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AoS Shadowstrike, a never seen use... Can it ?

Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by Koen Detiege, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Koen Detiege
    Jungle Swarm

    Koen Detiege New Member

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    other question... I try to read as much as the rules / tactics available, but I've never come up to one i've been thinking of a long time already.

    The 'Strike from the skies' ability says: " Instead of setting up the flying unit ..."

    Obviously pointing towards the Rippers.

    But... I can take a Skink priest who I can give a cloak of feathers which makes him fly ... aka Flying unit.

    Seems Legit...

    If so. Equip him with Betrayers crown, let him 'strike from the sky' Turn One, landing at 3'' of that nasty 60 man pack of foes and unleash the crown.... POOF on average 20 mortal wounds before the first blow has been struck
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  2. LizardWizard

    LizardWizard Grand Skink Handler Staff Member

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    The problem you encounter here is the article of the sentence. It says "...the flying unit..." not "a flying unit". This denotes singularity. So if you make a language based argument that a Feather-Cloak Priest can set up in the skies then you will likely be giving up the Ripperdactyls or Terradons.

    It is contextually apparent that the rule as intended allow for the Ripperdactyls or Terradons to be placed into the skies. Otherwise the argument could be made that any artifact which bestows the fly keyword can be given to either variant of the Priest of Starpriest and allow it to also be placed in the skies.

    On a side note, a Skink Priest with Feath-cloak and 2d6 post setup movement from Stealthy Advance should still be able to reach most units with the Betrayer's Crown.
  3. Aktanolt
    Cold One

    Aktanolt Active Member

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    Quite interesting stuff here, This could be super cool, also giving the ability to avoid that dreaded double 1 charge from rippers since they can have a friendly hero nearby to reroll :)
  4. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    pretty much. Or just use LoSaT.
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