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AoS The AoS RPG devs want you!

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Deynon-Nikus, May 3, 2019.

  1. Deynon-Nikus

    Deynon-Nikus Member

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    So Age of Sigmar is getting an RPG by the designers of the new WHFB RPG.

    You can read most of the news regarding this RPG here:


    Previously announced, a skink starpriest is one of the playable archetypes (classes) but more recently, on the discord, the devs have let drop that the Seraphon are being shunted into a supplement PDF rather than being in the core book due to being too complicated.

    Full quotes:

    "We've actually been discussing the Seraphon in the office and all that they entail. We've decided to move them from the corebook and give them their own supplement down the line. It is a pity, and I'm sorry to those were who excited, but I think it will be much better for it."

    When asked about the supplement:

    "It'll probably be more like a 20 page supplement PDF that will be combined into a print boom with some other things later."

    "There'll also be some optional rules as well. Moving them and the rules from the corebook gives us more pages for other things. It means we don't have to scrimp on words"

    And when will it be released?

    "TBD. We'll likely go by demand. So the louder you shout..."

    So yeah. The AoS RPG devs want to hear your support for Seraphon if you want to see their supplement released, now that they're cut from the core book.

    You can message Emmet, the community manager, either here on the discord:

    https://discord.gg/JbK6kp6 (AoS RPG rooms have to be scrolled down a bit)

    Or here on twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Emmetation

    Be sure to spread the word to other Seraphon fans looking forward to the RPG too, as the only way you'd get this info is if you were already in their discord.
  2. Canas

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    Course we want to be able to play Seraphon, though I'd like to also be able to play something besides starpriests. Is that the one option we get as seraphon? Or just one of multiple archetypes?

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