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Army Fluff The drakescale isles

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Lord-Marcus, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Hi all. This is to be a repository for the lore of my lizardmen army, replacing my original thread.

    The Drakescale Isles

    The salamander races of Mantica make thier homes near to the three volcanoes that form the heart of thier culture. Near to the western spin of the isles lies a group of islands known as the Drake scale.

    As with most island groupings, it is independently ruled. The capital of the Drake scale is the temple city of Yaxchilan, with the great pyramid of chotex lit like a firey tounge of sunlight at it's center.

    Yaxchilan, and indeed the entirety of the drakescales are known for two things: 1.) The presence of the saurians and the hexagon.

    The Saurians

    The Saurians are an ancient race that we're thought to have been wiped out by a great comet with two tails ages ago. Instead they had migrated to the Drake scales before being reunited with thier cousins.

    There are several breeds of saurus:

    Coatlqi - these are the mage-priests of the saurians, they are bloated toad like figures that are skilled in the magical arts.

    Coatlqizu - gekkotoah priests, distributors of the mythology and the less senior mage priest.

    Saurians, saurian ancients, ceremonial guards, saurian warriors

    All of these are warriors that fight to protect the Isles. They are also now the most numerous populace in the isles.

    Saurian clan chiefs dominate the calendar table, a massive table raised to allow discourse between the leaders of the city.

    Yaxchilan has a standing army composed of every race living with them.

    Saurian tyrants line breakers, Saurian youngboods and Saurian alphas train and oversee.
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