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AoS Skirmish 2.0 Campaign

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by zubrin, Feb 19, 2019.

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    Since Skirmish 2.0 was revealed in January’s White Dwarf, my friend (and most frequent AoS opponent) and I have been wanting to give it a go. We had played the Skirmish 1.0 rules a few times and they were pretty marginal for both of our armies as we played armies that like to be in hordes (Greenskinz Orruks for him and Seraphon Battlelines for me) and the no summoning rule hinders Seraphon further. However, given that we are both hampered, it may be fairer for us to play against each other. When the campaign went live in February's WD, we made a plan to play much of it in one setting and finish at a later date. We planned our first slot of time for today (Feb 18th) for 3 hours and we were able to complete all six games in 3 hours.

    Of note, in our last 1.0 Skirmish, I ran a terradon or two and was able to just boulder drop on a few units to really skew the rest of the fight. He was a bit concerned that was my plan for this series, but the 40 point cost of terradons was a bit too high. While planning for a few weeks, I had made a post on Lustria Online and had initially considered going Skink Priest (with trappings) and a razordon, but that didn’t seem great. The second plan was a priest (with trappings) and 3 knights which would give me some range with the priest and mobility with the knights. Finally, the night before we played, I did some additional theorycrafting and decided that the Scar Veteran on Cold one with 2 Knights would be a very strong start and that I would buy an alpha knight after game 1 (if I scored at least a minor victory) and then fill out my squad with the remaining knights. I had painted up 5 knights for the event as well, which was good, as I didn’t have time to get to the priest this past week. I also gambled on indomitable will. Given the limitations of Orruk champions, there was a good chance he would go 120 points and opt for the shaman. If I were wrong, it would be a wasted trait, but being right may save some units.

    The Orruk player, went with a shaman and two Savage Orruk Spearmen. He also chose to give it +2 bravery since the Orruks have terrible bravery (and part of the reason why they want to be in hordes).

    Game by game report

    I wrote most of this in real time on my tablet, so it is a bit in choppy language, but I try to fill in the important bits. Since this is the campaign, our Battleplans were predetermined.

    Game 1: Clash at Dawn



    T1, I am not thrilled with my initial placement and only one charge makes it by turn 1. His troops all place the same area. My general kills one spearman. He counterattacks with everything, no wounds. He does not have to roll bravery; as he has an inspirational leader.

    T1, part 2. He casts, Gaze of Mork hits, he rolls a 12 and hits all three. His last spearman runs away.his shaman stays in combat. I do 3 wounds to his general, none go to mine. I still have one wound on my champion.

    T2, he goes first. Cast Gaze, I fail to unbind. He does one more wound to my general, but rolls a one for my. knight. This saves the game as killing him basically ends game 1 for me (if more than half the army dies, game 1 ends according to the win conditions for Clash at Dawn). He debates whether to run or not, decides to fight. Whiffs on his rolls. I am able to get two wounds in with the Cold One bites. Victory.

    Renown: I gain 10, he gains 6. I get a new artifact: cursed tome (wee, but it does matter for unbinding). He gets Master of Battle. I add a champion knight to my line for the plus 1 attack. I spend 159 points, he spends 156 and gets a reroll and that command point for game 2.

    Game 2: Hold the Center


    Seraphon t1: He wins the roll, I go first by his choice. I move into various positions, exposing my general, but gaining 3 vps.

    His turn 1, He casts arcane bolt, scores a 10 for d3 mortal wounds, I fail the dispel and take one mortal wound. He moves forward, attempts to charge, fails not the charges even with rerolls.

    Tie on roll off, I go first. Champion makes the charge, no one else does. My general gets in and does 2 wounds to his shaman.


    His turn 2; He casts Gaze of Mork and it fails. He rerolls with his triumph, gets a nine. My 12 dispel kills it. Spearman moves 3” away from general, rolls snake eyes on the charge. Only shaman, one spearman, and one scar vet are in combat. He does no damage with his attacks, He scores a victory point.

    My turn 3, all the knights dive in, my general delivers the final blow on his shaman. The knights move in to kill off the other two orcs. His bravery falls from an 8 to a 5. A 6 determines the last one flees.

    Renown: I gain 10 and gain a healing elixir. I do not spend the points. He gets ambitious fighter, +1 to wound rolls.

    Game 3: Sweeping Assault

    My turn 1. My scar veteran makes it across the map and fights, I get one wound on his shaman, his spearman and shaman fail to do damage. The Scar vet is a beast. I get two victory points for the points in the back.

    His turn 1: Casts arcane bold, rolls an 11, does 2 wounds. My attack kills his shaman on the attack back. 2 vps for the orruks.


    My turn 2: mor dcharges, knights advance. My Scar vet pulls off four wounds to kill the shaman. We claim 3 objectives, go up to 6 vps and he concedes.

    Rewards: I buy a 4th knight. He opts out I get one extra command point. He opts to go first.

    Game 4: Treasure Hunt


    Orruk 1: Orruks run, no spell due to lack of range.

    My turn 1. I use at the double, I move within 3 treasures, but find no artifacts.


    Orruk 2: He wins the roll, He runs.

    Seraphon 2: I move forward, getting ready to attack. Try to find artifacts in 3 places, no luck. My scar vet does one wound, his shaman does 2. A spearman does 1. I fail every save. 3 wounds on the scar vet.

    Seraphon 3: The knights move in, it is hard for the orcs to gain any artifacts now, but I am in the way of gaze of mork. I get the shaman down to one, the shaman is too dangerous. I also kill one spearman.


    Orruk 3: Shaman does gaze, it kills the alpha and does 1 damage on each of the other two knights. The shaman then flees to a safer location. The two remaining spearman pile in.

    My turn 4. Knights charge in on the shaman and kills him. A concession from the orcs.

    Rewards: I get 10 more points, and Master of battle. He gains an artifact (rend -1), and he buys an arrow boy.

    Game 5: The Ritual


    Game 5: I win the roll, select him to be the ritualist.

    Seraphon go first: S1: We control the locus of power. Attack in, kill a spear boy.

    Orruk 1: Gaze of Mork kills my alpha. One wound n my champion and on another knight. His spearboy attacks, fails. My rend -2 war pick crushes.

    Seraphon 2: I move in, charges fail. I only get one wound with my knight. He attacks back, gets a few wounds on my knight. End of turn.

    Orruk 2: Gaze of Mork kills another knight, wounds another, and wounds my vet. Now vet has 4 wounds. Then hits one with a boar on my him. My knight attacks back and gets 4 wounds in to change the tide of battle.

    Seraphon 3: Charge, take the ritualist out.

    Rewards: General gets inspirational and one more knight. I am 195 Renown and he adds a basic archer.

    Game 6: Dangerous Hunt


    Seraphon 1, I run up on my mounted units and take control of the spell.

    Orruk 1: I unbind gaze of mork with a 12+1 roll, yay.

    Orruk 2: I gain control. Gaze of mork goes off. 3 wounds to the Scar vet, 1 to an alpha and a knight.

    Seraphon 2: The scar and a knight reach the shaman. 2 wounds on the shaman, 1 on the vet. Things are dicey.

    Orruk 3: Gaze fails (rolls a 4). This could be a game changer. Shaman retreats.

    Seraph 3: I make it to the fleeing shaman and am able to get the kill in. This prompts a final concession.

    TL;DR: Aztec lizard daemon angels made of stardust and memories win 6-0. We ended with 200 points of renown at the end. I don't think Seraphon will hold up against newer armies with better battletomes, especially if they involving casting some sort of storm forever, but our cavalry held up against orc casters this time. The Skirmish campaign was a fun way to kill President's day morning, but I think I still prefer a regular game of AOS over six Skirimish ones in a row.
  2. Wilhelm Stürmer

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    Really appreciate the BatRep. My friend and I are looking into playing Skirmish on lunch breaks. His main army is Skaven. Should be interesting.
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  3. Just A Skink
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    Yes, thank you for posting the Battle Report @zubrin. Well done! I know you just faced Greenskins (and older army), but I'm impressed Seraphon did as well as this. Of course, me rolling a bunch of 1's and 2's when I play might have something to do with my poor performance.

    The Scar-vet on cold one is arguably Seraphon's best hero choice for the cost.

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