fail.
    Proceeding my right flank Carefully and leaving Starpriest behind for the objective.
    Stegadon shoots 1 warrior or so and my turn ends.


    Points : 3 - 0

    His go
    Teleports his Bastiladon to MY right flank next to the 2 units of warriors. Everything at middle ground proceeds except Slann and the Starpriest that are left behind 10" or so.
    Moves the 20man unit skink in a congo line so that as many as possible can shoot my skinks in cover.
    Shoots some of my skinks off. I stop most of his spells and his bastiladon chaffs.

    Points : 3 - 3

    Turn 2
    I won the priority roll !
    Backing up my left flank skinks back in order to stay as much as possible out of range - at the limit of the inches so that I can still get points but be as far as possible.
    Moving my mid skinks some inches forward - pretty far away from his warriors and their charge but enlarging their protection towards my warriors.
    Buffing the Stegadon with summon starlight - rest fail. Teleporting the Stegadon behind his Slann and Starpriest ! Huge mistake by his part letting them unguarded - didn't realise he would fit - also realised that he didn't remember Stegadons' ability to its fullest although we did discuss about our armies before hand - been there done that, so I definitely know how that feels - Roll a 4 or so with Stegas' ability.
    Advancing my right flank - ran everything except skinks that they didn't have to and managed to shot some - towards his objective besides the starpriest.
    Shot Slann with Stega for 4 wounds. My right flank shot many warriors out.
    Left flank basti shoots some of the 40 man.
    Stegadon charges and finishes off the slann - astroligh also slain at this point and now I also have Starpriest in battle and now is threatening his middle objective next turn as warriors as further ahead!


    Points : 6 - 3

    His go
    Further advances his right flank 20 skinks with the congo line to shoot mine some more.
    Gets most of the spells off. Advancing his Sunblood and ScarVet on Carno towards my warriors. The huge blob was close to mystical by mistake and rolled a 1 ! Thus couldn't move towards Stegadon.
    Shoots some skinks off my left flank objective.
    Shoots 1 Kroxigor off my right flank and deals some wounds on the 2nd one.
    Stegadon finishes off Starpriest at the battle phase.


    Points : 6 - 6

    Turn 3
    Won the priority roll !
    Getting 1 or 2 spells off the right flank basti. Nothing moves besides the right flank.
    I shoot most of his warriors off the table, as I do for the Razordon * forgot to move Stegadon, didn't participate at all besides shooting !
    Everything charges right flank. Razordons and skinks in his bastis' left flank so that I had more models within his objective ( rest died anyway but didn't wanna risk it ). Finished off his warriors and his bastiladon dealt some damage.
    I roll to burn his objective. Took 1 point extra ! Having total control of the game and I am far ahead at this point, feeling good as I have total control all over the board.

    Points : 10 - 6.

    At this point we are informed from the tournament hosts that we must finish this Battle Round and end the game.

    His go
    Moves his Sunblood back so that he'll be inside his right flank objective. Proceeds ScarVet towards my skinks in front of my warriors. His warriors towards my Stega. Skinks shoot 1 off and basti on his left flank shoots some of my skinks.
    Warriors charge my Stegadon.
    ScarVet my Basti.
    Now he measures the 20 man skinks for a charge towards the remainders of my left flank.. I am totally cool as I know that when I moved them back in turn 2, I measured so that only 1 of them would be at max range so he should be out of charge.. unless he wasn't !
    I was sloppy and didn't measure accurately. Had them move half an inch less back then !
    Now this half an inch had my closest skink 12 inches from his unit !
    I am like : Wow why was I that sloppy, failed hard. Anyway, it's 1/36 so I should be fine.
    Or not ! He rolled a 12 ! Charge made.


    He had more skinks than I did in the objective and now it was all down to luck again : If he burned the objective for 1 as I did it would be a Major for me. If he burnt it for 2 it would be a tie. For a 3, Major for him !
    I 'm both really disappointed and overly excited for this sudden turn of events.
    Finishing the battle phase - nothing important happens, my Stega dies to him.

    This is it.. time for the most important role that will decide the game..


    Rolls a 5 ! Points 11 - 10 and Major victory for him ! Aaargh !

    Overall thoughts :
    He was a great guy and well deserved the victory as he took advantage of the slight mistake I made and had luck to his side. Well, 1/36 is still a chance and it will be rolled every now and then !

    I will be even more careful from now on on my measurements and after making them I will measure again. And after that, at the start of my next round I 'll be double checking them ! I was relaxed due to the 2nd turn measure on it. Well, I'll have this major victory that slipped from my hands and the major loss obtained remind me of that !

    Even though everything went in a way for me to lose ( me burning for just 1 etc ) losing this match was for the best. After all, it was not luck that gave him the game but my mistake ! Beside the measurement, I let him have the 20 unit skinks hit with +1 throughout the whole game instead of shooting 1 off to lose it * well my skinks tried twice but failed both times with rerolled 1 to hits but still had the bastiladon there to do it, his warriors wasn't sa much of a threat since they were far away ! *

    I could have also moved my Bastiladon towards my left hand objective to block his way since his purpose of shielding the warriors didn't matter one bit at this point. Even if they did get charged nothing bad would happen. No objective would be threatened that way.

    Overall an exciting game that I enjoyed a lot, and as always, valuable experience earned from bad choices !

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    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  2. Seraphage

    Seraphage Well-Known Member

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    Battlereport completed, hope you 'll enjoy !
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  3. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    Not bad!
    Seraphage likes this.
  4. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Guardian of Paints Staff Member

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    Great write up and if you enjoyed it that's the main thing. ;)
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  5. Paul Beenis
    Cold One

    Paul Beenis Active Member

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    Awesome stuff! It's good reading about Seraphon players going head to head... Although it feels so wrong as all Seraphon should be friends :D
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