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AoS Start Collecting Box Questions

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Dracorex, May 6, 2019.

  1. Dracorex
    Cold One

    Dracorex Well-Known Member

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    Hi! I recently got a Seraphon SC box, and my brother got a mortal Nurgle SC box. I just have a few questions.

    1. Should I glue the Cold one riders and the Oldblood on his chair and Carny before or after I paint them? I use rubbing alcohol and cotton to remove paint from shield arms, but would plastic glue even work over paint? The reason I ask is that it would be difficult to prime them separately, and I wouldn't be able to green stuff them if I made any mistakes.

    2. I really want to build a Saurus Oldblood with the Greatblade, but there is only one body. I'm thinking about doing something like what @Xlanax_lot did with the Carnosaur tail except standing on the ground. Any tips on how to do this would be appreciated.

    3. Magnetizing would solve most of the problems with the Oldblood, but I'm not sure I would be very good at this as a beginner. Any suggestions on where to find good magnets and tutorials on how to use them?

    4. Blue stuff would also be very useful here. What would be the best thing to use for the mold?

    Here's a list of what I know I'm going to build:
    Converting Saurus warriors to guard using spare guard bits.
    Converting Astrolith bearer from a warrior.
    Converting Scar-Veteran on Cold One.
    Building Saurus Oldblood on Carny.
    The swimming Troglodon from the SC tutorial.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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  2. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    1. I recommend painting models in subassemblies. Some people don't, but IMO that makes it harder.
    For Cold Ones I usually do them in three parts:
    - Mount
    - Rider without shield arm
    - shield arm with shield.

    For the Carnosaur I do also three parts:
    - Carnosaur
    - rider
    - throne

    Plastic glue does not work well on painted plastic. You should either use super glue, or remove the paint in the place you want to glue the parts.
    I do both, depending on the situation a bit.

    2. No clue, I am not good at sculpting.

    3. Magnetizing is easy. You need a small hand drill and a few magnets and super glue, that's it.
    I can't check right now but I think this is a good tutorial:

    4. The best material to build molds in my opinion is Oyumaru. As to what to fill them with... I haven't found the ideal material for me yet. @Warden might know more, IIRC he has done some more casting than I did.
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  3. Warden

    Warden Well-Known Member

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    This is the stuff I use to make molds:

    Mold Process 1.jpg

    Works really great, the molds come out pinkish white:

    Mold Process 2.png

    They are designed to cast resin made by the same company. Really simple to use, I have experimented a few times using this stuff for minis and terrain.

    Making a Mold 4.jpg

    Word of caution: do not expect super tiny pieces to cast well, such as thin weapons (spears/blowpipes) or the little spikes on the back of a saurus or the head-crest of a skink. Without injecting the resin into the molds, there is nothing from stopping air bubbles from arising on your minis. You may need to go over the resin-cast products you make with green stuff/clay to fill in the tiny holes and/or fix the casting errors that will inevitably result.

    That being said, I have really liked this process, as it allows me to cast large pieces for terrain and some mini bodies, that allow me to make use of all those extra arms/weapons/heads that seem to come in miniature packages with not enough bodies to go around.

    My brother has also used the mold making supplies/resin from this company:

    Moldmaking & Casting Pourable Starter Kit.png
  4. Dracorex
    Cold One

    Dracorex Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for all the help! For the blue stuff, I might just use it to copy the Oldblood's body, so I probably won't be doing many small parts. When I magnetize the throne to the Carnosaur, should I put four magnets on the scales where it connects with the ropes or should I put one magnet on it's back?

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