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AoS Skink heroes on their way back?

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Zargore, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Zargore

    Zargore New Member

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    A couple of weeks ago, when the age of sigmar app was updated. I noticed the skink chief and prophet was back under seraphon warscrolls, and now have celestial, daemon and seraphon keywords, as well as chief having his command ability back. So I am wondering if GW is gonna bring theese models back and wheter anyone have seen point values for theese. Also jungle swarm is back, nok wuith the name celestial swarm.
  2. Mark Sinosich
    Cold One

    Mark Sinosich Active Member

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    I believe the points prior to GHBv2017 were:

    Jungle/Celestial Swarms 120
    Skink Chief 60
    Skink Prophet
    Oxyotl 100
    Tehenhauin 80

    I see all the following warscrolls in the AoS App Australia as you say, now with SERAPHON, CELESTIAL, DAEMON keywords (except celestial swarms ofc).
  3. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    They have been like that for me all the time. They never were replaced with the new warscrolls.
    So unfortunately no, those are outdated warscrolls that are in the app by accident and the Skink heroes are not coming back.
    The most recent warscrolls can be found on the GW page.

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