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AoS The Awaking of Lord Tactix, Slann Starmaster of Itza - A campaign story

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Flo, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Flo
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    Flo Active Member

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    Hey folks, my local GW Store is hosting a nice story campaing. It is located on the Realm of Ghur and timeline wise somewhere in the Malign Potents Story Arc but before release of Soul Wars.

    Rules are at the beginning no Nighthaunt, Sacrosanct Stormcast, magic items, named characters and endless spells.

    One of the employees is hosting the campaign and there will be specific scenarios for each match witch some special rules, we are hyped for this campaign and i will try to share it to you! Lots of long storyreading will be in this thread, alongside with all the battlereports of my Seraphon and also additional stuff so if you don't like this kind of threads, i warned you :p

    If you like this kind of threads, enjoy!

    "Lord Tactix of Itza is sleeping restless. Disturbing dreams of different places, on different worlds. Here in Itza, first of all cities, deeply hid in Lustria, remainings of the old world, unknown by most beeings. Saved thanks to Slann Starmasters of long forgotten times used all their power to save the city when the world itself came to an end. Many Starmasters wander through space and time to look for the last key they need to restore the great plan of the old ones. But Lord Tactix of the second spawning, has not yet awaken from his last battle aons ago. Against a foulish creature, calling itself a 'Chaosgod'. Slaanesh. He was unable to defeat the unholy creature and with the last shimmer of his once incredible might, he could save his fellow Seraphon and himself, teleporting them back to their hidden City. Even today, thousands of years later. On the remains of a shattered world, he is still asleep.

    Always watched by his loyal Skink Starpriest Kro'altil he is dreaming and wandering the countless realms with his magical essence, searching for the last piece to finally destroy the foulish chaos mights and restore the plan of the old ones. None of the other Starpriests know, he is still alive, even most Seraphon think he passed away, aons ago.

    Today, something is differen. Skink Starpriest Kro'altil noticed. His Master is not only moving in his dreams, he even mutters words, an almost forgotten language. Kro'atill could not understand everything, but he knew it was of most importance. He crawled to the throne of his old master and listened, putting the words on old stone-plates, older then the world itself.

    "Destruction ... Death ... the key ... Ghur"

    Kro'altil could not make any sense out of this at the moment so he placed the stone plates among the others in this sacred chamber. Ready to go on other duties he notices an awkward silence behind himself. As he turned around, he could not trust his eyes. His master was awake!

    "Kro'altil. Gather some scouts. I need you to explore a different world called Ghur. Report me soon and await my arrival."

    The Slann Magepriest startet glowing with light, even more intense then the brightest sunlight and in the split of a moment, Kro'altil found himself in an unkown field. He recognized the Saurus Sunblood Kra'utzok, materialising with some cohorts of Saurus Warriors right next to him. With some time more Skinks and other Seraphon apperead. Instinctively, the Seraphon began to explore this new world to fulfil the orders of their master"
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